10 North Main Street, Buffalo, WY

(307) 684-0451

Status: Historic 2 Star Hotel



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This hotel was founded in 1800 and was located near the famous Bozeman Trail.

It quickly became one of the best and well known hotels in the State. It’s famous guests from the Old West period include Buffalo Bill Cody, Calamity Jane, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Frank Canton and even Teddy Roosevelt.

Eventually, the hotel was expanded and by the 20th century it was attracting guests from all over the world.

The Great Depression of the 1930’s began the hotels downfall as everyone’s money become to dry up. By the 1980’s the hotel had become run down and seemed to be destined for nothing more than the wrecking ball.

In 1997 Dawn Dawson bought the hotel and changed it’s fate. Over 10 years she not only restored it but got the hotel placed on the National Historical Register.

David and Jackie Stewart – who became managing partners in 2008 – took over ownership of the hotel in 2015 and remain so.

Today to step inside the hotel is to step into the Old West; even the bullet holes in the saloon are left from that time. All the suites and rooms are decorated in period style and filled with antiques.

Modern amenities are also included like free wifi, AC and private baths.


Paranormal Activity

This hotel tops many lists as the most haunted hotel and place in the State.

The hotel hosted ghost tours pre-Covid; hopefully they will return again soon.

While historians argue over whether the hotel was ever used as bordello there is a Bordello Suite in the modern hotel. The building’s most famous ghost, Emily, is said to have been daughter of one of the ladies of the night and keeps her haunting close to this room.

The room she is said to have passed away is now used a break room and is a small room right next to the Bordello Room.

Emily is a young girl said to have died of cholera in the early 20th century. She said to be painfully thin with long dark hair and wearing a white gown.

Emily is a mischievous ghost who likes to play with the guests. She is known for tapping you on the shoulder or pulling on your shirt. She also likes to appear at the foot of beds in rooms near the Bordello Suite.

She will also move furniture around in your room.

Teddy Roosevelt has been seen in the upstairs library.

The apparitions of cowboys have also been seen in the public spaces of the hotel.

Other Reported Activity: shadow figures; cold spots; disembodied voices; unexplained noises and feelings of not being alone.