680 Adams Avenue, Memphis, TN

(901) 526-1469

Status: Former Residence; Former School; Heritage Property; Museum; Ghost Tours Formerly Available



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This Victorian mansion was built in 1871 by Amos Woodruff who made his fortune constructing carriages.

The house is located on what was once called Millionaires Row.

In 1883 Woodruff sold the mansion to Noland Fontaine – another Memphis businessman – who lived in the mansion until 1929.

The house then bought by Rosa Lee who converted it into an art school. In 1959 the school moved to Overton Park and the mansion was left abandoned.

In 1961 the Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities bought the house and converted it into a historical museum.

The museum is open to the public as well as being bookable for events such as parties and weddings.


Paranormal Activity

There have been ghost tours in the past through Viator but they are no longer bookable. It is unknown whether they will be available in the future or not.

This location’s most famous ghost is that of Mollie Woodruff.

She spends most of her time in her former bedroom on the second floor called the Rose Room. She is often seen by the impressions she leaves on the bedspread on her bed. However, it is inaccessible by the living as it is roped off.

There is at least one report of her apparition appearing in her bedroom. She casually spoke to the people present explaining how her furniture was arranged when she was alive and how she would like to be returned to that lay out.

She also has appeared around the rest of the mansion and seems to be acting like the gracious hostess she would have been in life; making sure people are happy and enjoying her home.

On at least one occasion she followed a ghost tour and listened in on what was being said.

There is also an unidentified male entity who – unlike Molly – is extremely unfriendly. His presence makes people jittery, uneasy and feel unwanted. He has even torn a necklace from the neck of female employee.