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65 Jumel Terrace

(Roger Morris Park)

Status: Former Residence, Former Revolutionary Army Headquarters; Formerly Abandoned;

Heritage Property

Photos Courtesy of StrangersMindz




By: Fernando (Strangers Mindz) Infante


The Morris–Jumel Mansion which goes by many names is the oldest surviving house in Manhattan, New York.

Located at 65 Jumel Terrace, in Roger Morris Park in the neighborhood of Washington Heights. It is also known as the Roger and Mary Philipse Morris House or just Morris House, but it was even called at one point, Mount Morris.

As of right now due to the home and grounds being purchased as a museum home in 1903 it was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1961 and now it is known as the Morris–Jumel Mansion Museum.

This location has a very rich history, but let's start from the very beginning.

The Morris-Jumel mansion was built in 1765 by Roger Morris a British military officer who was serving as a member of the Executive Council of the Province of New York. He constructed the home for himself and his wife, Mary Philipse Morris an American born wife during his time living in New York as a Loyalist when the American Revolution began. They lived in the house for only 10 years until in 1775, Colonel Morris left for England at the start of the Revolutionary War. During this time, from 14 September to 20 October 1776, General George Washington used the Morris mansion which was abandoned at the time and used as a temporary military headquarters during the war.

After the war was over, written in the George Washingtons journal, he wrote that on July 1790, as President of the United States, Washington visited the house with some members of his future cabinet and their families for a feast. The guests that were invited were Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Abigail Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Eliza Schyler Hamilton, Martha Washington, Henry Knox, and Lucy Knox. An amazing historical location indeed.

Now let's talk about the Jumel's and their time at this mansion.

In 1810, Stephen Jumel, a French Merchant, and a well established importer of luxury goods met and married American Eliza Bowen in 1804. After 6 years, they purchased Mount Morris as their home. The mansion at the time has then been abandoned for about 20 years after President Washington's last dinner there, so they went through great lengths to renovate and turning the home into what it is today. But everything wasn't all flowers and sunshine for the Jumel's.

Eliza Bowen Jumel had quite a history. She came from a poor family and was the epitome of the phrase, "rags to riches". She was very unhappy that she and her husband weren't accepted socially in New York with the higher ups at the time, so they ended up leaving for France in 1815.

Eliza returned to New York for good in 1826 but with intent to divorce. Stephen Jumel's power of attorney which forced him to return in 1828.

In 1832, Stephen Jumel died from injuries in a carriage accident, but many believed Eliza had some involvement in his death.

Soon after his death, Eliza became one of the wealthiest women in New York City and ended up marrying Vice-President Aaron Burr. They divorced 4 months after they married in 1834, which was granted 2 years later in 1836, shortly before Aaron Burr passed away.

Eliza would later start suffering from dementia. She passed away in 1865 at the age of 90.

As you can see, this 18th-century Federal style museum home that sits in upper Manhattan, has an incredible history. But as we know, a structure this old can have the possibility of some sort of paranormal influence as well.

Many people who have visited this location have witnessed paranormal activity. Many have seen Eliza who still roams her home as well as shadow figures, objects moving, voices and noises that a skeptic would deem house settling.

Today anyone can visit the Morris-Jumel Mansion Museum but after dark you can also enjoy their Candlelight Ghost Tour and for any paranormal investigator that is curious you can also be a part of the Paranormal Historical Investigation.

Rosewood Center

(Rosewood State Training School)

200 Rosewood Lane

Owings Mills, Maryland

Status: Former State School for the Developmentally Disabled; Partially Demolished; University Campus


In March of 1888 the Maryland State Legislature approved the construction of State facility for idiots and the feeble minded. They approved only $10,000 ($323,190 in 2023) toward the goal of finding a location and building the institute.

 All children between 7 and 17 were to be enrolled for free while younger children were to be charged $250 (just over $8,000 in 2023) to enroll.

Unlike most other similar institutions at the time there was no golden period in the beginning for Rosewood. Right from the beginning there not enough of anything due to the insufficient funds. So right from the start only children judged able to be trained were admitted to the school.

Only white children were to be admitted. Boys were taught farming and carpentry and the girls were taught sewing and other domestic training. The idea was that these “inmates” – yes that’s what they were called – would be self-sufficient when the school released them at 17.

The State pushed very hard for the asylum to be completely self-supporting almost from day one. All buildings were constructed by the boys as well aas most of the farming duties; girls made and repaired all the clothes as well as milking the cows.

