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West Jessamine High School

2101 Wilmore Road, Nicholasville, KY

(859) 887-2421

Status: Execution Site; Cholera Mass Grave Site; Public High School


This school was opened in 1997 when the County High School was split into 2 schools; East Jessamine and West Jessamine. West Jessamine got to use the original team name, Colts.

It is widely accepted that three “witches” were executed and buried on what is now part of the school grounds. There is some historical evidence of this event making it not so easily dismissed as an urban legend.

In 1849 a cholera pandemic spread through parts of the United States including this part of Kentucky. Due to the numbers of deaths mass graves were used. The old football field – used for practices by the football team now – was built over top of one of these mass graves.


Paranormal Activity

This location is a prime example of paranormal activity purely related to the history of the land and unrelated to the current structure. Generally, the answer to the question: How can my brand new house (school) be haunted?

Unsurprisingly, the three witches are the most famous ghosts.

Per a Facebook user who went to school here these are the instructions for finding the witches’ gravesite.

“Go to the back of the new football field and to the left you will find an old stone fence, follow it down until you come to a circle and in that circle, you will find 3 head stones.”

Now that being said no one – including the user posting this – has ever found the gravesite either following these instructions or not.

The apparitions of the three witches have been seen in the school as three figures dressed in red robes wandering the halls. They are generally seen by staff and custodial staff after classes are finished and often accompanied by the phantom smell of roses.

The witches are also credited with the overwhelming reports of poltergeist activity reported by students and staff including: electrical disturbances; toilets flushing including one right after another in the girl’s washroom; doors – both lockers and classroom – opening and closing on their own; touches by unseen entities; cold spots and chilly breezes; objects moving their own and feelings of being watched and not being alone.

There are also reports by the custodial staff of having garbage cans thrown at them.

There are also reports of vehicles starting on the own in the school’s parking lots.

A dark robed figure identified as male has also seen in the empty halls and is often accompanied by the phantom sound of humming.

The lights of the main football field are reported as turning on and off on their own in the middle of the night.

In the area of the old football field – where the mass grave site is – shadow figures have been seen after dark and there is one report of a chain link gate being padlocked on it’s own.

On the level of an urban legend, it is said if you park your car in the lot where the 2 football fields meet at midnight facing the front lot with your doors locked and keys on the roof your headlights will turn on and off on their own.

Eugene Pioneer Cemetery

(Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery)

1001 East 18th Avenue, Eugene, OR

Status: Historical Cemetery



Founded in 1872 this cemetery contains the remains of many of Eugene’s earliest citizens. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in the city.

It is the largest cemetery in Eugene – both in burials and in size – at approximately 5,000 being interned here and 16 acres (65,000 meters squared) in size.

There are numerous veterans buried including Louis Renninger who won the Medal of Honor in the US Civil War. Soldiers from the Spanish-American War as well World Wars I and II are also interned here.

In 1887 General John W Geary purchased a plot of land for burial of the Eugene Grand Army of the Republic. Fifty seven people are buried in the plot including six women and 1 child.

At least 3 times a bill was introduced in the Oregon Legislature attempting to bequeath the land to the University of Oregon which neighbors the cemetery. Each one was defeated but had even one gone through the university could have removed the gravestones and repurposed the land.

In 1997 the cemetery was added to the National Register of Historic Places finally putting an end to the attempts to seize the land.


Paranormal Activity

We suggest you only do an investigation this location – especially after dark – with a group of people. There are reports of sexual assault and robberies by students either near or cutting through the cemetery late at night.

The majority of reports of paranormal activity come from University students

The most famous ghost in the cemetery is a man dressed in fancy period clothing who plays the bagpipes. He is known for suddenly stepping behind on the many shade trees in the cemetery and disappearing.

A lady in a white dress floating in the mists is also seen. She is also seen wandering the cemetery at night seemingly cleaning the headstones. She is often reported as floating above the ground.

There is also a legend that at midnight on a certain day every year all the statues will come to life and wander and frolic throughout the grounds.

