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Kennebec Arsenal

(Maine State Hospital)

211 Arsenal Street, Augusta, ME

Status: Former Insane Asylum; Former Military Arsenal; Historic Site; Under Development; Private Property


During the War of 1812 it became obvious the United States of America needed to improve it’s coastal defenses against potential attacks by foreign nations. Maine was singled due to having it’s territory invaded in the war and a border dispute with the New Brunswick Province of the British colony in Canada that flamed back up in 1820s.

A decision was made to build a major arsenal in Augusta on the Kennebec River. Plans were developed in 1827 and construction began in 1828.

By 1831 the arsenal was complete, but enlargements continued until 1838.

In 1838 troops were sent to the border with New Brunswick when tensions suddenly escalated. Thanks to US General Winfield Scott a stand down of forces on both sides was negotiated. In 1842 the border was solidified – where it still is in present day – by treaty.

The arsenal manufactured weapons for both the Mexican-American War and the Civil War but was closed in 1901 when it was deemed insufficient for manufacturing weapons in future wars.

The federal government transferred ownership to the state government who, in turn, expanded the grounds of the Maine State Hospital – an insane asylum – onto the arsenal property. All the wooden buildings were torn down, but the granite buildings were used by the hospital.

In 2004 the hospital – now called the Augusta Mental Health Institute – was shut down and moved to a modern facility. The grounds were sold to a developer under conditions to preserve the historical integrity of the site.

In 2012 the Attorney General of the State of Maine sued the developer to regain ownership of the site. It claimed the developer was not taking care of the property and over $1 millions of damage had occurred in the past 4 years.

The developer said the downturn in the economy had stalled their plans and disagreed with the State’s decision. By the end of 2013 the developer had replaced roofs on the 6 of the buildings and the State had agreed to mediated sessions to solve the dispute.

The dispute is ongoing with the Augusta City Council declaring the developer once again in fault of not taking care of property as well as it being a significant fire hazard in 2022.

2024 maps indicate at least one of the buildings has been converted into condos.


Paranormal Activity

The property cannot be entered and must be looked at from outside the fence.

It is reported that over 11,000 people while under the care of the asylum. There are almost no records as to where this people were buried probably all over the property. Many people think the majority were buried along the riverbank.

Many of the deaths were from suicides.

There is also a long history of incompetence by the staff that led to patient deaths.

Reported Activity: apparitions of both former staff and patients; shadow figures; time and dimensional slips; cold and hot spots; unexplained mists and fogs including ones human shaped and moving against the wind; disembodied voices; phantom footsteps; unexplained sounds from whispers to loud bangs; objects moving on their own including doors and windows opening on their own; there are rumors of things being captured on the security cameras that are unexplainable; an powerful empathic sensations of sadness and anger; phantom laughter, screaming and weeping; unexplained physical symptoms including migraines, nausea and vomiting; light anomalies and feelings of being watched, not being alone and not being wanted.

Old SSA Convent

(Old St Scholastica Academy Priory)


Queen of Peace Parkway, Covington, LA

Status: Former Abbey; Abandoned; Urban Legend


There are numerous addresses given for this location so we have provided the co-ordinates.

Originally founded in 1902 or 1903 by Mother Mary Benedicta for an order of St Benedictine.

For many years it was the center of Catholic life in Covington.

Until the 1960s the building continued to grow adding new wings to house new sisters.

1990s many of the nuns had either passed away or become elderly and the decision was made to close the convent.

Since it’s abandonment the building and grounds have slowly deteriorated and returned to nature.

There is a cemetery behind the convent containing the remains of many of the sisters who passed away.


Paranormal Activity

The Urban Legend factor at this site is the “Doorway To Hell” a doorway where it is said if you walk through you disappear and never return. Based on reports on the internet this is just a doorway someone has spray painted Doorway To Hell over top of; if you walk through it you enter another room, nothing more and nothing less.

Apparitions of nuns have been seen both in the building and on the grounds. Witnesses say they seem to float just above the ground and will disappear if approached by the living.

Uncomfortable energy is reported in certain parts of the building.

There are reports of lights turning off and on by themselves; which is very strange given that there is no power in the building. Doors and windows will also open close on their own.

Disembodied voices and EVPs have been heard and captured throughout this building.