In 1900 the Rosewood Board proposed a construction school to be opened for colored students and a new building for epileptics; the State turned both ideas down. The epileptic building was only constructed later due to private funding.

During this time the State passed a bill moving all insane and feeble-minded children from the almshouses to asylums. This overcrowded the facility even more but, at least, got them more State money.

Between 1911 and 1933, in the worst example of mistreatment of it’s charges, the asylum sold 166 inmates – mostly girls – to the rich. The children, through no fault of their own, became indentured to there owners and were used as unpaid or sold into sexual slavery.

Many of these children would be dead within 1 or 2 years; usually due to mistreatment and/or malnutrition.

In 1943 the physically handicapped were admitted to the school and by 1950 all age restrictions were removed regarding admittance.

In 1956 the asylum finally began to admit African American patients.

By 1968 the population had exploded to 2,700 patients and there was no longer any effort to educate them. Classrooms were converted into housing and many patients were expected to live at the school for their entire lives.

By the end of the 1960’s focus turned toward moving the developmentally disabled back into the community. Although they were no longer required to be self-supporting but, rather, were moved into group homes. After reaching its highest point the facility’s population began to drop.

In 1981 the US Justice Department declared the residents of the school were not receiving even the minimal level of adequate care. This led to the oldest buildings on the campus being condemned and all patients were moved to the newer buildings.

In 2006 the original main building was burnt to the ground in a case of arson.

In 2009 another of the old buildings went up in flames and the fire department allowed it to burn as it was slated for demolition. This fire was ruled as possible arson.

On June 30,2009 the facility was closed permanently, and all remaining patients were moved to other facilities.

The grounds and remaining buildings are now owned by Stevenson University that are converting them into sports fields and as an addition to the Faculty of Education.

Per satellite view on Google Maps some buildings remain but many of them are just concrete pads now.


Paranormal Activity

The most common reports are of the apparition of a woman in a window of the main building. Of course, that building burnt down in 2006 so these reports are impossible to confirm.

Other Reported Activity: apparitions of former patients and staff both on the grounds and in the buildings; shadow figures including those that interact with the living up to and including physical contact; powerful empathic feelings of despair, hopelessness and fear (meaning fear that the patients felt when they were alive; not your fear of the paranormal); cold and warm spots; unexplained mists; disembodied voices; touches, pokes and prods from unseen entities; phantom footsteps; unexplained sounds including whispers, breathing, screams, crying and loud bangs; objects moving on their own; electrical disturbances and feelings of not being alone, being watched and being followed.


Harbor Boulevard

(714) 781-4636

Anaheim, California

Status: World Famous Theme Park; the Happiest Place on Earth


This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

I, the copyright holder of this work, release this work into the public domain. This applies worldwide.


Disneyland is the first theme park built by the Walt Disney Company.

Originally, it was going to be a tour of Disney Studios in Burbank, but Disney quickly released there was really nothing to entertain people there. Then he picked a property next to Disney Studios but realized there was not enough land available for what he had planned.

In 1953, after a feasibility study, Disney bought 160 acres (65 hectares) of land just outside of Anaheim.

Construction of the park was begun in 1954 and opened on July 17, 1955 in an event that was televised by ABC television network. The first man through the gates received a lifetime pass to the park; he, apparently, still uses it at least once a year.

In 1972 Bear Country (now Critter Country) was opened. This was followed by Mickey’s Toontown (93), Disney’s California Adventure (2001) and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (2019).

Disneyland is the most successful theme park in history.

There have been (up to 2021) 757 million visitors to the park since it opened with another 6.8 million visitors in 2022.


Paranormal Activity

Female cast members have the ribbons in their hair undone by something unseen.

Many props that used in the multiple shows in the park move from room to room on their own; they’ve even moved across the park with no plausible explanation.

There are hidden rooms in the Haunted Mansion used by staff to scare visitors. Some of these rooms have so much paranormal activity and/or etheric energy that many cast members refuse to enter them.

Also, in the Haunted Mansion phantom music has sometimes been heard since it was constructed but this phenomena has never be explained. The Spellbook in the Séance Room is also said to be real and is known for moving on it’s own at night.

The secret apartment – that’s not such a secret – above the Fire Station on Main Street was once the personal apartment of Walt Disney before his death in 1966. The light is always left on as a tribute to the man who created the Disney Empire.

Reports say that if the light is turned off, usually by accident, it will turn back on on it’s own. There is also a story that at least one Disney employee has heard “I’m still here” in the apartment. Legend says Walt himself haunts the apartment.

