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(Abandoned Nazi/Soviet Military Hospital)(Liegnitz "Lazarett Siegeshöhe")

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Status: Former Nazi Military Hospital; Former Soviet Military Hospital; Abandoned


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There are numerous dates as to when this hospital was built; well, everything except what is the likely year. This was built as a Nazi military hospital to take care of their causalities on the Eastern Front with the Soviet Union (Russia).

The first date given is 1929 before the Nazis even came to power; the second 1937 two years before the Nazi invasion of Poland and its highly doubtful the Nazis could have built a hospital in Polish sovereign territory – saying what “we’re going to built this hospital for when we invade in 2 years”.

On the other hand the location is quite close the German border today meaning this area may well have been inside of Germany in 1937 with the Nazis were in power so nothing is impossible.

Based on 20th century history, however, the most probable date for construction is 1939; the year the Nazis invaded Poland in September touching off the Second World War.

It was built to accommodate 650 patients and used for causalities related to their invasion of Poland and then in 1941+ for the invasion of – and then retreat from - the Soviet Union. There are rumours of experiments on humans during this period which is possible but has never been proven.

No question the Nazi regime did a lot of very evil things but not everything they did was evil; sometimes a hospital is just a hospital. The causalities on the Eastern Front were the worst in the entire war on both sides.

In 1945 the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union captured this hospital basically intact while they continued their march to the German Capital. The hospital being state of the art – and most Soviet infrastructure between Poland and Moscow destroyed – the Russians took over the hospital.

The Soviet’s kept the hospital up to state of the art levels while they owned it. The hospital was so superior compared to others – even in the Soviet Union – that Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev’s wife was treated here when she became seriously ill.

The Russians did keep one third of hospital beds and treatment rooms empty at all times. This was for causalities should a ground war break out on the East German/Western German frontier tipping off the Third World War.

In 1993 with the Soviet Union collapsed the hospital was released to the Polish government. Unable to maintain the site the Polish government sold it to a private company who also failed to maintain it.

The site has been damaged by exposure to the environment at this point and it’s protected by security but it has been accessed uncountable times either by befriending security or sneaking past them. Some websites proclaim there are bookable tours both in the day and night for this site now but we were unable to verify that.

It is verifiable that a few years ago locals did start giving tours of the site but that ended when a man on their tour fell through glass 33 feet to his death.

The hospital site contains 24 separate buildings. It is comparable to a small city.


Paranormal Activity

Many people – locals and otherwise – believe this site is flat out cursed. There are tremendous amounts of negative energy that lingers here; mostly from it’s time as a Nazi hospital. They believe this site can never be renovated to the point of being safe for use by the living.

The tunnels below the hospital – where it said the Nazis buried the people they experimented on after murdering them – there is reported to be an unearthly cold and sense of evil as well as a powerful sensation of not being alone and not being wanted.

Apparitions of former patients – often in hospital gowns – and staff as well as soldiers in Nazi and Soviet military uniforms. These apparitions are seen both in the buildings and on the grounds.

Other Reported Activity: shadow figures; unexplained mists; disembodied voices, screams and laughter; unexplained noises including knocks, loud bangs, scrapping noises and scratches; electrical disturbances; cold spots; dimensional and time slips; objects moving on their own; flashing lights and other light anomalies; touches, tugs and pulls by unseen presences; physical attacks including scratches, pushes and hair pulling; phantom footsteps; an overwhelming sense of evil that has physically ill to point of vomiting and crippling migraines and feelings of not being alone, not being wanted and being watched.



(Department for Nervous and Mentally Ill Jews Zofiówka)

Jana Kochanowskiego 10/16

Status: Former Mental Hospital; WWII Massacre Site; Former Tuberculosis Sanatorium; Abandoned


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Autorstwa <a href="//commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Boston9" title="User:Boston9">Adrian Grycuk</a> - <span class="int-own-work" lang="pl">Praca własna</span>, CC BY-SA 3.0 pl, Link

Zofiówka w Otwocku czerwiec 2017a.jpg

Autorstwa <a href="//commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Boston9" title="User:Boston9">Adrian Grycuk</a> - <span class="int-own-work" lang="pl">Praca własna</span>, CC BY-SA 3.0 pl, Link

Reader Discretion Advised: This article deals with subjects such as mass murder, suicide and death camps and may not be suitable for all readers.



This hospital for Jews suffering from emotional and mental health issues was built in 1907 and opened in 1908. The land was purchased with jewellery donated by a member of the Jewish community and was run completely on donations and a few patients whose families could afford to pay for treatment.

When the hospital opened there were only 95 beds.

Poor Jews were treated for free at the institution.

The first hospital of this type was opened just outside of Berlin, Germany in 1900 – the treatment rather than imprisonment of the mentally ill – and was still brand new in Europe and the Americas. The focus was on treating the patients so they could return to work and once again become functionable members of society.

In 1910 another building was opened for women. By 1935 there were 275 beds available and it was the largest sanatorium in the city.

With the Nazi occupation of Poland in 1939 this hospital was part of the Kuracyjny Ghetto and under the administration of a Nazi Doctor who cared not in the least for his patients; needless to say. By 1940 the institution was suffering from hunger and abysmal conditions – it was also the only approved facility for mentally ill Jews in Nazi Poland.

In August 19 of 1942 the Ghetto was liquidated resulting in between 110 and 140 being shot to death – under Action-T4 the Nazi plan to liquidate all mentally ill people – and the rest were shipped to the Treblinka Death Camp. Some of the doctors escaped in an ambulance while many other staff members simply choose to commit suicide.

Adding insult to injury the SS took over the complex and used it as part of the Lebensborn Program where mothers and children were bred to create “Germanic Supermen”. It was also used as an adoption centre for Polish children stolen from their Polish families and given to German families.

When the Nazis were defeated, leading to the Soviet takeover of the facility, was converted into a tuberculosis sanatorium until the mid-1980’s. In 1985 the site was converted back into a psychiatric hospital treating mainly children and those addicted to drugs.

The site is now abandoned and falling apart. The Jewish Community is now seeking their rights to the property in court.


Paranormal Activity

This location is essentially a holy site. Should you visit, please show the proper respect.

The entire site is shrouded with a veil of intense loss and sadness that has reduced fully grown to adults to violent tears minutes after entering the property.

Underneath the horror of pain and loss lies a powerful sheet of intense evil – left over by it’s former SS masters – that has caused witnesses to faint and vomit.

Every August 19 the horrors from the past have come back in some form. Some sensitives have seen the entire scene replay for them in the present leaving them in need of psychiatric help themselves. Others have heard the multiple gunshots and/or terrified screams or seen people screaming and running from the site in terror.

Apparitions of former patients have seen both in the building and on the grounds, many still showing their bloody and fatal gun shot wounds. Others are seen in hospital gowns looking extremely pale – the look that gave tuberculosis the title of the ‘White Plague’.

The ghosts here have been known to communicate with the living through knocks and answering recorded questions.

Other Reported Activity: pale faces looking out from the windows; disembodied voices; unexplained misty and misty forms; objects moving on their own; touches, pokes and prods from unseen entities; unexplained noises from loud bangs to scratches; electrical disturbances; phantom footsteps; time slips; light anomalies and feelings of not being alone.