Philadelphia Shipyards (1943)

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The Philadelphia Experiment is alleged events that took place both in the summer and fall of 1943 by the US Navy and – by relation – the Federal Government of the United States of America. These experiments are widely considered false by mainstream media - the US Navy firmly denies they ever occurred – and have been relegated to the annals of urban legends and conspiracy theory.

This, of course, does not mean they never happened. After all had the Atomic Bomb never worked it too would have become another urban legend.

Essentially, the idea of the experiments was a direct application of Einstein’s unified field theory – allowing fundamental forces and elementary particles to exist as a single field – in combining electro-magnetism and gravity. The original thought was this could be used to make metal ships non-magnetic and; therefore immune to mines. 1943 being a time of war between the USA and Nazi Germany/Imperial Japan this would have been a huge victory for the US Navy.

The second experiment – based on what happened in the first one (more later) – was to render a ship cloaked – invisible to radar and possibly to human eye sight. Again, in a time of war this would be of great value to the US Navy and there is a theory that surrounding an object with large amounts of electro magnetism would render it invisible to the naked eye.

There are no truly reliable accounts of this experiment although one sailor Carlos Miguel Allende claimed to be on another US Naval Vessel and witnessed the teleportation of the vessel experimented on – the USS Eldridge (a destroyer escort). Allende wrote a letter to Morris K Jessup – who had recently published a book on UFO’s – with these claims.

However, the events did not gain major public attention until 1979 when Charles Berlitz – author of a famous book about the Bermuda Triangle – published a book about the incident. Berlitz’s book contained transcripts of interviews with – purportedly – the scientist supervising the experiment.

In 1984 a movie was also made about the events – in 2012 it was remade in a direct to video movie as well.

Experiment One – Summer 1943

The USS Eldridge was wrapped in electro-magnetic cable and it was turned on. The ship disappeared from view and was replaced by a greenish cloud. When the ship reappeared some of the sailors were said to have been fused with the deck plating including one man whose hand was completely buried in the steel deck. Other sailors had completely crazy and others complained of being nauseous.

Experiment Two – October 28, 1943

The Navy preformed another experiment – this one with the specific purpose of rendering a ship completely invisible to radar. Of military value absolutely but neither the Nazis nor the Japanese possessed radar technology at this point so one does wonder.

It does need to be said the Nazis were experimenting with anti-gravity at that time.

This time not only did the ship disappear from view but it teleported from one physical location to another and moved 10 minutes into the past. The other physical location has been reported both as the New York City and the Norfolk shipyards. It is in one of these locations – the sailor who reported seeing the Eldridge appearing and disappearing said it was New York – that the ship was seen by the entire crew of another US Naval vessel.

During this experiment sailors on board are reported to have, again, been fused with the deck, turned inside out and some had completely disappeared. The ones who disappeared may have moved forward in time – this was a large premise of the movies made about the event.

The biggest reason given for this all being a hoax is if the US Navy had found a way to move a ship through both time and space it would be of an astronomical military value. So why didn’t they continue the experiments? The loss of life and injury to American citizens would be the logical answer and preforming experiments using ships with no sailors would also be the logical answer.

Of course, had the Navy – or any branch of the US military/government - continued with these experiments there is no reason it would be revealed to the public. They may never have a found a safe way to do it or they may still be conducting the experiments.

As with all conspiracy theories the truth may never be known and that will keep them alive forever.