Snedeker House

(The Haunting in Connecticut House)

208 Meriden Avenue, Southington, CT

Status: Famous Haunted House; Private Residence; No Public Access

History and Paranormal Activity

At a young age Philip Snedeker was diagnosed with the Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – a form of cancer – and the family had to drive a long distance for his treatments at the University of Connecticut hospital.  The family realizes they’re going to have to find a place to rent closer to the hospital.

In June of 1986 they find a 5 bedroom home for rent at 208 Meriden Avenue which is perfect for their family of 7 (5 children including their niece Tammy. The Snedeker’s sign a lease on the last day of June.

When Carmen and Allen Snedeker – the parents – toured the home before moving in they were told they couldn’t see the basement because building materials blocked the staircase. However, when moving in, Carmen found dusty boxes, mortician’s furniture with blood still on it and some instruments that are used for embalming the dead.

The family had no idea the house had been used as a mortuary. The owner of the house confirmed the house was once the Hallahan Funeral Home; he also confirmed he had told the family this, although the family denies this.

The family also claims they found used toe tags, personal items and photos of the deceased in the basement.

The 2 oldest boys Philip (who was sick) and Bradley still decided they wanted their bedroom to be in the basement because of the space that couldn’t be found in the small bedrooms on the upper floor. Apparently, they slept in what was once the casket display room just down the hall from where the bodies were embalmed.

The reported paranormal activity began on the first night the family moved in.

Philip reported a man with long black hair would come to him in the basement. Sometimes the ghost would merely say the boy’s name over and over, but he also reported it threatened him.

A bucket full of mop water turned red as if turned into blood and smelled like rotting flesh. Household items would disappear without a trace. The children repeatedly reported seeing strange people wandering around in the house; most often they described a man with long dark hair.

Both Carmen and Allen reported being sexually assaulted and sodomized by unseen forces.

Phillip’s personality began to change, and he exhibited violent behavior. He started acting in a cruel manner toward his younger siblings especially to his brother Bradley. He tied Bradley to an old stretcher and spun him until the boy begged for him to stop and he locked Bradley in a chest and left him there.

Philip also attacked his cousin Tammy and attempted to rape her. After this he was hospitalized and diagnosed with schizophrenia as well it was determined that the cancer drugs he was taking could cause hallucinations as well as aggravate the schizophrenia.

After his hospital stay Philip moved in with relatives and quickly stopping seeing ghosts and hearing voices.

The family invited famed paranormal investigators ED and Lorraine Warren to investigate the house as well as a priest to do an exorcism.

The Warrens claimed the morticians practiced necromancy and had brought negative and evil energy into the house.

The paranormal activity, apparently, decreased significantly after the exorcism.

The family did go public, and they did make money from the haunting. Much like another of the Warren’s investigations, the Amityville Horror, the family has been accused of faking the whole thing.

The family has been accused multiple times by several different people. It’s been said the paranormal activity always increased when the family was running behind on their rent.

Their neighbor said they were always happy when they were outside and didn’t seem frightened at all.

A movie “The Haunting in Connecticut” came out in 2009 based on the family’s experiences and it was right before the release of the movie that all complaints about the it being a lie came out. Again, much like the Amityville Horror.

No one who has lived in the house since the Snedeker family has reported any paranormal activity or hauntings.

The truth may never be known but this story has become accepted into the American culture and media as one of the scariest ghost stories ever told.

The house continues to be used as a private residence and entering the property is trespassing so please don’t. Should you decide to visit the property please be respectful and stay on the road.