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Rohs Opera House

Thank You to Damion Christy for Sending Us This Location

133 East Pikes Street, Cynthiana, KY

(859) 298-2203

Status: Historical Theater



Paranormal Investigations can be Booked


Started in 1871 as the Aeollian Hall Music Association on the second floor of the building it is in now this is the oldest continuously running theater in Kentucky.

HA Ross (Rohs?) bought the business in 1873 and renamed it Rohs Opera House.

In 1941 the “new” Rohs Opera House was opened.

Concerts, movies, variety and comedy shows have all been shown/performed at this historic theater.


Paranormal Activity

This location is considered one of the most haunted buildings in Kentucky.

It said that its very rare for a group not to have at least some kind of encounter with the paranormal on an investigation. As a bonus the ghosts here are friendly; they may play games with you but there is no reports negative energy at this location.

A ghost they’ve named the Shadow Man is often seen near the back of the building close to the washrooms. He also walks through the audience area in the theater but not just down the aisles but right through the seats as well.

The Lady of the Opera House has been both seen and photographed walking down the balcony aisle wearing a long white veil.

There is also the ghost of a little boy who’s been seen in the building. Some articles claim 2 children haunt the building.

There are also references to an angry man but no details. This seems contradictory to the owners reports of the ghosts being friendly.

People’s Community Hospital

(Outer Drive Hospital)(Vibra Hospital)

26400 West Outer Drive, Lincoln Park, MI

Status: Former Hospital; Abandoned; Recently For Sale (It Is Unclear Whether the Building was Purchased or Just Taken Off the Market)


This community hospital was built in 1956.

It was a 270 bed facility with a behavioral health and rehabilitation units as well as functioning as a neighborhood hospital.

There is very little history on this location beyond a large number of reviews which indicate this hospital and it’s staff were well regarded throughout the community and known for their compassion and treatment of patients.

At some point Vibra Hospitals took over ownership of the facility but it was ultimately closed in 2018 for financial reasons.

Based on photos taken inside the building it looks like an empty hospital with anything of value or importance removed but otherwise intact.

Since it’s closure it has become a haven for both urban explorers and paranormal investigators as well as people looking for a thrill. Thankfully it has not been heavily vandalized (yet?).

Entrance into the building is trespassing.


Paranormal Activity

Like any major hospital this one suffered many tragedies as well as the end of life of many patients. And, like any major hospital – including operational facilities - ,some of the souls who have departed here have chosen to remain.

Paranormal activity is more easily experienced here due to the facility being non-operational.

Reported Activity: apparitions of both former patients and staff; shadow figures (some of which have interacted with the living); time and dimensional slips; doors opening and closing on their own; electrical disturbances; disembodied voices including intercom announcements and conversations; unexplained sounds from whispers to screams to loud bangs; call buttons going off from the empty rooms; phantom footsteps; objects moving on their own; touches, tugs and pulls by unseen entities and feelings of being watched and not being alone.

Philadelphia Zoo

3400 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

(215) 243-1100

Status: Native Burial Ground; “America’s First Zoo”


This is the first true zoo in the United States.

It was chartered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on March 21, 1859 however it’s actual creation was delayed by the onset of the US Civil War.

The zoo eventually opened on July 1, 1874 with 1,000 animals and an admission price of 25 cents ($6.89 in 2024). The actual current admission to the zoo in 2024 is between $20 - $29.

Today, the zoo is home to over 1,300 animals and a premier facility for breeding animals that are notoriously difficult to breed in captivity. Many of the zoo’s animals are listed as endangered and the zoo is well known for working with other groups to ensure the protection of these animal’s natural habitats on the planet.

The zoo is 42 acres (17 hectares) and contains a children’s petting zoo, a carousel, a paddle boat lake and is full of interactive exhibits designed to educate.

It is also built on an indigenous burial ground.


Paranormal Activity

There is a building on the zoo grounds – used for offices - called the Penn House (Solitude House). It was built in 1874 for John Penn – grandson of William Penn – as a place to live within the city but away it’s hustle and chaos.

The light in the attic of the house will sometimes turn itself on. The phantom sound of music is also heard in the house.

The apparition of a woman in a long dress is seen at the top of the stairs in the Penn House watching people as the enter the house. Disembodied voices are also heard in the house as well as phantom footsteps.

One employee reported having her hair pulled by an unseen entity.

Apparitions are seen through the zoo, but they are most commonly reported in the Penn House, the Penrose Building and the Shelby Building.