Unexplained misty forms are seen moving in the building where there is no air movement. One investigator had one pass through them resulting in an extreme temperature fall.

People have heard blood curling screams rip through the building with no explanation. Many explorers have cited this as enough to send them fleeing into the surrounding woods. Many other unexplained sounds have been heard from whispers to laughter and crying to loud bangs.

Toronto Power Generating Station

7230 Niagara River Parkway, Niagara Falls, ON

Status: Former Hydro Electrical Generating Station; Heritage Building


Completed and opened in 1906 by the Electrical Development Company of Ontario. Unsurprisingly this station was created to bring more power to the rapidly growing city of Toronto.

The plant was built on top of a deep pit with turbines at the bottom of the pit. The water ran down vertical pipes driving the turbines before coming out again at the bottom of Niagara Falls. At it’s prime it was generating 137,500 horsepower.

The plant was closed on February 15, 1974 when it was replaced by the Adam Beck Station downriver in Queenston.

In 2007 ownership of the site was passed to the Niagara Parks Commission. They are now in the process of


Paranormal Activity

Since it’s closure urban explorers have explored the property – which is trespassing – and when they returned with ghost stories paranormal investigators followed suit.

A strange energy wraps itself around this building after the sun sets – an energy our Founder Craig and Co Founder Elizabeth have experienced multiple times – an energy generally associated with buildings that are haunted.

Phantom sounds of the frozen and abandoned turbines – which haven’t moved in over 50 years – suddenly turning on are frequently heard. For that matter there is no power wired in the building at all; hasn’t been for decades.

People need the former offices in the building have reported hearing sounds as if desks and being moved and scraped along the floor. When they enter the offices there is no one present.

Disembodied voices are often heard coming from unoccupied rooms. One urban explorer was so sure there was someone else in the building talking he went looking for them. The room the voices had come from was completely empty; the voices stopped the moment he entered the room.

Seal Island

(Great Seal Island)

43°24'56.1"N 66°00'37.4"W, Nova Scotia

Status: Natural Wonder (Island)

Only Accessible by Boat


This island is the second most southernmost point in the Province of Nova Scotia (by 250 metres {820 feet}).

The island was settled in 1828 by 2 families the Hichens and the Crowells.

They used it as a base for their fishing business and helped the survivors washed ashore from the numerous shipwrecks on the island’s treacherous reefs. They also built the lighthouse on the island which still stands and is one of the oldest wooden lighthouses in Canada.

Until 1950 there was 2 settlements on the island. In 1990 all year round habitation ceased and the lighthouse staff moved off the island.

Only a birding group – dating back almost 3/4 of a century still use the island.


Paranormal Activity

On October 31, 1891 the brand new steamer SS Ottawa left Halifax for Saint John, New Brunswick.

Although the Seal Island lighthouse had been in sight for over an hour – there was a storm with a light drizzle and high winds – the Ottawa hit Blonde Rock at 5am during low tide.

The ship had begun to go down by the stern when a large wave capsized the ship trapping most of the crew and passengers below it and beneath the surface.

Two men managed to get out from the ship and into a lifeboat but a stewardess with them died while they escaped. Her name was Annie Lindsay and she was buried on the island. Her grave marker can be seen to this day.

Many believe her coffin was later dug up and there was evidence she was actually buried alive.

Annie’s ghost haunts the island to this day. She seems to repeat the night over and over again although she is said to be most active on Samhain and All Saint’s Day.

Kobarid Museum

Gregorčičeva ulica 10, 5222 Kobarid

+386 5 389 00 00

Status: World War I Museum


First opened in 1990 this museum tells the history of the Isonzo Front in the First World War. It particularly on the 12th battle of Kobarid called the Miracle of Kobarid.

For most of it’s history the museum has only been open to government officials including 2 Presidents of the European Parliament, Presidents of Countries and Nobel Prize winners.

Now it is open to the public.


Paranormal Activity

The museum has many personal items from soldiers from soldiers killed in the battle. It is believed that the souls attached to these items are the reason for the paranormal activity.

The phantom sounds of battle including marching soldiers and shots being fired are reported.

Cold spots and sudden temperature changes with no explanation are felt.

Objects have been seen moving on their own.