Highland Hospital Grounds

Zillicoa Street, Asheville, NC

Status: Former Hospital Grounds; Parkland and Medical Buildings and Clinics; Historical Marker

The Fire that Killed Zelda

Zelda Fitzgerald

The Only Remaining Building from the Original Hospital


The Highland Hospital was opened in 1904 after being founded by Dr Robert S Carroll.

Previous to 1912 it was known as Dr Carroll’s Sanatorium.  In 1939 Dr Carroll donated the hospital to Duke University when he became their medical director.

It was created to treat the needs of patients with mental and emotional illnesses as well as those with addiction issues.

Zelda Fitzgerald – wife of F Scott Fitzgerald and quite an icon from the Jazz Age herself – was in and out of the institution. She had been diagnosed with schizophrenia – modern doctors who have studied her symptoms say its more likely she was manic depressive – and would check in when she didn’t feel well.

On March 10, 1948, Zelda – who had chosen to extend her stay – was locked in her room when a fire broke out in a kitchen 2 floors below her. The fire spread quickly and while the staff evacuated the patients who were unable to move on their own it was became too late for nine women on the 5th floor including Zelda.

The building – which was the main female dormitory – burned to the ground and was not rebuilt.

In the 1980’s the University sold the hospital and most of the remaining buildings were demolished. Today, only one of the original buildings still stands.


Paranormal Activity

A historical marker now stands where the building Zelda lost her life in. It lies on the property of what was a boarding school called the Goodale School.

Goodale specialized in boys overcome by addiction and needing treatment to live a normal life. Goodale School was closed in June of 2023.

The apparition of Zelda Fitzgerald is seen all over the grounds of the former hospital. Apparently when she was alive Zelda was fond of walking the grounds and continues to do so after her tragic death.

Witnesses who have come across her say she looks at the living as if she knows them but can’t quite remember their name or where they met.

There is also the apparition of a young man seen on the grounds. He is thought to have died at the hospital in a time earlier than Zelda.

Where the main female dormitory – where Zelda died in the fire – is said to have a unnerving energy which makes sensitive people edgy and uncomfortable.

Old St James Hospital

(Old St James Hospital Tours)

225 South Idaho Street, Butte, MT

(406) 848-4484

Status: Former Hospital; Heritage Building; Paranormal Attraction


This is the second hospital built in Butte and was founded by the Sisters of Charity out of Leavenworth in 1884.

It’s original mission was provide care for the poor who had no where else to turn.

Medical operations ceased in the 1960’s and a new more modern hospital was built. Until the 1990’s the lower levels were used as offices and residences in the building.

Ghost Hunts and Overnight Investigations are now run occasionally by Haunted Rooms; please see link above.


Paranormal Activity

Apparitions of former staff and patients; shadow figures; cold and warm spots; disembodied voices; phantom sounds of babies crying; objects moving on their own; light anomalies; electrical disturbances; phantom footsteps and feelings of being watched and not being alone.

The entire building is said to have a very eerie energy that is perceptible even from outside.

Old St Mary’s Hospital

200-298 South Iron Street, Ironton, MO

Status: Former Hospital; Abandoned; For Sale; Private Property


Built between 1924 and 1926 this former hospital was the first one opened in Iron County.

As with many other historical, but not famous, buildings there is some debate as to when it was constructed and opened.  In this case there are a few sources saying the hospital was built in the mid-19th century but the 1920’s date is the most agreed upon time frame.

During the 1960’s it was renovated and modernized but – as with other similar institutions – eventually time caught up to the facility and costs became prohibitive. It was closed between 1996 and 1998.

The first owner after the building ceased to be a hospital was 1999. Since then, there have been many owners; most of which had plans for renovations and repurposing.

Unfortunately, none of these plans were completed and the former hospital is for sale again. Nature is now slowing taking over the site making repurpose more expensive with each passing year.

At least one of the owners has allowed paranormal investigations under strict safety guidelines. It is unclear whether the current owners allow investigations.