In the Shelby Building there are reports of a ghostly face looking in the windows in the lobby.

In Penrose the ghost of woman has been seen in the library. There are reports of poltergeist activity in the building.

People have seen objects move on their own and heard unexplained noises in the Treehouse Building.

Throughout the zoo there are reports of disembodied voices; electrical disturbances; phantom footsteps; cold spots; doors open and closing on their own and feelings of being watched.

Emily P Bissell Hospital

(Emily P Russell Sanatorium)(Brandywine Sanatorium)

3000 Newport Gap Pike, Wilmington, DE

Status: Former Tuberculosis Sanatorium; Former Hospital; Former Nursing Home; Permanently Closed


Dr Joseph Wales ran the original 8 bed tuberculosis sanatorium known as the Brandywine Sanatorium. It was located in the Timiken Woods near Brandywine Creek (exact location is unknown).

In 1907 the sanatorium was down to it’s last couple of dollars and had no way to survive the upcoming winter. Dr Wales turned to his cousin, Emily Bissell; who was the President of the Delaware chapter of the Red Cross, and an accomplished fund raiser.

Emily set up a Christmas Seals program through the post office allowing even the poorest people to contribute to the fight again the White Plague; tuberculosis. The $300 needed to get the sanatorium through the winter was quickly raised.

When even President Theodore Roosevelt became interested in the Christmas Seal program it exploded in popularity. By 1910 there it was so successful that the facility moved to a new location (the location it is still in).

By 1919 the facility held 60 beds with another sanatorium across the road for African-Americans, called Edgewood Sanitorium, containing 20 beds.

Emily Bissell continued fund raising for the sanatorium until her death in 1948.

In 1955 the name of the sanatorium to Emily P Bissell. In 1957 as anti-biotics brought and end to the tuberculosis epidemic to an end sanatorium was replaced with hospital.

It is unclear exactly when but the facility was turned into a long term care unit before it was closed down by the State in 2015. By the time the conditions inside the former infirmary – the only part of the original sanatorium still standing – were barely habitable.


Paranormal Activity

Reported Activity: apparitions; shadow figures; touches, tugs and pulls by unseen entities; time slips; electrical disturbances; cold and hot spots; disembodied voices; unexplained noises from whispers to loud bangs; objects moving on their own; objects disappearing and reappearing in other places; light anomalies; unexplained mists; unexplained breezes and mists; physical pains in the chest and coughing and feelings of being watched, not being alone and being followed.

Bethlehem Academy

7051 St John Road, Elizabethtown, KY

(270) 401-9894

Status: Former Residence; Former Girl’s Boarding School; Heritage Building


The building was originally built in 1818 by John Helm who would later serve 2 terms as the Governor of Kentucky. In some stories relating to the history of this building Helm sold it to another man before it was sold to the Catholic Church.

Either way, the Sisters of Loretto opened the Bethlehem Academy just after Christmas in 1830. The girls lived on site and worked the farm that once existed on the property as well as their lessons.

The Sisters closed the school in 1959.

The former school has had many owners since then including an artist who painted murals on the walls of the building and those planning to turn it into either a bed & breakfast or subdivided into apartments.

It was bed and breakfast for a while.

The current owner, Vincent Thompson, bought the property in 2014 at auction.

Previous to the Covid pandemic he ran historical tours and his wife ran paranormal tours in the building. The tours were suspended during the pandemic.

Despite Goggle insisting this site is permanently closed the historical tours are available again either through the phone number above or the Facebook page link above. Tours are run through Cindy Scarcelli the site co-ordinator.

There is also an article saying the property was put up for sale in 2021. Conflicting information on the internet; who would have guessed.


Paranormal Activity

A woman who sent to the school for daring to fall in love with a boy below her station. She hung herself from the second floor balcony.

A servant boy is said to have died from illness in the building.

And – the only story that can be verified – a nun was crushed by an ox.

Other stories include 3 nuns being murdered on site and a suicide pact between 2 nuns due to hiding the horrible hidden secrets of the school.

This location is very active during the daylight hours but there is certain activity that is said to only happen at night including: empathic sensations of sadness, despair and misery and – this sounds very urban legend-ish – the doors and windows opening and closing themselves repeatedly as well as the lights turning on and off over and over.

The apparition of a nun – said to be transparent with black eyes – is seen looking out of the windows as well as wandering the grounds. Some reports say her eyes will enlarge becoming dark holes.