Behind the apartment the phantom smell of cigarette smoke is often smelt by security. While no one can smoke here now it is the spot where Walt would grab a quick smoke out of eyesight of the children in the park.

Phantom footsteps and knocks are also frequently heard in the apartment.

The apparition of a large man with red hair often appears in the seats next to single riders on Space Mountain. He also appears in the cast locker room at the Mountain.

Disco Debbie is often seen near Space Mountain as well. She is reported as having died behind the ride from a brain aneurism and usually appears as a green mist or green apparition.

In 1966 a student, Thomas Cleveland, attempted to sneak on site for Grad Night. He climbed the fence and crossed the monorail tracks but upon being spotted by security he attempted to run; this resulted in him being struck and killed by the monorail; he was also dragged 30 to 40 feet. His apparition is now seen riding the monorail after dark.

He is most often seen in the monorail at the back of the park – where he died – and generally appears and disappears very quickly.

In June of 1973 two brothers stayed on Tom Sawyer’s Island after the park closed. They attempted to get off the island by swimming across the Rivers of America where the older brother drowned. His apparition has been seen swimming in the river and unexplained ripples are also seen indicating something unseen is swimming by.

In 1984 Dolly Young was killed when she was flung from the bobsled on the Matterhorn ride. In the middle of the ride, she undid her safety belt and stood up – apparently to help a child – and hit her head throwing her out of the car and onto the track where the next sled ran over her. It is said the track had to be dismantled to retrieve her remains.

Cast members call the area of the track where she died Dolly’s Dip and her disembodied voice is often heard by staff walking the tracks when the ride is not operating. There is also said to be an overwhelming sensation that she is watching you in that section. Many cast members have reported the safety lights in Dolly’s Dip always burn out as soon as the bulbs were replaced.

In the 1940’s a small plane crashed on part of the site now inside the park. Staff have reported seeing the pilot – a man with a cane – standing in the area where the cars for the Haunted Mansion ride are loaded.

The apparition of a boy in tears is often seen at the exit from the Haunted Mansion. Legend says his mother spread his ashes throughout the Haunted Mansion; without permission from Disney. People also report his ghost on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

On the “It’s A Small World Ride” the lights will often flicker and sometimes turn on and off on their own. The dolls on the ride are reported as coming back to life and dancing and singing at night after the electricity has been disconnected.

1974 to 1998 the Innovation Building – in Tomorrowland - was used as “America Sings” celebrating the first 200 years of the United States. About 2 weeks after this attraction opened a staff member, Deborah Stone, who was only 18 – was crushed between the walls of moving audience chamber and the stationary stage and killed.

To this day her disembodied voice is heard to say “be careful” in the place where she died.

On the Pirates of the Caribbean ride the ghost of a young boy is seen on the video system. He always seems to be having a good time but when the boat he’s seen on comes out of the ride its always empty.

A “Woman in White” is seen walking on Main Street USA after the park is closed. She is dressed in a 19th century dress so she either predates the park or died as a cast member in costume. She does walk in the same location in the day but is not noticed in a huge crowds. Many believe she guides lost children to the day care center so they can be reunited with their parents.

A teenager in the park for a Grad Night was killed on the People Mover in 1967. Reports say he was trying to move from car and car and fell to his death. He now haunts Tomorrowland (most commonly the Innovations Building now) – previously he haunted the People Mover itself, but it was closed down in 1995 – and is known for pulling girl’s blonde hair.

The Star Trader store is said to be haunted with it’s 4th floor stockroom said to have very comfortable energy and numerous cold spots. Merchandise also moves on it’s own when the store is closed and completely empty of the living.

The Hatmosphere store has a sewing machine they use to put names on hats; it never gets even a little warm even after being used all day. One staff member even reports seeing a ghostly face in the machine.

Around one of the many ice cream carts in the park the disembodied voice of a woman is reported.

A phantom train is seen on the command board that monitors any trains on the tracks. The ghost train is registered after hours when there are no trains on the track. It’s phantom whistle will echo through the night as well. Staff call this “Walt’s Train”.

le hunt cement factory

Western End of County Road 5000

Sycamore, Kansas

Status: Former Industrial Site; Abandoned; Ruins; Urban Legend


In 1905 the United Kansas Portland Cement Company bought 1,500 acres (607 hectares) of land in order to build a factory.

A company town for employees called Le Hunt – named after Leigh Hunt the President of the engineering firm that built the factory – was also built. By 1906 there were over 1,000 people living in Le Hunt.

