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(Queen Sofía National Museum Art Centre)(Reina Sofia Museum)

C. de Sta. Isabel, 52

+34 917 74 10 00

Status: Former Hospital; Former Morgue; Formerly Unused; Art Museum



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This is the site of the first Madrid General Hospital in the 16th century and the building itself was originally a hospital from the 18th through 20th centuries. It was even used as the city morgue for a while.

The hospital served not only the sick but also the mentally ill and people with horrific injuries – including victims of the Spanish Civil War – thousands of people breathed their last inside its walls.

The hospital was closed in 1969 left empty and very nearly demolished in 1977 but was saved by a Royal Decree. In 1980 renovations began to modernize it and change it into an art museum. In 1988 it was declared the National Art Museum and portions were opened to the public.

In 2005 a massive expansion was built onto the building.


Paranormal Activity

This location is considered one of the most haunted in all of Europe and finds itself on many lists of the most active buildings on Earth. Anyone entering is said to have to fairly high chance of having an encounter with something paranormal.

When the building was being renovated in the 1980’s human remains were found multiple times including the mummies of 3 nuns in the former chapel, skeletons and some bodies still shackled to the wall.

Being a modern art museum numerous photos have been taken in the building and many of them have faces or mist or something else unexplained in them.

Apparitions of former hospital patients as well as both monks and nuns are reported here. Many of the apparitions had faded into mist and vanished while witnesses were watching. Ghosts are also often seen sitting on the benches in the galleries.

Other Activity: glowing apparitions; disembodied voices; screams and laughter; phantom sounds of children playing; phantom footsteps, electrical disturbances; elevators moving on their own – this includes elevators moving that weren’t even wired yet while the building was being renovated; doors open and closing on their own; objects moving on their own; touches, tugs and pulls by unseen entities; cold spots; light anomalies and feelings of not being alone.



Diseminado R22, 4

Status: Former Residence; Formerly Abandoned; Urban Legend; Soon to be Demolished


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The exact date that this massive hacienda was built has been lost in history – most people say between 1830 and 1840 – but it was built by one of wealthiest families in the Malaga area; the Heredia.

In 1925 they were forced – reportedly for financial reasons – to sell the house to the Larios family. The 2 families, reportedly, were very close and traveled in the same business and social circles.

During the Spanish Civil War legend says the house was used as a hospital with the basement below was converted into a dungeon where prisoners were held and tortured. There is historical evidence that supports both of these stories.

In 1952 it was bought by a doctor who never actually lived in it at all. It is unclear if there was anyone living in the house at that time.

In 1975 the last family to live in the house – Vega Jurado, from whom the house got it’s current name – moved in. It is unclear when they left but in 2000 it had already been abandoned for some time when the idea to convert it into a hotel was forwarded; an idea that ultimately failed.

In 2014 the city forced the owners to restore the house as it was falling apart and had become dangerous.

In 2022 the property was bought by the Sinerba Group who plan to demolish the house and create a state of the art business and office park.


Paranormal Activity

Anyone investigating this property needs to keep in mind the stories of people falling into holes are not just fables. There are unmarked very deep holes on the property and at least one story has been verified; a would-be investigator fell into an old well and while he survived, he will spend the rest of his life confined to a wheelchair.

Between 1890 and 1920 young girls in the area would disappear from time to time. Some of the remains of these girls were found on the banks of the Campanillas River not far from this house. The bodies of the girls had obviously suffered humiliations before their death.

Due to the time period their injuries were labeled Satanic but what that probably meant is that some of their injuries were sexual in nature. A typical masochistic label by an out dated religion for anything related to male abuse of the feminine sexuality.

The Heredia family fell under the microscope due to their proximity to where the girls were found and their secretive nature; also, they were rumoured to have questionable (Satanic again *rolls eyes*) contacts in France and England.

There were also rumours of tunnels underneath the property – which has been proven true but they have since been blocked off – that led to the river, the house and other family’s houses. The tunnels were actually commonplace among the rich families at the time as the rich didn’t want all of their movements to be seen.

There was also a story of torture and “Satanic” devices in the tunnels. This was further confirmed in 1942 when a worker entered the tunnels on a dare and found a room filled with these devices. Being only 18 and with no one else willing to go into the tunnels his story was dismissed.

No one will ever know the truth now as the tunnels have been either filled in, sealed off or both. Although, until recently the tunnels were accessible via the barn on the property so there may be many people who know the real truth but they remain silent.

No one in the Heredia family was ever charged as they had the universal reason of innocence in the first world – they were rich.

Disembodied voices are the most common form of paranormal activity on the grounds. Several investigators have heard Class A EVP’s on the property and inside the abandoned house.

These voices are said to be very open with the secrets of the families and their activities when they lived in the house – including full confessions of what was done to those village girls in the tunnels – but no one has ever produced irrefutable evidence.

According to some legends the torture and murder of the young girls is the least of the evil things that were perpetrated in this house.

Many people also tell stories of seeing mist leak out of the stones in the courtyard and form into human figures. This is believed to indicate that there are bodies buried under the courtyard.

Witnesses have also seen someone looking out of the windows of the tower on the house.

Other Reported Activity: shadow figures; unexplained noises from whispers to loud bangs; time slips; sudden bright lights shining out of the house and other light anomalies; forms seemingly made of bright colours moving about in the house; electrical disturbances; empathic sensations of unease and nausea and feelings of not being alone and being watched.