Chairs have been reported as moving across rooms with no visible reason.

Small objects like keys disappearing and the reappearing in different places. Some objects have reappeared in places deemed impossible.

Other reported activity: shadow figures; disembodied voices; phantom sounds of children crying; light anomalies; sounds of large items being moved in a room yet nothing had changed when the room was opened; electrical disturbances; objects moving on their own and feelings of being watched and not being wanted.

Old St Mary Hospital

(Manhattan YMCA)(Delta Sigma Phi)

1100 Freemont Street, Manhattan, KS

Status: Former YMCA; Former Hospital; Fraternity Building


This building was originally constructed by the Kansas State Agricultural College YMCA association at a cost of $24,440 ($815,000 in 2024). It was opened in September of 1908.

The main floor had a main reception room, multiple parlors and a library. The basement contained the kitchen/dining room as well as lockers and showers. The second and third floors contained rooms which were rented out; generally to students.

A $10,000 gym was added sometime previous to 1914 and was used for Kansas State athletic events. During this time the Kansas State Athletics Department moved it’s offices into the building.

In 1926 the building was sold to the Parkview Hospital Company for a mere $3,500 ($62,000 in 2024). They turned it into an open staff hospital called the Charlotte Swift Hospital which specialized in highly contagious diseases.

In 1936 the building was sold to the Sisters of St Joseph and renamed the Saint Mary Hospital.

In 1955 a new more modern hospital was opened and the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity bought the building for $32,000 ($374,000 in 2024).

In 1958 the gym was torn down and a new back wing to the building was constructed.

The fraternity still owns the building today.


Paranormal Activity

In the 1940s a nurse on an overnight shift backed into an elevator with a cart of medications. Unfortunately, the doors had opened without an elevator being present and the nurse fell to her death.

The apparition of the nurse has been seen walking the first floor hallway with her cart of medications and a lit candle eternally completing her duties as she did in life.

Some believe the nurse no longer haunts the building saying she left sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

In 1955 while patients were being moved to the new hospital an elderly patient fell between his bed and the wall. A nurse seeing his room was empty thought he had been moved and he was listed as such. The man died in the night.

Now called George he has been christened as an official member of the fraternity.

He is said to be responsible for turning lights on and off and making a rumbling sound on the third floor which has been said to sound as if someone is bowling down the hallway.

His apparition

When an ice storm knocked out power all over the city the power mysteriously turned back on from 4-5pm in this building only. According to the legend George turned on the power for that one hour so he could watch his favorite show: Star Trek.

George also likes to lock and unlock the window in his former room.

George is also known for fixing broken clocks in the building.

Belmont House

2691 NB-102, Lincoln, NB

Status: Historical Site; Former Residence; Multi-Unit Residential Site


This house was originally built in 1820 for the Supreme Court Judge John Murray Bliss.

In the 1840s Robert Duncan Wilmot – Lt Governor to New Brunswick and one of the fathers of Canadian Confederation – called the house home.

There are also stories of British soldiers being in the house and using it as a defensive position on the St John River. We could not verify this, however.

It is unclear exactly when – previous to the 1980s – the home was divided up into 14 separate apartments.

The building was sold in 2023 and is now listed as temporarily closed.

It is a National Historic Site of Canada.


Paranormal Activity

Many people who have lived in the apartments say you never feel alone in Belmont; there is always a feeling as if you are being watched.

There are multiple reports of disembodied whispers. One can never tell what is being said only that there are multiple people who seem to be mumbling.

The basement is described as having an oppressive energy that leaves people feeling both unwelcome and wanting to leave as quickly as possible. Its also described as being “sad and confused”.

Apparitions of the building’s former inhabitants have been seen (albeit usually in the corner of people’s eyes) including a phantom cat.

There are many reports of seeing ghostly faces looking out of the windows of the attic. It is unclear whether the attic is actually sealed off, but it is reported that no one has been up there in 2+ decades.

There is one report of a brown stain on the floor that has not only worked it’s way through carpets but came back even after the subfloor was removed.

Mediums have contacted soldiers as well as women and children (including a little boy who has a history of being very enthusiastic about communicating with the living).

Other reported activity: disembodied shouts; touches, pokes and prods by unseen entities; light anomalies; electrical disturbances and cold spots.