Southern Grace Distilleries

(Mt Pleasant Prison)

130 Dutch Road, Mt Pleasant, NC

(704) 622-6413

Status: Former State Prison; Whiskey Distillery


Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Tours can be Booked


The Cabarrus State Correctional Center (Mt Pleasant Prison) opened in 1929.

Fittingly enough, considering it’s present use, many of the inmates were moonshine runners.

It remained open until 2011 after nearly a century of imprisoning North Carolina’s criminals. It’s history is generally called dark and brutal at best.

The site was then used for weapons training ground for the soldiers at Fort Bragg.

Southern Grace Distilleries – which was established in 2014 – leased 4.5 acres (1.82 hectares) of the original 22 acres (8.9 hectares) as well as the remaining 14 buildings in 2016.

They distill their 130 proof clear whiskey here – which has won numerous awards, give historical/tasting tours and give ghost tours in the haunted prison buildings.


Paranormal Activity

Apparitions of both former staff and inmates have been reported.

In solitary confinement people report feeling the presence of something unseen but clearly felt.

There have been physical attacks upon the living by unseen entity.

There are large amounts of negative energy on site that has become overwhelming to some sensitives.

One of the dorm washrooms has caused anxiety in sensitives.

Objects have been reported as moving on their own as well just disappearing never to be seen again; although some will show up later at another location on site.

Disembodied voices – including full conservations – have been heard and recorded. Other unexplained sounds from whispers to loud bangs are reported.

Phantom footsteps and loud thumps are often heard at night.

Historic Scott County Jail

214 Litton Covered Bridge Road, Huntsville, TN

(423) 663-5353

Status: Former Jail; Heritage Property; Center for Paranormal Research


Paranormal investigations and Ghost Tours can be Booked


This historic jail was built in 1904; it is one of the oldest buildings in Scott County.

Its walls are built from 5x4x3 blocks of local sandstone.

The jailer’s quarters were located on the first floor. The third floor was added in 1922 to house maximum security prisoners.

The building was capable of holding 50 prisoners from drunks to murderers. There were suicides in the building as well as a fire on the third floor; it is unclear whether there were any fatalities in the fire.

For a short period in the 1960s the prisoners were transferred to a new facility but when there was an escape they were transferred back to this facility.

This jail was closed for good in 2008.

It is now owned by 2 ladies with a strong interest in the paranormal.


Paranormal Activity

The reports of paranormal activity predate the jail closing.

The former drunk tanks – which now serve as the site’s restrooms - are said to be the most paranormally active locations in the building.

The apparitions of both prison staff and inmates have been seen.

Shadow figures have been seen in the building as well as appearing in photographs.

Phantom footsteps are often heard on the stairway. The sounds of someone running is also heard in the building with no one present in that area.

Pictures have flown off of walls with no one nearby. Objects will unexplainably disappear (for that extra creepy feel its sharp objects that disappear the most frequently).

People have reported the bars shaking on the third floor cells as if something heavy and invisible had fallen against them.

Disembodied whispers, humming and other unexplained sounds are heard.

The owners and some investigators have felt touches on their shoulders by unseen entities.

Flashlights have blinked on and off in response to questions posed by the living.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino

3600 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV


Status: Formerly The Dunes; Five Star Resort


On May 23, 1955, The Dunes Hotel and Country Club was opened on the site now occupied by the Bellagio. This was old school Vegas where everything was owned by the mob and the corporate sponsors were decades into the future.

The Dunes was frequently visited by men high up in the mafia and may of them are thought to have been shadow owners.

By 1979 when the last addition was made to the building The Dunes had 1,282 rooms.

The Dunes began to run into financial issues in the 1980s and in 1987 Japanese businessman Masao Nagaku bought the resort for $157 million ($435.8 million in 2024) intending to expand it. When the Nevada control board investigation took a much longer than average time to be completed his potential financial partners faded away.

 In 1992 The Dunes was purchased again for a much reduced $75 million ($166.8 million in 2024) by the Mirage Resorts. Their intentions were a complete demolition and replacing The Dunes with a lake resort.

On January 6, 1993, The Dunes was closed. In October of the same year the North Tower was imploded and the South Tower was brought down and in July of 1994.

As well as The Dunes a Denny’s restaurant was also demolished for the new resort.

