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hiroshima peace memorial park

(ground zero)

Status: Detonation Site of the First Nuclear Bomb; Mass Fatality Site; Park


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English: Genbaku Dome


 HiroshimaHiroshima prefectureJapan

日本語: 原爆ドーム  広島県広島市

Date 12 December 2013

Source Own work

Author Oilstreet

This Article Deals with the Detonation of a Weapon of Mass Destruction Over a Populated Centre and Therefore is Very Disturbing. Reader Discretion is Advised



At 8:15 am local time on Monday, August 6, 1945, the Armed Forced of the United States of America dropped the first atomic bomb on the Empire of Japan. The bomb contained the force 15,000 pounds of TNT; the city and population were annihilated.

Contrary to popular belief the Japanese were warned with complete and utter destruction if they did not unconditionally surrender on July 26, 1945.

The target was the Aloi Bridge in central Hiroshima. It missed it target by 790 feet (240 metres) and exploded directly above Shima Hospital completely obliterating that building and killing everyone inside it instantly.

The only building near ground zero of the blast to retain its shape was the Genbaku Dome due to it’s strong vertical pillars for earthquake resistance. No one in the Dome survived the detonation.

 Between 77,000 and 146,000 civilians and soldiers were killed in the blast.

As per the Quebec Agreement both the United Kingdom and Canada signed off on the use of an atomic bomb.

The goal of dropping the bomb was to avoid a land invasion of Japan which would have cost millions of American and Japanese lives. It was also to show Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, that the US had atomic bombs.

The goal was not achieved immediately, and another atomic bomb had to dropped on Nagasaki. The Soviet Union also declared war on Japan and invaded the Japanese occupied area of Manchuria.

The United States intercepted messages from the Japanese Cabinet saying they were prepared to suffer through more atomic blasts – funny how fascists never care in the slightest for the people – and continue the war.

It was Emperor Hirohito – who the Japanese people saw as nothing less than a God – who overruled the military and surrendered.

On September 2, 1945 the Japanese Military Government signed the articles of surrender ending the Second World War.

The ruins of the Genbaku Dome have been carefully kept in the same ruined condition they were that morning after the detonation. It was turned into the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and in 1996 declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Paranormal Activity

Shadow figures take on a new and much more horrifying aspect at this location. The searing light and heat from a nuclear blast are so intense people can be disintegrated so fast their shadows are left burned onto the ground or buildings. There are numerous reports of these shadows sliding across walls or over the ground.

Some have even slithered toward the living. No one knows what happens if they reach you because no one has been to stand still without running.

Apparitions of people displaying ghastly wounds or partially melted, and screaming have been seen – usually crawling – in the area.

Disembodied voices are very common here both heard by the human ear and recorded. Often, they are the voices of people interacting in a large city followed by an intense and sudden silence.

Perhaps most chilling event is some people have recorded the sound of the atomic bomb detonating somewhere in the ether for eternity.

An overwhelming sensation of sadness and misery also fills the site reducing many people to tears.



Narusawa, Fujiawaguchiko

Status: Natural Wonder; Suicide Site; World Famous Haunted Forest; Urban Legend

CNN Article


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Aokigahara 05.jpg

By <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/32740887@N04">Simon</a> from Quebec, Canada - <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/simonippon/4628501899/">DSC_4502</a>, CC BY-SA 2.0Link

This article contains content which may be found to be disturbing to some readers. What is written here is to provide information only on a purportedly paranormally active area in the world.

If you are feeling that suicide could be a solution to what you are dealing with please close this article now and immediately call a local or your Country's suicide prevention line immediately.


Also known as the “Sea Of Trees” this forest at the base of Mt Fuji in Japan covers 35 square kilometres. The forest contains a number of rocky and icy caverns; some of which have become popular with tourists.

The dark side of this forest is that has also become a popular place for suicides. In fact, it is now the second most popular place in the world to commit suicide, taking over from Toronto, Canada’s Bloor Viaduct after a fence was put up to prevent jumpers (San Francisco, California, USA’s Golden Gate Bridge still ranks number one). There are up to 105 suicides in the forest per year.

Suicides are on the rise in Japan due to world wide economic recession (the forest averaged 30 suicides a year in the 1990′s and has now increased to an average of 70 since 2002) despite a number of signs erected in Japanese and English in the forest by police asking people to reconsider and get help. There is an annual body hunt conducted in the forest to look for bodies which has left the edge of the forest littered with caution tape and other litter.

Deeper in the forest it becomes more pristine and the trees became thicker. Many thrill seekers have also died after getting lost in the forest or having an accident. Due to the immense number of trees blocking the wind and very little wildlife this forest is almost unnaturally quiet.

It is not uncommon to find human bones scattered in the forest.

This is considered the most haunted place in Japan. At least 5,000 people have killed themselves in the forest and that is not including the accidental deaths. 

Due to it's reputation many people who come to the forest to end their lives - successful or not - are from outside of Japan.

The forest is approximately 30 – 40 minutes by car from the Kawaguchiko Station.


Paranormal Activity

Since prehistorical times the forest has had a reputation as containing demons and other dark forces. It is said even the samurai avoided this area when they could.