Clarinda Treatment Complex

(Clarinda Academy)

1800(20) North 16th Avenue, Clarinda, IA

(712) 542-6104

Status: Former Insane Asylum; Former Addiction Center; Juvenile Detention Center


The third hospital for the mentally ill was constructed by the State of Iowa. This facility was opened to alleviate over crowding at hospitals in Independence and Mt Pleasant. Clarinda was chosen as the site in 1884, construction was begun in 1885 and the first patients admitted in 1888.

The hospital was designed to house the mentally ill, criminally insane, alcoholics and drug addicts.

The facility has one of the worst records of all similar institutions in patient treatments. Treatments we consider all but barbaric like lobotomies, electro-shock therapy, cold water therapy and insulin therapy – which were considered state of the art at the time – were heavily used here but there was also limited or bad food resulting in starvation deaths, overuse of restraints and patient on patient (and staff on patient) violence and abuse.

Conditions did improve drastically in the latter 1/3 of the 20th century.

In 2009 Iowa announced that one of their 4 psychiatric hospitals would be closing. In June of 2016 the last patients were transferred, and the facility closed, and all patient services were cancelled.

Sequel Youth Services bought the site and converted it into a youth detention institution. There were numerous reports of inmate abuse and at least one of a staff member raping a client.

In 2021 Sequel shut down the facility – probably just before the State inspectors shut it down – though, of course, they denied the investigations of abuse were not the reason.

It is unclear who owns the site now; possibly still Sequel; but it currently isn’t being used as of 2024.


Paranormal Activity

The nearby hospital cemetery is also reported to be haunted with reports of phantom footsteps, disembodied voices and feelings of being watched.

Reported activity on the grounds and in the buildings: apparitions of former staff and patients; shadow figures; phantom footsteps; disembodied voices; unexplained sounds from whispers to loud bangs; touches, tugs and pulls from unseen entities; electrical disturbances; unexplained mists and misty forms; light anomalies; cold and warms spots and feelings of not being wanted, being watched and not being alone

Torrance State Hospital

121 Longview Drive, Torrance, PA

(724) 459-2000

Status: Former Insane Asylum; Forensic Psychiatric Hospital; Private Property: No Public Access


Opened on November 25, 1919 as the Western State Hospital for the Insane. The first patients were transferred from Danville Hospital.

This was one of the first asylums built in the United States that broke away from the Kirkbride Plan and used the Cottage Plan instead. Numerous small buildings connected by an underground tunnel system rather than one huge building with wings out from the central administration center.

Patients were permitted to walk the grounds as nature was seen as a therapy.

The facility became full self-sufficient with even it’s own farm and livestock.

During the 1950s and 60s the population was at it’s highest averaging at about 3,300.

Part of the campus is still active, and the hospital now focuses on patients found not guilty due to insanity for men who have committed violent sex crimes. There is also a clinic on site focusing on adolescent boys unable to separate sexual fantasies from violence.

There are also a number of patients housed here who were transferred from community mental health clinics.

This facility focuses on treatment on individuals whose mental illnesses are considered long term or incurable.


Paranormal Activity

OPW does not condone trespassing, however, these reports of paranormal activity do stem from explorers who braved a criminal trespassing charge and entered the grounds.

There are at least 4 abandoned buildings on the campus all of which have reported activity. The grounds are also reported as being extremely haunted and active.

The haunting here is said to be very intelligent and will interact with the living. Although be warned, the restless spirits often do not have your best interests at heart, rather the opposite.

The ghost of a little girl is the most reported encounter here. Most often only her phantom ghostly laughter is heard on the grounds. Those that have more personal encounters with this entity have truly chilling tales to tell.

She will often appear in the broken glass filled windows of the Renner Building; if you don’t sense or see her, she will often tap on the glass to get your attention as you’re passing the building. She is usually wearing a nasty leer that does not fit on the face of the child.

She will then motion for you to come inside and join her. Should you follow here she will attempt to lead anyone to a place in the dark building where the floor has collapsed seemingly in hopes someone will fall through resulting in injuries or death.

Should you ignore her beckoning she will smile – an expression laced with malice – and fade away to nothingness. Some reports say the girl stuck her tongue out at them as she disappeared.

As most readers have deduced it is highly doubtful this is the ghost is a little girl but rather a dark or demonic entity.

Cars are known for suddenly stalling when approaching the grounds.

Those who have entered the grounds by car in the rain report their windshield wipers were stop and then begin to go backwards.