In July of 1995 plans were changed from a lakeside resort – this plan was eventually used for a resort in Mississippi – to a model after a town in Italy called Bellagio.

Even though the new design was scaled down costs climbed rapidly. By the time the resort was completed it cost 1.6 billion and was the expensive resort ever built.

The resort opened on November 15, 1998, and had over 80,000 visitors in the first 24 hours. The rooms were $200 a night as opposed to $80 which was the Vegas average at the time.

The revenues for the first year were lower than expected.

 In 2000 Mirage Resorts merged with MGM Grand Inc and ownership of the resort was transferred to MGM. Revenue increased under the new ownership.

The expansion of the new Spa Tower was built between April 2003 and December 2004 which added 928 rooms for a total of 3,933 rooms at the resort. The Bellagio quickly became the most profitable resort in Las Vegas.

In 2019 MGM sold the resort to Blackstone Inc for 4.25 billion but continued to run the resort under a lease agreement.

The resort has undergone numerous multi-million dollar renovations (especially the Spa Tower).


Paranormal Activity

When The Dunes was still standing people reported cold spots that moved through both the hotel and casino. In the lounge on the top floor an unexplained blue glow was often seen as well as disembodied voices after closing time.

In the Bellagio apparitions have been seen walking through walls; probably due to the numerous renovations that have changed the floor plans.

Shadow figures are also reported they are said to follow and stalk guests in the halls creating a extra disturbing experience.

Numerous EVPs have been recorded in the hotel rooms including some rather disturbing threats.

Many staff have reported voices and other unexplained sounds coming from empty rooms. This often followed by a visible ball of light exiting the room.

The apparition of a young African American is reported in the casino. She is seen in a red dress playing near one of the blackjack tables. Many people have approached her thinking she was a lost child. She will lead any followers to the resort’s day care center before disappearing.

Others report her wondering the hotel looking lost. She has never spoken a word to the living even when approached.

This is the ghost of 10-year-old Jade Morris who was murdered by Brenda Stokes. Stokes was convinced her boyfriend was cheating on her and after slashing the face of the woman she believed was having the affair with said boyfriend; she wasn’t, Stokes checked Jade – her boyfriend’s daughter – out of the daycare and took her to a construction site where she brutally beat and stabbed the girl to death.

What are reported as extremely cold spots and breezes have been experienced by both staff and guests. Others have reported the sound of a breath followed immediately with the feeling of a freezing breath on the back of their necks.

A man committed suicide by swan diving off the pedestrian bridge over the Bellagio Lake in front of a Friday night crowd. People reported hearing his skull crack as it struck the bottom of the shallow waters. His blood quickly found it’s way into the filtration system turning the fountains the color of blood.

It is said if you let your eyes relax while looking at the fountain the waters will turn red again. People also describe the phantom sound of crack when they are walking over the bridge; comparing the reports with those of people who were there that night the sound is very similar to the man’s skull cracking.

Bellagio Lake itself is said to be cursed. A maintenance man was found drowned and tucked under one of the fountain pipes. When they removed his bodies unexplained bite marks were found on him. Many people believe there is something in the water always watching (the energy of which can be felt by people sensitive to it).

People have reported a powerful sensation to get into the lake trying to draw them in.


Testimonial by R

I spent 4 nights in room 22093 in the original tower.

This started at about 430pm on our last evening.

Upon going back to my room after being at the swimming pool with my friend. I put some music on my phone and attached it to my Bluetooth speaker. After one song the music just quit. My friend’s phone was checked to see if it had connected, it hadn’t. The phone was still playing music, but the speaker was completely silent.

We wrote it off to technology issues and went for dinner.

I use a meditation app to help me sleep and turned it on as per normal when we were going to bed. You can choose different background sounds and the app began changing sounds on it’s own and suddenly went to maximum volume. This happened repeatedly and I noticed the phone was actually changing screens when neither of us was touching it.

At this point I firmly told the ghost enough was enough and we were going to bed now. We had no more issues with it the rest of the night.

When leaving in the morning we asked an employee if there had been any previous reports of hauntings in our room. They responded with a clear yes admitting the hotel is haunted.

Trivette Clinic

290 Eagle Mills Road, Hamptonville, NC

(704) 539-4709

Status: Former Hospital; Former Nursing Home; Former Addiction Clinic; Former Supper Club; Heritage Property


Paranormal Investigations can be Booked


Built in 1932 by Dr William Amos Trivette this building was originally a full-service hospital.