Paranormal Activities

Apparitions of former staff and patients both inside the building and on the grounds; the apparition of a child who has been video taped and has shown interest – or at least curiosity about the living -including investigators; disembodied voices; unexplained noises coming from the building(s) have been reported by people outside; feelings of being watched have been reported both from people passing the boarded up building and from those who have gone inside; light anomalies; numerous EVP’s including responses to questions and information relating to the building’s history and electrical disturbances. 

Boone Hall Plantation

(Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens)

1235 Long Point Road, Mt Pleasant, SC

Status: Former Plantation; Heritage Property


The earliest known habitation on the land were Elizabeth Patey and her husband Major John Boone in 1681. 470 acres (1.9 square kilometers) were given to them by Elizabeth’s father as a wedding gift. It is unclear when the original house was built but the plantation quickly became known as Boone Hall.

Both Elizabeth and John were relatives of the Founding Fathers Edward and John Rutledge.

Boone was a member of the Colonial Grand Council from time to time but kept getting removed due to his illegal activities: having Native American slaves and dealing with pirates and in stolen goods.

When Boone died the estate was divided between his wife and 5 children. The eldest son, Thomas, moved into Boone Hall.

In 1811 the last Boone to own the property (he was also named John) passed and his widow sold the plantation to Thomas Vardell for $12,000 (just under $285,000 in 2024). Shortly afterwards Henry and John Horlbeck bought both the plantation and the slaves on the property.

They converted the plantation to a brick foundry and the slaves made and built some of the most historic buildings in Charleston. Their fingerprints can still be seen on the bricks of some of Charleston’s most famous buildings.

The slaves also created the Avenue of Oaks that still leads up to the plantation house.

In 1935 a Canadian, Thomas Stone, and his wife bought the property. They decided the original wooden building which has served as the actual plantation house was not their idea of a historic Southern Plantation and demolished it.

In 1936 they built the house which exists today on the same site as the original home.

In 1940 the house was sold to Georgian Prince who changed it into a thoroughbred horse farm.

In 1955 the property was sold to Harris and Nancy McRae who opened the grounds and house to the public. The McRae family still own the property and have restored the historically significant buildings back to their original splendor.

The property remains open to the public and can be booked for weddings – Ryan Reynolds even got married here – but in current times weddings at former plantations have fallen under scrutiny due to their slave owning past.

Numerous productions have been filmed here including: North and South, The Notebook and Days of Our Lives.


Paranormal Activity

This location is on many listed of South Carolina’s most haunted locations it is rather confusing as to why. Compared to other sites in the State – like the lunatic asylum in Columbia or the Battery & Carriage Inn – it is at a fairly mundane and low level of activity.

Although John Boone was a bit of a scoundrel and, sometimes, an outright criminal the hauntings do not relate to the time he and his family owned the property. Rather they are from the time the Horlbeck brothers owned and ran the brick foundry.

The Horlbecks weren’t concerned about the health or well being of their slaves – their only concern was the bottom line – so much so they even forced the slave children to work.

Although there is no record of any fatalities – accidental or otherwise – all paranormal activity is reported in the vicinity of where the brick kiln was. Literally all reports of paranormal activity here is within 20 feet of the kiln.

The two most reported ghosts are the apparitions of 2 African-American children; a boy and a girl. The apparitions of other slaves are also seen in this area. Despite their history of mistreatment and probable violent cause of death the ghosts are reported as non-malevolent.

Asylum 49

Old Tooele Hospital

140 East 200 South Tooele, UT

(385) 313-0698

Status: Former Residence; Former Poor House; Former Hospital; Former Old Age Home; Haunted Attraction


Paranormal Investigations can be Booked


The original structure at this location was a private residence built by Samuel F Lee in 1873. The Lee family lived here until 1913 and it was then sold to the County.

The County converted the house into a residence for poor elderly people who had no where else to go. Locals referred to it as the County Poor House.