In the Diefert Building that seems to have housed the geriatric patients the ghost of an elderly lady still roams the halls and occupies her former room. Reports date back to when the building was still part of the hospital with nurses reporting a transparent apparition of a lady they recognized.

The lady’s room is said to be located at the end of a long hall and the phantom sounds of her still rocking in the chair she loved in life are often heard.

In the former main administration building disembodied voices are frequently reported including entire conversations in the ether. Time slips have also been witnessed where the environment will suddenly change into a busy and very active hospital and administration center.

Also, in the administration building doors will open and close on their own; usually slamming. There are even reports of all the doors slamming down a hallway reaching the end and slamming on the opposite side back toward to the witnesses.

The elevators are said to operate on their own here.

Massive amounts of etheric and kinetic energy are felt throughout the site but are strongest in administration building.

In the old Boiler Building that once heated the entire campus silver colored shadows often move quickly over the walls and floor. The phantom sounds of metal pounding on concrete is reported often here as well.

Those that have discovered the old tunnel system tell stories of apparitions; shadow figures; disembodied voices, screams and laughter as well being grabbed by unseen entities. People also report being grabbed by the ankles and then suddenly feeling weak in the legs and unable to walk.

Other reported activity: apparitions of former patients and staff; shadow figures; touches, pokes and pulls by unseen entities; objects moving on their own including old gurneys and wheel chairs being shoved at witnesses; light anomalies; electrical disturbances; phantom footsteps; unexplained mists including ones moving against the wind; cold and hot spots; unexplained noises from whispers to loud bangs; time and dimensional slips; empathic feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness and hopelessness; physical sensations including nausea, migraines and unexplained sudden pains; feelings of not being wanted, being actively hated, not being alone and being followed.

Once again, the activity here is said to be a very intelligent haunting that is very aware of the living and there are multiple accounts of the entities seeking to bring harm to the living.

Satin Dolls

(Night Moves)

4348 West State Street, Boise, ID

(208) 343-1036

Status: Former Warehouse; Strip Club


A former warehouse converted into a gentleman’s club. It was originally known as Night Moves.

It is unknown why this building is paranormally active; perhaps due to the land it sits on.

There are no recorded acts of violence or deaths at this location.


Paranormal Activity

Although, the well known ghost of this location is a little girl. it is rumored to have multiple spirits on site.

Encounters with the paranormal have been reported by both staff and patrons.

The apparition of the little girl – who, obviously, stands out immediately in the surroundings – have been seen quite frequently both in the public areas and backstage. She also appears in many forms – misty apparitions, mists, orbs and other light anomalies – in photos taken on site.

The little girl is often heard talking and/or laughing. She likes to switch lights off and has been reported as throwing objects.

Sudden cold spots are also reported here.

Chandeliers have been seen moving on their own with no other air movement.

Other reported activity: shadow figures; unexplained breezes; disembodied voices and feelings of not being alone and being watched.

Hawaii State Capitol Building

415 South Beretania Street, Honolulu, HI

(808) 587-0478

Status: Government Building; Mass Burial Site


This building was opened on March 1969 replacing Iolani Palace as the home of Hawaii’s government.

Both the State Senate and Hawaii’s House of Representatives work and meet here. It also contains the offices of the Governor and Lt Governor of the State.

It is built on the site of a mass burial containing hundreds of remains of those killed in a measles epidemic in 1822.


Paranormal Activity

As well as being the site of a mass burial this location was also used by the King’s Guards, when Hawaii was a monarchy, as their barracks.

A worker died during the construction and a security guard died while doing his rounds on site.

The apparitions of both the construction worker and the guard are seen both in and around the building apparently still completing their respective duties long after death. One would hope these are residual hauntings and no one should be trapped in eternity working.

Queen Lili’uokalani – the last monarch (Queen Regent) of Hawaii – also haunts the building (as well as her former home nearby Iolani Palace) and has been seen in many photos taken on site. There is also a report of the daughter of a State Senator seeming to play ball with an invisible entity in the building. She would later identify the Queen by her statue as the nice Hawaiian lady who played with her.

The apparition of the Queen has also been seen walking near the building and – in one report – has been walking on the surface on the reflecting pond. There are reports of the Queen’s statue no longer being on it’s pedestal when her ghost is seen.

The apparition of a young boy is also seen both in the building and on the grounds. It is thought he is one of the victims of the measles mass grave below the building.

Other reported activity: cold spots; electrical disturbances and feelings of not being alone.