The hospital operated until 1939. Dr Trivette passed away in 1938 from pneumonia and his wife decided it was best to close the clinic.

The new owners created the rather strange combination a supper club and a detox/rehabilitation clinic in the building.

In 1945 it was converted into a nursing home then a private residence in the early 1960s inhabited by the Campbell who would build greenhouses and run a nursery business.

In 1980 the family sold the building. An attempt to continue the nursery was attempted but ultimately failed. The property was left to deteriorate.

In 2010 the current owners bought the property and began a restoration of it.

In 2011 the owners began to allow paranormal investigations on the site.


Paranormal Activity

Many people believe this location is home to 70+ ghosts. Investigations can be booked through the phone number above. Third parties also book community investigations through their respective websites.

The most well known ghost is that of William Trivette himself.

There are also 2 little girls haunting the building. One named Majesty who stays in the basement and likes to play with a ball. Another named Nancy that stays on the upper floor and is known for opening and closing a wardrobe’s doors.

Another child, a boy named Jimmy, is also reported as haunting the building.

Jimmy may be the ghost of a 4 year old boy who was burned to death by falling into a boiling liquid. His disembodied laughter has been reported and his fast phantom footsteps have been heard in the building. He also likes to pull on investigator’s clothes and roll things along the floor.

There are also the ghosts of 2 nurses that have been named Helen and Polly.

A male ghost named Phillip haunts the former operating room. Phillip has been confirmed as a former nursing house employee by another employee. Phillip is also seen looking out of the former operating room’s windows.

The apparitions of former patients are also seen in the building. As well ghostly faces are reported looking out of the windows even when the building is empty.

Other reported activity: shadow figures; objects moving on their own; electric disturbances; light anomalies and feelings of not being alone and being watched.

Hotel Metropolitan Museum

(Hotel Metropolitan)

724 Oscar Cross Avenue, Paducah, KY

(270) 443-7818

Status: Former Historic Hotel; Museum


Opening in 1908 this hotel housed African American guests during the Jim Crow period of discrimination in American history. It was run by African-American women from it’s opening to it’s closure.

During this time African Americans were not welcome at the “white” hotels in the area; even celebrities. Guests such as Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong stayed there while touring the United States.

African Americans were often denied lodging and food while traveling as well as being subject to arrest for nothing other than the color of their skin. Hotel Metropolitan was one of the few safe places they could come to.

There were 11 rooms in the hotel, and they were all full almost the entire time the hotel was open.

In 1996 the hotel was closed and left to decay. In fact, it was very nearly demolished.

Thankfully, in 1999 renovations were began to save this historically significant building.

It is now open as a museum of a time that should never be forgotten and the people it gave safe haven to.

Other famous guests included: Ella Fitzgerald, Ike and Tina Turner and BB King.


Paranormal Activity

Unexplained images – looking rather like people – have shown up in photos taken at this location.

Pictures have fallen off the wall with the nail and back string still perfectly intact. Objects have also been seen moving on t heir own.

Fire alarms have a tendency to go off for no reason at all; especially after dark when they sometimes go on and off all night long.

Investigations with an Ovilus have resulted in answers specific to the hotel’s history including white investigators being called a “honky” and worse.

Cold spots that move from person to person in a room with closed windows and no AC present have been felt. A sudden drop of 10 degrees was even recorded.

And many people claim they have contacted some of the famous hotel guests have since passed on.

Rohs Opera House

Thank You to Damion Christy for Sending Us This Location

133 East Pikes Street, Cynthiana, KY

(859) 298-2203

Status: Historical Theater



Paranormal Investigations can be Booked


Started in 1871 as the Aeollian Hall Music Association on the second floor of the building it is in now this is the oldest continuously running theater in Kentucky.

HA Ross (Rohs?) bought the business in 1873 and renamed it Rohs Opera House.

In 1941 the “new” Rohs Opera House was opened.

Concerts, movies, variety and comedy shows have all been shown/performed at this historic theater.


Paranormal Activity

This location is considered one of the most haunted buildings in Kentucky.

It said that its very rare for a group not to have at least some kind of encounter with the paranormal on an investigation. As a bonus the ghosts here are friendly; they may play games with you but there is no reports negative energy at this location.

