The opw family

craig mitton

Founder, Social Media and General Manager, Lead Investigator, Medium


I am the Founder of OPW going back almost 20 years when it began as Haunted North America.

I don't remember a time when I wasn't interested in the paranormal. As child I spent a few years living in a haunted house and spending many summers at my Grandparents very haunted Century House.

I spent my teen years in Victoria, BC, Canada a city famous for it's haunted locations. For those of you who remember the book 'Michelle Remebers' at the height of the Satanist craze; I've been in the cultists house.

I started doing paranormal investigations in Victoria but really ramped it up in the late 1990's spending most nights at an abandoned insane asylum.

That's where I learned I was a medium.

The website was originally developed because of frustration with websites listing these great haunted locations with almost no info let alone an address or map so you could never find it.

Times have changed but the team and I still to give you the best catalogue of haunted places with the most information worldwide

fire fae

Merchandising Manager, Medium, Amateur Cryptozoologist, US & European Representative

Hey Spookies! 

It’s the second half of FireFae and StijnFawkes. I have always had a soft spot for the paranormal. I always knew I was different when I was able to see and hear and even communicate with the other side. I found comfort in knowing that I wasn’t alone. I am now lucky enough to have a wonderful partner that loves and accepts this part of me and helps me so I am not overwhelmed by the paranormal activity I face. 

I love cryptids and will be writing a lot of the articles forthcoming in our Cryptozoology section.


stijn fawkes

European Manager

Hi there. My name is Stijn, online I usually go by StijnFawkes, I am Dutch born and have been interested in the paranormal for about 13 years.

My first experience with the paranormal was learning how to use a pendulum from an (now) ex girlfriend. At first I did not take it seriously and used it more as a party trick. But after having a scary experience working with a pendulum in front of the York Minster in York, England while on vacation I decided to stop my pendulum practices.

Later on in my 20's when I found my faith and found my gods my experience with the paranormal and supernatural increased and I started to understand it more.

Now, together with my wife and cocreator FireFae, we do rituals together and she helps me understand the interdimensional, paranormal better. She is also the reason why I ended up joining OPW.

And now we are one big spooky ghost hunting, ghost loving family.

pandorah (paranormal wasteland)

Promotions Manager

Oklahoma Manager

Hey y’all!

My name is Pandorah, and I am one half of the Oklahoma based team Paranormal Wasteland.

I have been interested in the paranormal since I was little. My greatest achievement was being told by the school librarian that I had successfully checked out every single book about the paranormal by 4th grade!

I have just recently started getting involved in the investigation side of things. My favorite location so far has been Missouri State Penitentiary, and my bucket list location is Ohio State Reformatory.

I hope that you enjoy learning about the spookier side of Oklahoma!

Chloe Hughes

Empath, Vermont Manager

My name is Chloe. I was born and raised in Brattleboro, VT. I was born deaf to little hearing abilities. I wear a hearing aid on the daily basis to help me read lips, hear the voices around me, hear the sounds that alerts me and it helps me to recognize where it came from. 
I fell into exorcisms/exorcist path at 12 years old, watching every movie out there that relates to that and went into demonology when I was 13 and half till I was 14 I had a traumatic experience with a vision of the person appearing to me. It traumatized me and I found out that I have the senses and ever since I’ve been able to feel or recognize a presence and feel their emotions.
Ever since I’ve addicted even more to the paranormal investigations and YouTube has been skyrocketing with the world we’re so invested to learn and find the truth out. 

mary gartman

South Carolina Manager

Hi, I’m Mary Gartman but most know me by Marybeth. I’m apart of the group ourparanormal and I’m the Manager for South Carolina which is where I’m from.

My interest in the paranormal started when I was really young, I used to see and speak with the departed. I’ve had an encounter with multiple various kinds of spirits and entities alike and developed a respect for my passion. Now I mainly can see orbs and pick up on energies, I also have a couple others gifts which I’m still learning more about and how to better use my gifts.

My passion for paranormal has lead me to this awesome group where I literally feel like I’m part of a family and I look forward to working with them and going on some investigations

Fernando (strangersmindz)

New York State and City Manager

Hello fellow strangers!

My name is Fernando Infante representing New York as part of OPW and founder of Strangers Mindz. Ever since my very first experience with the paranormal when I was 12 years old dealing with what was to me at that moment the "Boogeyman", I have always wondered what or how was that even possible. Today, I am 40 years old remembering that moment like if it was just yesterday and it's probably why, till this very day, unable to sleep in a room with a closet door open. 

Throughout my lifetime I have done several investigations here in New York and the Dominican Republic. Notched up on my belt are several locations in Brooklyn and Queens including many houses to which due to confidentiality will remain nameless. Also, some commentaries on the likes of Cypress Hills National Cemetery, Canarsie Cemetery and Salem Fields Cemetery. On top of that, I have also done quite a few exciting explorations of locations on the likes of Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Clinton Road and the Devil's Tower in New Jersey and most recently The Amityville Horror house and Kings Park Psychiatric Center in Long Island New York.

Joining OPW has to be by far one of the best decision I have ever made because now I am part of this amazing team which contains a group of people I trust and value as a family. We all have stories to share, locations to see, and experiences to be had.

Come join our adventures!

emo paranormal

South Louisiana and New Orleans Manager

I'm a weird ass teenager that's emo and wears all black

Listens to FOB, P!ATD, MCR and a lot of other bands