The town included a church, a company store, a school, and even medical facilities where care was provided by the company with fees deducted from your pay of course.

The majority of the workers were immigrants who had come to America with next to nothing and were living in tents before the company built the town.

In 1908 this site and 3 other cement factories were consolidated in an attempt to lower operational costs.

The factory suffered a number of financial issues resulting in multiple owners. By the Great Depression in the 1930’s it was owned by the United States Steel Corporation and finally closed. Anything worth money was sold off and moved including many houses in the town.

Other versions say both the factory and town were abandoned in 1918.

Today only the cemetery and some foundations remain of the town.

The cement factory’s smokestack still rises above the trees; although, based on photos, its in such bad shape it won’t for much longer. The surrounding woods are filled with deteriorating cement walls and the shells of former factory buildings.


Paranormal Activity

In 1905 a man by the name of Bohr (Boars) was working on the 15 foot walls in the factory construction when he fell into the wall while the cement was being poured. Knowing there was nothing they could do his coworkers buried his wheelbarrow, shovel and pickaxe in the wall with him – the handles of the wheelbarrow as well as the blade of his shovel are sticking out of the wall and can still be seen today – and his engraved name as Boars is also on the wall.

Today, people claim to hear muffled screaming as he drowned in the wet cement. More rarely Bohr’s blurry apparition is seen near the wall that became his grave.

On October 30, 1997 19 year old Keayon Hadley lured Brian Durnil – who had just moved to the area – onto the grounds where he shot Durnil multiple times before beating him with a baseball bat. Durnil was found alive but died before an ambulance could get to the site.

Hadley seems to have committed the crime to impress 2 teenage girls – his attorney tried to unsuccessfully pin the murder on the girls calling them the Satanists – and was ultimately convicted of second degree murder.

People report hearing the crime being played out with phantom screams, yells, gunshots and other sounds of the beating. Evil seems to have left a stain on the etheric.

Other Activity: shadow figures; light anomalies and feelings of being watched and not being alone.

Norfolk Island

Territory of Norfolk Island



Norfolk is located in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean just over 1,400 kms (877 miles) from the Australian mainland.  It lies between New Zealand and New Caledonia.

Together with Phillip Island and Nepean Island the island makes up the Territory of Norfolk Island, an external territory of the Commonwealth of Australia.

When European explorers – under Captain James Cook – first found the island in the 18th century it was uninhabited but later archaeological expeditions found evidence of Polynesian and Melanesian artifacts indicating they lived here in the 13th or 14th centuries.

The American Revolutionary War – beginning in 1775 – gave the British a number of issues, one of them being having nowhere to send prisoners anymore. As the British Prisons began to quickly become overcrowded a solution was needed; quickly.

The solution was the new territory of Australia including it’s outlying islands; Norfolk being one of them.

From 1788 to 1814 it was used as a penal colony but eventually became too expensive due to the distance from mainland Australia.

In 1824 the Governor of the New South Wales was told by the British Government to reopen the island for the worst of the worst convicts. The distance would considered an asset as there was absolutely no place for these hardened men to go.

Basically everyone on Norfolk at this point had chosen between either the island or the gallows. Although Colonial records recently found indicate this may not have been true and that at least half of the men on Norfolk hadn’t even been convicted by Colonial Law.

In 1856 all prisoners were moved to Port Arthur in Tasmania and the descendants of the Bounty mutineers as well as some Tahitians moved to Norfolk from Pitcairn Island which was now too small to hold their population.

During the reminder of the 19th and into the 20th centuries the island was used by the whalers as a station and for colonization.

On July 1, 1914, ownership of the islands was transferred to Australia.

During the Second World War the island was used as an air base and refueling depot by the allies and was garrisoned by the New Zealand Army. It was too remote to ever be bombed and was abandoned in 1944.

In 1979 Australia granted the island partial self-government allowing them to elect a council which made the majority of the decisions.

In 2015 after a variety of events Australia revoked the self-government and replaced it with an Australian administrator and administering council. The island’s population was decidedly unhappy about this and even made a complaint to the United Nations.


Paranormal Activity

Yes, the entire island is said to be haunted. On mainland Australia or the United States and Canada it is said about half the population believes in ghosts on Norfolk Island about half the population has had a direct experience with a ghost.

As for believing in the paranormal, well, that’s closer to 95%.

At only 34.6 square kilometers (13.56 square miles) the island is said to have more ghosts per square kilometer than any other area of land in the world. Poveglia Island in Italy is the only place I can think that could give this island a run for the money.