A ghost they’ve named the Shadow Man is often seen near the back of the building close to the washrooms. He also walks through the audience area in the theater but not just down the aisles but right through the seats as well.

The Lady of the Opera House has been both seen and photographed walking down the balcony aisle wearing a long white veil.

There is also the ghost of a little boy who’s been seen in the building. Some articles claim 2 children haunt the building.

There are also references to an angry man but no details. This seems contradictory to the owners reports of the ghosts being friendly.

People’s Community Hospital

(Outer Drive Hospital)(Vibra Hospital)

26400 West Outer Drive, Lincoln Park, MI

Status: Former Hospital; Abandoned; Recently For Sale (It Is Unclear Whether the Building was Purchased or Just Taken Off the Market)


This community hospital was built in 1956.

It was a 270 bed facility with a behavioral health and rehabilitation units as well as functioning as a neighborhood hospital.

There is very little history on this location beyond a large number of reviews which indicate this hospital and it’s staff were well regarded throughout the community and known for their compassion and treatment of patients.

At some point Vibra Hospitals took over ownership of the facility but it was ultimately closed in 2018 for financial reasons.

Based on photos taken inside the building it looks like an empty hospital with anything of value or importance removed but otherwise intact.

Since it’s closure it has become a haven for both urban explorers and paranormal investigators as well as people looking for a thrill. Thankfully it has not been heavily vandalized (yet?).

Entrance into the building is trespassing.


Paranormal Activity

Like any major hospital this one suffered many tragedies as well as the end of life of many patients. And, like any major hospital – including operational facilities - ,some of the souls who have departed here have chosen to remain.

Paranormal activity is more easily experienced here due to the facility being non-operational.

Reported Activity: apparitions of both former patients and staff; shadow figures (some of which have interacted with the living); time and dimensional slips; doors opening and closing on their own; electrical disturbances; disembodied voices including intercom announcements and conversations; unexplained sounds from whispers to screams to loud bangs; call buttons going off from the empty rooms; phantom footsteps; objects moving on their own; touches, tugs and pulls by unseen entities and feelings of being watched and not being alone.

Philadelphia Zoo

3400 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

(215) 243-1100

Status: Native Burial Ground; “America’s First Zoo”


This is the first true zoo in the United States.

It was chartered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on March 21, 1859 however it’s actual creation was delayed by the onset of the US Civil War.

The zoo eventually opened on July 1, 1874 with 1,000 animals and an admission price of 25 cents ($6.89 in 2024). The actual current admission to the zoo in 2024 is between $20 - $29.

Today, the zoo is home to over 1,300 animals and a premier facility for breeding animals that are notoriously difficult to breed in captivity. Many of the zoo’s animals are listed as endangered and the zoo is well known for working with other groups to ensure the protection of these animal’s natural habitats on the planet.

The zoo is 42 acres (17 hectares) and contains a children’s petting zoo, a carousel, a paddle boat lake and is full of interactive exhibits designed to educate.

It is also built on an indigenous burial ground.


Paranormal Activity

There is a building on the zoo grounds – used for offices - called the Penn House (Solitude House). It was built in 1874 for John Penn – grandson of William Penn – as a place to live within the city but away it’s hustle and chaos.

The light in the attic of the house will sometimes turn itself on. The phantom sound of music is also heard in the house.

The apparition of a woman in a long dress is seen at the top of the stairs in the Penn House watching people as the enter the house. Disembodied voices are also heard in the house as well as phantom footsteps.

One employee reported having her hair pulled by an unseen entity.

Apparitions are seen through the zoo, but they are most commonly reported in the Penn House, the Penrose Building and the Shelby Building.

In the Shelby Building there are reports of a ghostly face looking in the windows in the lobby.

In Penrose the ghost of woman has been seen in the library. There are reports of poltergeist activity in the building.

People have seen objects move on their own and heard unexplained noises in the Treehouse Building.

Throughout the zoo there are reports of disembodied voices; electrical disturbances; phantom footsteps; cold spots; doors open and closing on their own and feelings of being watched.