In 1953 a hospital was opened on the site. Details are a bit sketchy, but it looks as if the Army owned the property previously – probably during World War II – and the hospital was opened in a converted Army Surplus Depot.

In the 1990’s a new modern hospital was constructed in Tooele and this building was closed down in 2000. From that point it was known as the Old Tooele Hospital.

It was used as an old age nursing home after the hospital was shut down.

In 2006 Kimm Anderson bought the building and created Asylum 49 a haunted house attraction which is still operating today. It was originally only open during the Halloween season.

In 2007 the first paranormal investigation by the Utah Ghost Organization at the invitation of Kimm’s wife.


Paranormal Activity

Stories of paranormal activity date back to the days of the hospital although they were hushed up. Hauntings weren’t so trendy in those days and most people who admitted encounters were labelled as crazy.

The staff kept their stories amongst themselves.

No paranormal investigations were done until 2007 when the owner’s wife invited a team in.

There is said to be an actual vortex in the building which mocks the famous “bright light” that attracts the newly dead to the ‘Other Side”. It is unknown where this vortex exits but the assumption is no place good as a nurse called “Maria” guards the entrance and redirects souls away.

This information was gained by a medium on site.

Another known ghost here is that of a patient named Wes who passed away after a battle with Alzheimer’s. Per another medium he remains in his confused state and is trapped by a dark entity that is unwilling to release it’s prize. Attempts to cross Wes over have all failed.

Samuel Lee – the owner of the original house on the site – is said to remained after death and now walks the halls of the former hospital. Lee’s son Thomas – estimated to be between 6 and 8 years old – also remains and can be generally be found with his father. Thomas is considered a playful ghost and has been known to play little jokes on investigators.

There are numerous other ghosts that have been communicated with in the building. Uncountable people have breathed their last inside of the doors.

Numerous examples of audio, photographic and video evidence of the paranormal has been captured here.

Other reported activity: apparitions; shadow figures; time and dimensional slips; disembodied voices; phantom footsteps and other unexplained sounds; light anomalies; objects moving on their own; touches, pushes and pulls by unseen entities; empathic sensations of sadness, anger, loss and happiness and feelings of being watched, being followed and not being alone.

Roch Chapel and Cemetery

1725 St Roch Avenue, New Orleans, LA

Status: Historical Cemetery and Yellow Fever Shrine


In 1867 Reverend Peter Thevis prayed to St Roch during a Yellow Fever epidemic in New Orleans to save the people of the city. While many in New Orleans did die of the fever not a single person died in Rev Thevis’s parish.

St Roch gained his Sainthood while carrying for the victims of the Black Plague in the 14th century. He would become infected himself and moved to the woods to avoid spreading the illness. He is said to have been fed by a nobleman’s dog who also licked his wounds which resulted in him being miraculously cured of the Plague.

Keeping his word to St Roch Rev Thevis laid the cornerstone of St Roch Chapel and dedicated what would become St Roch Cemetery #1 to the Saint.

The Shrine has become filled with crutches, glass eyes and other medical equipment – as well as some truly bizarre things like a Ronald McDonald doll – now litter the area as people have gifted them to St Roch for curing them.

The Shrine is part of the Chapel which is now in the Cemetery. It is said the area is very peaceful and rarely visited; all in all an excellent place to go to for solitude.


Paranormal Activity

St Roch is the Patron Saint of Dogs so it is fitting the area’s most famous ghost is that of a large black dog. This dog is frequently seen walking in the cemetery and surrounding area.

The dog often shows up in photos and videos of the area when no dog was visible to the naked eye. People believing the dog is not paranormal, but rather just a stray, have cornered it in an attempt to feed it; the dog just disappears into thin air when it is left with no place to run.

A tall figure in a long black robe which completely covers the person inside including a deep hood is seen wandering the cemetery. Nothing is visible in the hood, it’s not even known if this ghost is a woman or a man.

What is clear – or at least frequently reported – is that this apparition has been seen walking through the walls in the cemetery as if they didn’t exist.

