(Lawler-Ford Road)(Al Foster Trail)

Highway 109 and Old State Road, Wildwood, MO

Status: Former Road, Hiking and Biking Trail


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This road was originally built in 1860’s and called the Lawler-Ford Road. The original purpose of the road was to provide access to the river and the railroad tracks. At the time it was gravel road for use by horses or horse and buggy – no cars in the 1860’s.

Although it was eventually paved it was never a main road and at only 10 feet wide with curves through dense forest that made it hard to see who was coming. By the 1950’s it was rarely used by cars but had become a teenage hang out.

Until the mid-1940’s this area was used as a resort. This has left numerous abandoned and degraded structures visible from the road.

In the 1950’s was when the road got the name Zombie Road. It probably got the name from an Urban Legend that there was a man who lived in the woods and would murder teen couples looking for privacy. He was called the Zombie Killer.

The road cuts through some the largest Indigenous Burial Mounds in the area.

The trail closes 30 minutes after sundown and opens 30 minutes before sunrise. Being on the trail after dark is trespassing and you will be ticketed if the police find you. So keep your exploring to the daylight hours.


Paranormal Activity

Della McCullough was hit and killed by a train near this road in 1876. Her apparition is still seen and is thought to have been the start of the Zombie Killer legend.

Apparitions of the indigenous people from before the European settlement are reported. Apparitions of Confederate soldiers still roam the woods from the Civil War. Apparitions of men in late 19th early 20th centuries factory/industrial clothing are also seen.

Apparitions are also seen in the decaying abandoned houses in the forest. Often in the doorways or watching from the empty windows.

Groups of children have been seen wandering the woods. Strangely, there are no stories of single ghost children – they only travel in groups.

Shadow figures are commonly seen in the woods. There are other reports of what have been described as non-human entities.

Other Activity: disembodied voices; feelings of not being alone and being watched; electrical disturbances; unexplainable mists – some traveling against the wind and light anomalies.