Emily P Bissell Hospital

(Emily P Russell Sanatorium)(Brandywine Sanatorium)

3000 Newport Gap Pike, Wilmington, DE

Status: Former Tuberculosis Sanatorium; Former Hospital; Former Nursing Home; Permanently Closed


Dr Joseph Wales ran the original 8 bed tuberculosis sanatorium known as the Brandywine Sanatorium. It was located in the Timiken Woods near Brandywine Creek (exact location is unknown).

In 1907 the sanatorium was down to it’s last couple of dollars and had no way to survive the upcoming winter. Dr Wales turned to his cousin, Emily Bissell; who was the President of the Delaware chapter of the Red Cross, and an accomplished fund raiser.

Emily set up a Christmas Seals program through the post office allowing even the poorest people to contribute to the fight again the White Plague; tuberculosis. The $300 needed to get the sanatorium through the winter was quickly raised.

When even President Theodore Roosevelt became interested in the Christmas Seal program it exploded in popularity. By 1910 there it was so successful that the facility moved to a new location (the location it is still in).

By 1919 the facility held 60 beds with another sanatorium across the road for African-Americans, called Edgewood Sanitorium, containing 20 beds.

Emily Bissell continued fund raising for the sanatorium until her death in 1948.

In 1955 the name of the sanatorium to Emily P Bissell. In 1957 as anti-biotics brought and end to the tuberculosis epidemic to an end sanatorium was replaced with hospital.

It is unclear exactly when but the facility was turned into a long term care unit before it was closed down by the State in 2015. By the time the conditions inside the former infirmary – the only part of the original sanatorium still standing – were barely habitable.


Paranormal Activity

Reported Activity: apparitions; shadow figures; touches, tugs and pulls by unseen entities; time slips; electrical disturbances; cold and hot spots; disembodied voices; unexplained noises from whispers to loud bangs; objects moving on their own; objects disappearing and reappearing in other places; light anomalies; unexplained mists; unexplained breezes and mists; physical pains in the chest and coughing and feelings of being watched, not being alone and being followed.

Bethlehem Academy

7051 St John Road, Elizabethtown, KY

(270) 401-9894

Status: Former Residence; Former Girl’s Boarding School; Heritage Building


The building was originally built in 1818 by John Helm who would later serve 2 terms as the Governor of Kentucky. In some stories relating to the history of this building Helm sold it to another man before it was sold to the Catholic Church.

Either way, the Sisters of Loretto opened the Bethlehem Academy just after Christmas in 1830. The girls lived on site and worked the farm that once existed on the property as well as their lessons.

The Sisters closed the school in 1959.

The former school has had many owners since then including an artist who painted murals on the walls of the building and those planning to turn it into either a bed & breakfast or subdivided into apartments.

It was bed and breakfast for a while.

The current owner, Vincent Thompson, bought the property in 2014 at auction.

Previous to the Covid pandemic he ran historical tours and his wife ran paranormal tours in the building. The tours were suspended during the pandemic.

Despite Goggle insisting this site is permanently closed the historical tours are available again either through the phone number above or the Facebook page link above. Tours are run through Cindy Scarcelli the site co-ordinator.

There is also an article saying the property was put up for sale in 2021. Conflicting information on the internet; who would have guessed.


Paranormal Activity

A woman who sent to the school for daring to fall in love with a boy below her station. She hung herself from the second floor balcony.

A servant boy is said to have died from illness in the building.

And – the only story that can be verified – a nun was crushed by an ox.

Other stories include 3 nuns being murdered on site and a suicide pact between 2 nuns due to hiding the horrible hidden secrets of the school.

This location is very active during the daylight hours but there is certain activity that is said to only happen at night including: empathic sensations of sadness, despair and misery and – this sounds very urban legend-ish – the doors and windows opening and closing themselves repeatedly as well as the lights turning on and off over and over.

The apparition of a nun – said to be transparent with black eyes – is seen looking out of the windows as well as wandering the grounds. Some reports say her eyes will enlarge becoming dark holes.

Chairs have been reported as moving across rooms with no visible reason.

Small objects like keys disappearing and the reappearing in different places. Some objects have reappeared in places deemed impossible.

Other reported activity: shadow figures; disembodied voices; phantom sounds of children crying; light anomalies; sounds of large items being moved in a room yet nothing had changed when the room was opened; electrical disturbances; objects moving on their own and feelings of being watched and not being wanted.