A medium visiting the cemetery declared the ghost here are not angry or even lost. They are at peace but choose to stay in the cemetery rather than cross over.

Disembodied voices, especially the ones of children, are frequently heard by visitors especially after dark.

Other visitors have reported vivid dreams in most of which a large black dog figures prominently.

The Whitney

4421 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI

(313) 832-5700

Status: Former Residence; Upscale Restaurant


Ghost Tours Are Available Click Here


This grand mansion was built between 1890 and 1894 by one of both Detroit’s and Michigan’s most wealthy businessmen, David Whitney.

It is thought to have cost $400,000 (just over 13.4 million dollars in 2024) to build the mansion. It is 21,000 square feet (1,950 square metres) and contains 52 rooms with 218 windows and 20 fireplaces. It also has numerous Tiffany windows which today are thought to be worth more than the entire house.

It was the first house in Detroit with an elevator strictly for personal use.

Mr Whitney was quoted as saying he would comfortable in a tiny log cabin; his wife, Flora, felt otherwise.

Whitney’s first wife Flora died in 1888 and never lived in the mansion. In 1889 he married Flora’s sister. Sara, who did live in the mansion and took care of David and Flora’s 4 children.

Mr Whitney died in 1900 of a heart attack thought to be have been brought on by his daughter Grace’s announcement she was getting married and moving to Europe. Sara – who continued to live in the mansion – died in 1917 also in the mansion.

Until 1932 the Whitney family loaned the Wayne County Medical Association the house. The Nurse’s Association set up an office in the old carriage house. After the 1932 the doctors were finally able to take over all the taxes and bills related to the property and in 1941 the family gave the mansion to the Medical Association.

The Nurses Association stayed in the mansion even after the doctors left. In 1979 Richard Kughn bought the house and saved it from the wrecking ball.

Kughn spent $3 million in 1986 (nearly 8.5 million in 2024) to completely renovate the mansion and turn it into a restaurant.

In 2007 the property was sold again but remained an upscale restaurant.


Paranormal Activity

Ghost Tours can be booked through contacting The Whitney or through some Detroit Ghost Tour Websites.

The ghost of Flora – Whitney’s first wife – who died before construction was even began on what was supposed to be her dream house is seen sobbing on the third floor. Perhaps due to having her sister and not her live in the mansion.

She is most commonly seen in the third floor woman’s washroom. At least one woman has had a conversation with Flora’s ghost not realizing who she was. In actuality the woman was very upset thinking the restaurant was pranking her when she was told there had been no one present in the washroom besides herself.

David Whitney, himself, is seen on the both the second and third floors. One staff member went to speak to an elderly man sitting by a window on the second floor only to have him vanish before their eyes when they approached.

Grace – Whitney’s daughter – used to have tea parties in the carriage house, The carriage house – albeit not in very good shape anymore – is still on the property. A tea set is kept in the building for Grace to this day; if it is removed paranormal activity ramps up in the house almost immediately and only calms down if the tea set is replaced.

The apparition of Grace herself has been seen sitting at the table containing the tea set. She has been seen watching people through the window. The ghostly laughter of children is also reported in the old carriage house.

The home’s elevator still works; in fact, in works so well it will often move between floors completely on it’s own. This has even been caught on security cameras in the middle of the night when there are no living in the building.

On the second floor the phantom voices of children playing are heard. This is usually reported when the building is empty and staff are just about to lock up. On child was captured on audio saying “quiet on the set”.

When the Medical Association owned the house it was used as a tuberculosis sanatorium briefly. Reports of phantom coughing in the mansion is thought to date back to this time period.

Utensils and tables are known for moving on their own. Curiously, this usually happens when no one is actually in the room and is most often reported by the living as a sound.

Numerous EVP’s have been captured by paranormal investigators.

