728 West Main Street, Yorktown, TX

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Status: Former Hospital; Tourist Attractions; Paranormal Investigations are Available; Open 11am - 6pm Monday to Saturday

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This hospital was built and founded by the Felician Sisters, a Roman Catholic Order, in 1950. The hospital closed down in 1988 and became a drug rehabilitation center.

Currently the facility is completely abandoned. Reports indicate that something a little less than 2,000 lives were lost in this hospital while it was operating. The hospital is over 30,000 square feet and contains 3 floors including a basement and a chapel.

This location is privately owned and open for paranormal investigations.


Paranormal Activity

This location is considered one of the most paranormally active in the world.

If the lights are turned on the activity will calm down but as soon as those lights are turned off apparitions can be seen walking the hallways.

There are many reports of evil and dark forces being very active at this site. Dolls on site have been reported as talking to investigators.

Apparitions of former staff and patients have been witnessed. Black objects about the size of a large dog are seen moving about the building. Glowing red eyes floating in the air have been witnessed. Tapping has been heard on the glass on a door that seals off a closed stairway. Phantom organ music has been recorded in the old chapel.

Other activity: light anomalies, malfunctions in battery equipment and phantom footsteps.