21 N First Avenue, Evansville, IN

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Status: Public Library; Annual Paranormal Investigation



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This is a private donation library that was incorporated in 1881 by Willard Carpenter. Willard was an agent of the Underground Railroad so was very concerned that the library be available for anyone who wanted to use it.

A true “public” library which was all but unheard of in the late 18th century.

The library was not declared haunted until 1936 when a custodian quit his job after reporting running into the spectral figure of a lady in grey in the building’s basement.

Since then, the grey lady has become Evansville’s most famous ghost with the library featuring many tours and 24/7 ghost cam set up with internet access.


Paranormal Activity

No one knows the identity of the lady in grey – although most think she is the daughter of the founder Louise Carpenter - but her apparition is dressed in clothes from the late 19th century. Her ghost is seen all over the library and has been witnessed by both staff and patrons.

The library runs 6 ghost cams 24/7 which are accessible via the Website Link we have posted above.

Other activity: light anomalies, smell of perfume, water taps that turn themselves on and off, unexplained noises, cold spots. reports of being touched, books and furniture being moved and strange items being found.