The ghosts of the mansion have also given intelligent replies to communication through knocking

DeSoto House Hotel

230 South Main Street, Galena, IL

requested by grace h

(815) 777-0090

Status: Historical Hotel


Opening in April of 1855 – during Galena’s economic boom - this hotel is oldest still operating hotel in Illinois. When it opened it was the largest (5 floors) and most luxurious hotel in the West.

The original hotel was much larger with over 200 rooms – albeit lacking private bathrooms - and a 300 seat dining hall.

In 1859 a massive fire destroyed 12 rooms on every floor. It also caused both smoke and water damage to nearly the entire building. 10 years later a steam boiler exploded in the basement.

In the 1880’s the 4th and 5th floors were removed.

In 1980’s the new owner spent $7.8 million (just under 30 million in 2024 dollars) on a massive restoration.

Today the hotel has 55 rooms – unlike the 19th century rooms you get your own private bathroom - and 3 dining areas as well as many amenities. It also boasts excellent reviews by guests.


Paranormal Activity

The hotel’s most famous ghost is the “Lady In Black”. Reports of encounters with her date back to the 1870’s. Many people believe she was a victim of the boiler explosion.

A woman reported a figure black coming to her window in the hotel to a local newspaper is the earliest report in print.

More commonly – and to this day – the apparition of a woman in a black Victorian dress is seen descending a staircase before walking right into a wall. In 2011, while repairing flood damage, a plastered up doorway was discovered in the wall.

While there are those who believe ghosts can walk through solid objects its generally the case ghosts are simply using a door that no longer exists or walking on a floor that was once at a different height.

The hotel has now put plexiglass over the old doorway and there is a photo supposedly of the black lady hanging nearby.

Aside from the lady, the third floor is said to be the most active in the building. People have reported hearing people moving around and talking above their third-floor rooms. There hasn’t been a floor above the 3rd since the 1880’s. Others have described feeling a presence at the end of their beds and feelings of being watched by something unseen.

One employee reported a ball of light flying by them on the third floor.

The most active room in the hotel is 333 and it is suggested you request that room if looking for an encounter with the paranormal.

Throughout the hallways of the building there are reports of disembodied voices and the phantom smell of cigar smoke.

Taunton State Hospital

(State Lunatic Asylum at Taunton)

60 Hodges Avenue, Taunton, MA

(508) 977-3000

Status: Former Insane Asylum; Abandoned; Heavily Burned then Demolished; 48 Bed Facility


This site was the second lunatic asylum built in the State. Like all other facilities of this type in the late 19th early 20th centuries it was built to alleviate over crowding at the hospitals that proceeded them.

In all cases they were followed by a third, a fourth hospital and so on.

Taunton opened in April of 1854 providing a campus with fresh air for the patients and a main building designed on the Kirkbride style. A central administration section with patients housed in great wings like a big bat out from administration; female on one side, male on the other, with the most violent patients the furthest out on the wings.

The campus was expanded in the 1870’s – 80’s and 90’s. In the early 20th century group homes, juvenile facilities and infirmary wards were added.

The curved halls that connected the main buildings became the facility’s signature.

The main site was closed down in 1975 and abandoned including the original main Kirkbride building. In 1999 the dome on the roof of the administration building – see photo above – collapsed due to lack of maintenance.

On March 19, 2006 a massive fire broke out in the main building completely destroying administration section of the main building leaving the abandoned wings standing on their own and open to the elements. Per our research this is when the State put up the large walls around the site ending the explorations of urban explorers and paranormal investigators.

Despite becoming a historic district in 2009 most of the historical buildings including the remaining parts of the Kirkbride building were demolished. Lack of care and maintenance since the abandonment had left them barely standing.

Only a 48 bed psychiatric facility is all that remains open now. It functions as a treatment center for both women and youth suffering from substance abuse.


Paranormal Activity

This site is considered one of the most haunted both in the State and in North America.

There is an urban legend that a Satanic cult was operating in the basement of the hospital while it was operational. This is, of course, so cliché that even the word cliché doesn’t cover it.

After the closure explorers did find a lot of strange symbols and apparent blood on the walls of the basement and staff did describe being physically prevented from entering the basement by a cold dark force.