Numerous accounts of all kinds of paranormal activity have been reported here including: apparitions (including those that interact with the living), disembodied voices, light anomalies, shadow figures, feelings of intense unease, of not being wanted and of being watched, touches by unseen forces, mysterious mists, disembodied voices and conversations, phantom screams and cries and cold spots.

Many people have reported a feeling that the forest is calling to them and luring them in. This is much like reports from Niagara Falls – a sensation I have actually felt more than once from the falls.



Saitama Prefecture, Japan

Status: Former Mining Town; Abandoned

Link to a Map Showing the Location of the Ghost Town

It is Identified by a Red Dot


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In 1937 the nearby mine was purchased by the Nichitsu Company and construction of what was called Nichitsu City was begun. There seems to be a number of important minerals mined out of this area including everything from tin to silver to gold.

The population would peak in the mid-1960’s at about 3000 people. The mine owners and managers had nice homes high on the hills with views and access to sunlight whereas the workers cottages were in the bottom of the valley with very little light and not even bathrooms.

The town contained everything any other town would like a gym, a theatre and a medical clinic/hospital. While there has been paranormal activity reported throughout the former town the majority is reported in the medical clinic which is called the Nichitsu Town Clinic.

By 1978 the town was completely abandoned. Although there has never been any official reason given it is assumed the mines stopped being economically feasible. Based on reports of people who have explored the site since 2000 there is a lot of evidence that the town was occupied again in the 1990’s. Occupied primarily by young men based on the amount of manga, old Nintendo consoles and porn that has been left behind.

People who have visited since 2015 have reported 2 conditions of interest to other explorers: 1) there appears to be human activity in the mines again; 2) the condition of the town is deteriorating very quickly now.

All visitors need to be extremely careful when entering any of the buildings as they are falling apart and collapse is immiment in many of them.


Paranormal Activity

The Clinic is located on the edge of town and getting harder and harder to find as the forest grows up around it.

In the past the Clinic was filled with jars – most of which contained preserved human organs – the most famous of which was the Nichitsu Brain. The Brain is no longer in the Clinic and its disappearance is a hot subject to this day on a number of Japanese forms and blogs.

The most often encountered ghosts are those of 2 little girls who generally stay in the vicinity of the Clinic. Their apparitions are seen most often by other children – who they usually tell to run and hide – but are seen by adults as well.

Whether they are seen or unseen they are usually reported as either laughing or crying; sometimes they switch between both. Curiously, we have no reports where either girl is alone; they are always together.

Objects are also reported as moving on their own in the Clinic but this is difficult to prove as all the buildings in the town are open to the air and any wind. There are also many reports throughout the town – most commonly in the Clinic area – of the feeling that someone just left the room you just walked into despite no one else being in the entire town.

Being in the mountains; fog and mist is very common in the valley and can appear very quickly without warning. When the fog moves in visitors have reported something moving quickly through the mists that does not respond to anyone calling out and always stays out of reach.

Other Activity: electrical disturbances; disembodied voices; unexplained noises; light anomalies and feelings of being watched and not being wanted.



(Chibichiri Cave)

1153-1 Namihira

Okinawa, Japan 904-0322


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On a side note, for those who say this could never happen again in 1987 a group of right-wing ultra-nationalist activists attacked the cave destroying part of the shrine set up here in remembrance.

They said it insulted the Emperor.

The woman in charge of the keeping the caves safe said “I’m not anti-Japanese, I’m anti-lies”



In World War II on April 1, 1945 US Forces began the land invasion of Okinawa. This was after many days of shelling from the ships off-shore as well as low and high level bombing.

The civilians on the island had heard nothing but Japanese propaganda for many years now and were convinced the American soldiers would rape, murder and torture any civilian they found; it needs to be said this was exactly how the Imperial Japanese Army acted in every Country they invaded throughout the war. They were, therefore, absolutely terrified and fled their cities and town and went into hiding.

The Japanese Army told the civilian population to commit suicide rather than be taken by the Americans and passed out poison and hand grenades to the civilians. They were told there was greater glory in dying by their own hands for their Emperor.

140 civilians took shelter in the Chibichiri Cave and when they US forces approached the cave, they used a translator to assure the civilians they would be safe. Of course, they were not believed and some of civilians tried to attack the Americans with bamboo spears; they were shot by the Americans in defense. Unavoidable, but it didn’t help the growing concern.

Then the unthinkable happened.

One 18-year-old girl cried out, “mommy kill me! Don’t let them rape me!” Her mother, of course, did as asked and this set off a wave of parents killing their children to protect them. 84 of the 140 people in the cave died.

A perfect historical example of what Nationalistic Right Wing proganda leads to.


Paranormal Activity

This location is posted on many lists of the most haunted in Asia but that does seem to be related to the activity but rather to make sure we never forget and that something like this never happens again.

Lest we forget. . .

While entry into the cave is now forbidden there are quite a few bones and skulls of the children who were killed in terror by their own parents. Understandably, the residents of Okinawa objected to the remains of their ancestors being treated like a carnival sideshow.

The outside of the cave is still accessible and filled with shrines to the horror that took place.

People report an overwhelming and overpowering feeling of sadness – many people are brought to tears and have to leave.

Misty apparitions were seen in the cave and now are occasionally seen fearfully looking out of the cave. Disembodied voices, whispers of help and screams are also reported to come out of the cave.