South Side of Warner Rd near the Eastern End, Niagara Falls, ON

Status: Drainage Tunnel Under Active Railway Line; Famous Urban Legend

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Photo Courtesy of Craig M


This tunnel underneath the Canadian National Railway – originally the Grand Trunk Railway – was never an actual tunnel meant for human passage. Rather it was created as a drainage tunnel which conveniently explains why there is always a stream running through it. Coincidentally it did provide the farmers a convenient way to move themselves and their animals safely to the opposite side of the tracks.

This is most famous – at least from an urban legend point of view - haunting in the Niagara Region of Ontario. There are many different versions of the legend surrounding this haunting, a girl running from a house on fire and on fire herself before finally collapsing in the tunnel to die, a girl raped and burned to death in the tunnel to destroy the evidence and, finally, a father burning his daughter to death after finding out he lost custody of her are the most well known – sometimes incest is added to this tale to turn it darker and more disturbing.

There are the ruins of a structure – possibly a farmhouse or barn - up the trail on the forest side of the tunnel. There does seem to be a sense of a paranormal presence at both the tunnel and the house. Only the foundation of the structure is left but it shows no obvious signs of ever having burned at any point.

Legend says if you light a match in the middle of the tunnel at night (midnight preferably, of course) a girl will appear and scream blowing out your candle. Another legend says if you make fun of the ghost or laugh at her you will suffer a fatal car accident on the way home.

While we have never had the match legend work; we certainly have heard a girl screaming in the tunnel. As for the car accident, one team member was once at the tunnel when other people were making fun and laughing and did almost get into a severe car accident on their way home – and they say there’s no such thing as coincidence.

Paranormal Activity

Personally, witnessed by team members at the tunnel:

screams, apparitions of both a young girl with blonde hair and a woman with dark hair – both dressed in a white dress, cold spots, mysterious mists, orbs, phantom footsteps, animals being unwilling to enter the tunnel.