Stories of hauntings and ghosts date back for over a century.

So why so haunted?

Most people believe it has to do with it’s history as a convict colony. Legend tells stories of, at times, a lawless colony where only the strong survived and the weak were pounded out of existence. At this point it really doesn’t matter whether the stories and legends are true (and who’s to say they’re not; none of us were on the island in the 19th century).

There are numerous ghost tours on the island and paranormal tourism accounts for a large percentage of their economy.

Undeniably, some of the most violent criminals in the Empire were shipped here to serve their sentences.

The road Quality Row is said to be the most haunted part of the island; and one of the most haunted streets in the world. It also contains one of the most haunted houses on Earth.

The apparitions of soldiers from the 18th and 19th century have been seen here for over a century. Women in 19th and early 20th century clothing eternally walk this street as well. Most chillingly the phantom sounds of chains clanking as if a chain gang was marching down the street.

The Research Centre at 9 Quality Row – an unassuming Georgian style cottage – is said to be the most haunted house on the island as well one of the most haunted buildings on the planet.

There are uncountable photos taken here showing partial or full body apparitions both in rooms and in the windows of this house and other unexplainable visible phenomena. There are also photos of something in this house that is, decidedly, not human.

The old cemetery, from the second penal colony, gives people chills as well as feelings of not being alone and being watched. The apparitions of the former inmates – some still showing the injuries that led to their deaths – are sometimes seen on the grounds.

Government House – once the residence of the island’s Governor – is also haunted by former residents and visitors. The apparitions of soldiers in full dress uniforms and women in what is called “very expensive dresses” are frequently seen in and around the house. Disembodied voices and other unexplained noises are also heard as well as touches by unseen presences and feelings of not being alone.

On the road out to the cable station apparitions have been seen along the road side after dark. The most famous ghost here stands on the cliff at the end of the road staring out into the sea. He is thought to be a prisoner forever waiting for a boat to come to pick him up. In life he finally got tired of waiting and waded into the sea where he drowned. Anyone approaching this ghost says he disappears long before he can be reached.

At Limerick Cottage the ghost of “Lady Jane” is reported. She generally appears as a bright light that morphs into a beautiful woman with pale skin. Despite her nickname the ghost is probably that of Susannah Pery who died shortly after giving birth in 1841 here; her infant daughter also died.

She is buried in the old graveyard and people report hearing noises as if someone is being straggled to death on certain nights. The cause of Susannah’s death is not recorded anywhere, and it may be her husband murdered her.

Mount Everest

Soluhumbu District, Nepal

Status: World’s Highest Mountain


Between 40 and 50 million years ago the Indian-Australia tectonic plate began to collide with the Eurasian tectonic plate. The Indian-Australian Plate began to be forced under (subduct) under the Eurasian Plate. The stress of this movement caused the land on the Eurasian Plate to start rising beginning 25 to 30 billion years ago.

We now call this uprising the Himalayan Mountain Range; the newest and, therefore, tallest mountain range on Earth.

Everest continues to rise in height a fraction of an inch and move a few inches to the northeast every year. It’s summit is composed of sedimentary rock made from the shells from the bottom of the Tethys Sea which once existed between India and Asia.

A perfect reminder of how even the lowest can climb to the greatest heights given enough time, effort and patience.

Although we have chosen to place the mountain in Nepal it actually straddles the border of Nepal and Tibet (China).

At 29,032 feet (8,849 metres) tall the summit of Everest is the highest place on the planet.

The mountain’s Tibetan name is Chomolungma which means “Goddess of the Valley” or simply “Goddess Mother of the World”. It’s Sanskrit name is SagarMatha means “Peak of Heaven”

It was not recognized as the tallest mountain on Earth until 1852 when the almighty British Empire did an official of survey of India. It was originally known as Peak XV until it named after Sir George Everest the British Surveyor of India from 1830-1843.

The amount of oxygen at the summit is one third of the amount in the atmosphere at sea level. Powerful winds - up to 100 miles/hour (160 km/h) with the mountain is high enough that it touches the bottom of the Jet Stream - and incredibly low temperatures - -2F (-19C) at it’s warmest and -33F (-60C) at it’s coldest – and storms can come appear with no warning the mountain is very hostile to all life.

No helicopter can fly in the thin air so if you get into trouble on most of Everest you are on your own. Even without making any mistakes the mountain is more than capable of killing anyone in minutes or even seconds.