Many people say there is still a dark force present on the former campus. It is conveniently labeled as the Devil but putting aside all silliness and propaganda it seems likely that some sort of dark force still haunts the old campus.

After all the killer nurse Jane Toppan did die here. She admitted to using her geriatric patients as guinea pigs and confessed to poisoning 100+ people.

Phantom screams described as painfully loud and blood chilling date back to before the site was closed. These screams are now reported throughout the old site and in the woods surrounding it.

The apparition of a man dressed in white has walked the halls here since the hospital was open and was reported by multiple patients. He was also reported as crouching in the corners of patient’s room seemingly watching them. Today he’s still seen walking the grounds and will vanish if approached.

Disembodied voices, laughter, crying and screams for help is still reported on the site.

When the buildings still stood doors opening and slamming shut on their own was reported often.

The shadow figures that once slinked along the halls in the hospital are now seen in the ruins in the surrounding forest.

In the remaining facilities still open on-site lights turning off and on and flickering on their own still happens often enough to be reported.

Other reported activity: apparitions of former patients and staff; light anomalies; electrical disturbances; time and dimensional slips; unexplained noises; objects moving their own and feelings of being watched.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

(Shamshabad International Airport)

Requested by armaan b

Airport Approach Road

Hyderabad (Shamshabad), Telangana

+91 40 6654 6370

Status: International Airport; Unmarked Graves Site



In the 1990’s it was quickly becoming apparent that the existing airport for Hyderabad was unable to the keep up with the amount of commercial air traffic flying to the area. Originally, the Indian government wanted to convert the Hakimpet Air Force Station but the Air Force refused to release the property.

It was suggested the civilian government look at sites south of the existing airport and the city.

In 1998 the site at Shamshabad just south of Hyderabad was chosen.

The project was funded by both the public and private sectors. The first step was to forbid any other airports operating within 150 kilometers (93 miles) which shut down two old airports including the one being replaced.

There were numerous demonstrations and labour disputes both before and throughout the construction of this facility.

In March of 2005 the cornerstone of the foundation was laid.

The airport opened in March of 2008 amid controversary with 20,000 employees going on strike to protest the closing both old airport and another smaller airport; they feared losing their jobs.

The full opening of the site was delayed due to there not being enough ground staff available.

The airport is still owned by both private (74%) sector and public (26%) sector.

The airport contains 2 runways and with an expansion in 2023 has the ability to serve 34 million passengers and ship over 150,000 tons per year.

The site is a focus city for Air India as well as a hub for SpiceJet, Amazon Air, IndiGo and Alliance Air (India).


Paranormal Activity

It is said that many died during the construction of the airport both in the labour disputes and construction accidents. The bodies of many of these fatalities were quietly buried on site in unmarked graves.

This airport is considered one of the haunted sites in the State of Telangana.

Unfortunately, all the stories of paranormal activity take place in areas forbidden to passengers.

The apparition of a woman in a white sari has been seen dancing on the runways. This has caused at least one plane (Qatar Airlines) to stop dead on the runway.

There also a story of a pilot who had to abort a landing after seeing the lady dancing on the runway he was cleared to land on.

The second most famous ghost is that of a man who I known for turning his head a full 360 degrees on his shoulders. He has been seen in the Inquiry Room as well as on security cameras. This ghost is also said to point and laugh at the living.

Another apparition is that of a man with a pale white face with blood all over his clothes. He is commonly seen in the employees only parts of the building.

Phantom footsteps have been heard on some of the glass bridges at the gates. These reports come from employees who were alone at the time. It is likely these phantom footsteps also happen when planes are being loaded but are not noticed due to the number of the living.

Apparitions are also seen on the glass bridges by employees on the ground. These apparitions are seen when it is impossible for anyone to be there as they locked off after plane is fully boarded until it pulls away from the gate by law. These ghosts have also been seen opening the doors on the bridges and seemingly looking around.