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In the late 19th century, there was no Daytona Beach, only a small seaside town called Seabreeze. Where The Plaza Resort now stands the Hotel Clarendon was opened in 1895.

The Clarendon had a casino, a horse stable, state of the art accommodations and a huge porch facing the ocean. The area was filled hotels, restaurants and shops at the time that attracted both locals and tourists alike.

Then in February of 1909 – with the hotel fully booked - the Clarendon burnt to the ground killing an unknown number of guests and staff with it.

During renovations sealed off underground rooms and corridors were found thought to be part of the original hotel that burned down.

The new Clarendon was rebuilt on the same spot and opened on New Year’s Day of 1911 as a massive 7 story complex. It even had a Turkish bath and an 18 hole golf course.

In 1940 the hotel changed it’s name to the Clarendon Plaza Hotel. From 1942 – 1944 the US government took over ownership of the hotel and it functioned as the barracks for the Women’s Army Corp.

In late 1944 the Sheraton Corporation took over ownership and changed then name again to the Sheraton Plaza Hotel.

During the 1950’s a new owner would change the name of the hotel once again to the Daytona Plaza Hotel. In 1968 it became the Plaza Hotel and Motor Inn and in 1969 the hotel was expanded by more doubling the number of rooms.

In 1986 and 1990 the entire hotel was put through renovations completely modernizing for the upcoming 21st century guests. In 2000 the spa was opened.


Paranormal Activity

The hotel is primarily said to be haunted by those who perished in the 1909 fire as well as other guests who have passed away in the hotel during it’s long history.

In 2013 security cameras captured – see video below - what is described as a shape changing ghost in the Veranda Bar & Grill. All “normal” reasons for what was captured have been ruled out and it still remains a mystery what was actually captured by the camera.

The ghost of a maintenance man in overalls has been seen throughout the hotel.

A little girl – thought to have died in the fire – is seen in the hotel kitchen and is thought to be responsible for the elevators opening and closing as well traveling from floor to floor all on their own late at night.

Many claim a former manager haunts the hotel as well.

Other Activity: misty apparitions; cold spots; electric disturbances; shadow figures and unexplained sounds such as keys rattling and phantom giggles and laughter.