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190 Hung Vuong Street

(190 Hong Bang Street)

Phường 12, District 5

Status: Commercial and Residential Skyscrapers; Famous Haunted Location


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Built between 1994 and 1998 this 3 tower (33 storeys each) complex was the first apartment building in the city and the first shopping centre in District 5.

Originally there was 60,000 square metres (197,000 square feet) of residential space and 20,000 square metres (65,617 square feet) for the shopping centre.

The complex was designed for the expected influx of immigration when Hong Kong passed back to China in 1997. The influx never happened.

And the Vietnamese were not interested in the apartments saying the ceilings were too low, the halls were always wet and dark and people who did move in kept getting sick. Eventually almost everyone would move out.

Shortly afterwards the majority of the stores closed up and moved on as well.

For a while – in a city that did have enough vacancy for all the people needing a place to live – this complex became a set of ghost buildings.

In 2015 the complex was bought by a developer and the Garden Mall opened in 2017. The mall features a food court with both western and eastern foods as well as the biggest bookstore in the city.

The apartments are once again up for rent but there is no word on if people are actually moving in.


Paranormal Activity

There are stories that a number of construction workers died during the construction but their families were virtually ignored. This has led to the building being cursed; whether it was cursed by the universe for being such greedy shits or by one or more of the families is unclear.

Many people believe this building holds the ghosts and evil spirits thus protecting the rest of the city.

Either way the building has had a reputation for being haunted and having ghosts since it first opened. The 2 most famous ghosts are that of a young women who was shot by her boyfriend as well as the boyfriend who killed himself in what was a restaurant afterwards.

Not only does the crime play out before startled witnesses but the 2 are known for creepy groans and moans.

The apparition of a lady in a traditional cheongsam is seen throughout the complex seemingly gliding along without touching the floor. Other ghosts floating above the ground are also seen in the theatre in the new mall.

Many of the people who lived in the building told stories of being plagued by dreams of fires and being taunted by ghosts.

There have been 3 reported fires, but no injuries or deaths were reported.

There are many stories of seeing stores in the former mall open for business, including a seemingly human vendor, only to later find them obviously abandoned for a long period of time.

A safety box was taken from a store but could not be opened even with repeated attempts with the correct code. Eventually burning incense and saying prayers over the box was tried and the box opened up with no issues. This was witnessed by multiple people.

Ghostly customers have been seen going in the new theatre – which features Vietnamese cultural programs – in the newly opened mall. For an extra set of chills sometimes they pay with ‘hell money’ which is special notes that are burned in memory of the dead.

The elevators have a habit of running on their own, though no one ever sticks around long enough to see who gets out.

Other Reported Activity: apparitions and shadow figures; disembodied voices; objects moving on their own; phantom footsteps; physical symptoms including nausea, migraines and fevers; a feeling of dark and evil energy and feelings of being watched and not being alone.