Quirpon Island, NL

Off the Coast of the Great Northern Peninsula

Status: Natural Wonder (Island); Legend



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This is a small island off of the north coast of Newfoundland in the Strait of Belle Isle.

There is only one place to stay here at the Lighthouse Inn which is accessible only a boat. The lighthouse is owned by the Government of Canada but the Inn is privately owned.

This island is the origins of the Isle of Demons.


Paranormal Activity

This island is considered to be the best choice for the so-called Isle of Demons – if the island ever existed at all.

Or perhaps it just disappeared into the mists of time.

The Isle of Demons first appeared on European maps in the 16th century and disappeared again in the 17th century.

The legend dates back to the Aboriginal tribes who avoided the island believing it was populated by the spirits of the dead.

The European colonists believed the island to be populated by demons and vicious beasts that would attack passing ships or anyone stupid enough to land on it’s shores.

In the mid-16th century, a French Noblewoman – Marguerite de la Rocque – is said to have been marooned here - with her lover - after having a shipboard affair with a sailor. To this day the apparitions of the couple are seen on the island.

That being said, many believe the couple was actually marooned at what is now Harrington Harbour, Quebec.