Coates Mental Health Center

(Anna State Hospital)(Southern Hospital for the Insane)

1000 North Main Street, Anna, IL

(618) 833-5161

Status: Historical Asylum; Operational Psychiatric Hospital


Construction on this insane asylum – then known as the Southern Hospital For The Insane – began in 1869 and the north wing was opened in 1875 at a cost of $22,000 ($627,000 in 2024 dollars).

It was originally on a 290 acre (117.5 hectares) site.

Within the next few years the rest of the hospital was built in the Kirkbride style.

Three fires in 1881, 1894 and 1895 did catastrophic damage to the main building and hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent rebuilding it.

Once considered a state of the art facility for the treatment of the mentally ill this facility fell into the plagues that all similar hospitals at the time did: namely overcrowding and lack of funds.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries about 20% of the patients died – compared to 36% being declared cured and released – and were buried in unmarked graves in the hospital cemetery. Since 1939 markers have been put up for the more recently buried patients.

This facility is still open – although very little of the original main building is left – and is still treating the mentally ill. There have been numerous complaints of patients being abused and staff lying to State investigators.

It is claimed only 3% of the complaints were found to be valid.


Paranormal Activity

One patient complained about being attacked by a devil dog while in a room alone. When the orderly unlocked the door, the patient was found completely alone but covered in scratches.

Apparitions and faces looking in the windows have been reported by many patients and visitors. Outside; apparitions are also seen on the grounds – especially in the cemetery – as well as the same ghostly faces are seen but looking out instead of into the buildings.

The tunnels beneath the institution are said to be very active. People have been touched by unseen entities and it is said you are never alone in the tunnels.

Other reported activity: shadow figures; phantom footsteps; disembodied voices, crying and laughter; strong empathic feelings of being oppressed and feelings of being watched and not being alone.



(907) 983-2222

Status: Former Brothel; Seasonal; Saloon; Museum; Tourist Attraction; Famous Haunted Location; Ghost/Historical Tours Available



First built in 1898 as a brothel to provide female company for the Klondike miners who could afford it.

The second floor was used for entertaining “gentlemen” with each lady of the night represented by a doll so the customer could pick to their personal tastes. The dolls were laid out on the bar if that particular lady was working.

When the lady was actually “working” her doll was laid down and then brought back to a seated position when she was available for a new customer.

The second floor is still exactly as it was – although there is no longer any adult entertainment available – but it now a museum showing the brothel as it was.

The first floor was a bar, dance hall and hosted live events. This floor hasn’t changed much except no dancing and there’s also food available as well as more than just whiskey and water.

There is no better location in the 21st century where you can feel like you’ve stepped back into the Klondike than the Red Onion.


Paranormal Activity

This location fully embraces it’s paranormal activity and even offers ghost tours.

The most well known and famous ghost is that of Lydia; a former Madame of the brothel. It is commonly accepted she hung herself in the corner of her old room – where she most commonly appears – after contracting syphilis.

Her apparition often appears with marks on her face that; ladies of the night were often scared on their faces by people showing they were diseased and unclean which ended the only way they had to mke money..

Lydia most often announces her presence with a smell of lilacs and phantom footsteps on the second floor.

Lydia also waters the plants in the building. Plants have been found with damp soil that haven’t been water by anyone alive in the recent past.

Lydia’s apparition – which is usually very translucent - generally appears in her old room but she has been seen throughout the building. She does have a history – probably well deserved – of being hostile towards some men.

One night there was such apparent chaos on the second floor the police were called. When they arrived a shadowy figure ran into a room that just happened to be the Madame’s room when the brothel was operating. The room was found to be completely empty.

This was thought to be Lydia’s ghost.

Lydia often caresses people’s faces that she likes.

She often appears as an orb, or blue mist or the faint outline of her face in people’s photos taken on site.

The lesser known and decidedly less friendly ghost at the Red Onion is John. He is thought to have been a bouncer who was stabbed to death by a lady of the night who got fed up with his constant harassment.

He generally announces his presence with the over bearing scent of body odor. Although he is more known for pushing people on the stairs and throwing open doors to reveal staff in the process of changing.

Team Experiences

While we were not lucky enough to see Lydia's apparition we defintely felt her presence. The second floor of the building contains large amounts of etheric energy; especially in the hallway. All of the photos above that were taken inside are from the second floor some showing strange light phenomena.Very faint feminine whispers were also heard.