The mountain is now covered in garbage and human waste including the bodies of 280 people who died attempting the ascent. Most climbers now bring down as much as they can leaving not just a zero footprint but a negative one.

The mountain is still very isolated. Before the 1960’s everything had to be brought in by humans and animals. There are now air fields in the valleys surrounding the mountain making it somewhat easier.

Above 25,000 feet climbers enter the death zone where their pulse and respiration increase – in an attempt to get more oxygen into the body – digesting food becomes much harder and the even the thought of eating becomes nauseating, sleeping becomes all but impossible and hypoxia – lack of oxygen – begins to set in leaving you confused.

And then there’s altitude sickness.

At this point the mountain seems to be actively trying to kill you.


Paranormal Activity

At least 322 people have died on Mt Everest.

The north face – the hardest way to ascend the mountain – is said to be the most haunted and paranormally active.

As mentioned above the mountain is covered in dead bodies. Any rescue mission on the mountain is considered tantamount to suicide and the removal of human remains is not a priority. Some beliefs think it is actually disrespectful to remove the bodies.

Many of the bodies are unidentified.

In 2017 the bodies of 4 climbers were found in a tent in base camp; it is thought they died of altitude sickness. What’s curious is that none of the expedition companies had any missing climbers and Everest Base Camp is not a place you can get to unnoticed. So, who were these people?

Black shadows have been seen on the slopes and often said to approach living climbers with their hands out seeming to beg for something. It is commonly thought they are seeking food long after starving to death.

The villagers living in the valleys tell many stories of ghosts coming down from the mountain. Usually these are the spirits of the climbers the mountain has claimed but there are also stories of not so friendly spirits who have attempted to – and in some cases been successful – possess them.

In many cases only a local exorcism can remove the “evil” spirits.

The ghost of Andrew Irvine – the partner of the more famous George Mallory – who died less than a 1,000 feet from the summit has been reported by many climbers as appearing in times of need and encouraging them.

Andrew’s body has never be found on the mountain.

Most encounters with former climbers are positive ones. They generally appear in times of need and provide encouragement to the living who are facing life-threatening challenges on the mountain.

Some of the best footprints of the yeti have been found on the slopes of Mount Everest.

There are also numerous reports of unidentified flying objects from both the slopes and the Base Camp.

rose island amusement park

Devil’s Backbone

Charlestown State Park, IN

Status: Former Amusement Park; Abandoned; State Park


In the late 19th century this area was developed as a family picnic ground and church camp and was known as Fern Grove due to the large number of ferns growing in the area.

It was then purchased by the Louisville and Jefferson Ferry Company and promoted as a destination to increase business for their ferries over the Ohio River.

In 1923 David Rose purchased it and converted it into an amusement park and renamed it Rose Island. A hotel was built as well as a swimming pool, wooden roller coaster, a ferris wheel and a combination dance hall/roller rink. There was even a small zoo containing wolves and a black bear named Teddy Roosevelt.

Rose sunk $250,000 (just under 4.5 million in 2023 dollars) into the new amusement park.

It could be reached either by a steamship from Louisville or by parking and crossing over a swinging bridge by foot.

When the Great Depression began in 1930 it decimated the finances of the park. After the Great Flood of 1937 – destroying much of the park’s infrastructure and flooding the site with 10 feet of water – the park was closed.

The swimming pool still exists – see photo above – but all that’s left of the buildings are some concrete foundations. The foot bridge was destroyed by falling trees, but the footings are still visible.

The site became part of the Indiana Ammunition Plant – much of which has now been demolished – and finally it was transferred to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and became part of the Charlestown State Park.

Since 2011 the area has become accessible again – other than using a boat - via Trail 3 in the State Park.


Paranormal Activity

Amusement parks in the first half of the 20th century and earlier did have the strict safety laws modern parks operate under. All of them had their share of fatalities although there’s no historical record of any here, any records of them would probably have been buried quickly, people dying is not good for business.

As a whole the flood of 37 did have a large number of fatalities it is unclear if any of them were in the park.

Shadow figures and apparitions have been reported as watching people from in the trees.

Phantom footsteps, disembodied voices (including some recorded EVP’s) and other unexplained noises are heard.

The phantom sounds of the roller coaster operating and children laughing and playing are also reported.

Balls of light and sudden mists have also been reported.

People also report suddenly feeling as if they are not alone and being watched by unseen spirits in the park’s ruins.

Overall, the energy of the site is reported to be positive; after all people did come here to have fun.