26 Marlborough Street, Newport, RI

(401) 849-3600

Status: Heritage Building (Oldest Tavern in the USA)



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The original building in this location was built in 1652 and enlarged to become a tavern in 1673.

Although the license to actually become a tavern wasn’t issued until 1687 the building was used as a meeting place as well as a court house and a city hall. It was first named the White Horse Tavern in 1730.

During the American Revolution the building was used for quarters for the British Forces during the occupation of Newport and the Battle of Rhode Island.

After a long history as a boarding house a large amount of money was donated for renovation of the building back into a tavern in 1952. Once the renovation was complete the building was sold and has functioned as a privately owned bar and restaurant ever since.


Paranormal Activity

This location is considered one to be of the most haunted restaurants in the United States.

The apparition of a woman is seen wandering throughout the building; she has a tendency to disappear suddenly when she is near the fireplace.

In 1720 two men came to the tavern looking for a room. In the morning one of the men had completely disappeared and the other one was found dead by the fireplace. The male ghost seen near the fireplace is thought to be the man whose body was found there.

Yet another fireplace – this may be the same ghost as the man above the reports at this location tend to overlap - is haunted by a man in colonial dress who is thought to be another patron found dead by mysterious causes – this time in a second floor room. This ghost is also seen in the men’s bathroom. Despite frequently the male washroom he is said to be particularly fond of female patrons.

Another ghost has been nicknamed the “guardian of the building” and, although they never show themselves, seems to keep eye on the staff sometimes reminding them to lock up the building by tapping them on the shoulder.

Outside of the bathrooms on the second floor the phantom sounds of a little girl crying are reported. Phantom footsteps are commonly heard on the second floor.

Many patrons have felt a heavy hand on their shoulder only to turn around and see no one there.