Wisconsin Memorial Hospital

(Farwell’s Point)

3158 Memorial Drive, Madison, WI

Status: Former VA Hospital; Former Insane Asylum: Closed and Abandoned


This facility sits on the grounds of a mental health institute including both medium and maximum security criminal facilities.

This is where Ed Gein was housed to give you an idea as to who is imprisoned here.


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Construction on the main 3 storey brick building began in 1921 as a facility to heal the mental illnesses of returning World War I soldiers. It was completed and began taking in patients in 1923.

The State of Wisconsin ran the facility until 1937 and it was originally completely separate from the nearby Wisconsin Hospital for the Insane (Medota Mental Institute). The Veteran’s Administration took over the facility from 1937 to July, 1948.

While under the VA the facility was known as Farwell’s Point.

The institution was returned to the State at that point.

Wisconsin quickly used it to house patients while the mid-19th Century Kirkbride building was torn down and replaced by modern buildings at the Medota State Hospital.

Although the 17 Tudor style cottages that once were part of the veteran’s facility are still used this building has been closed since 1994.

In 2009 the State attempted to demolish the building quietly and had even hired a contractor before the media caught on and brought the subject into the limelight. It was claimed that refurbishment could be done just as cheaply as demolishment.

The building no longer meets the fire code and, so, cannot be used. Despite the media’s claims refurbishment would cost the State millions so, as per the most recent reports it still sits abandoned on the campus.


Paranormal Activity

Aside from being a former asylum/hospital and the resulting deaths from that it is said the facility was built on Native American burial grounds. There are numerous serpent burial mounds on the campus so this may be more than a rumor.

Reported activity: apparitions of former staff and patients including men in World War I era uniforms have been seen both on the grounds and in the building; faces have also been seen looking out of the building as well as shadows passing by them; phantom screams and disembodied voices are heard; time slips; light anomalies including unexplained lights moving through the building and on the grounds; electrical disturbances and feelings of not being alone and being watched.