West Jessamine High School

2101 Wilmore Road, Nicholasville, KY

Suggested by Sarah Ann

(859) 887-2421

Status: Execution Site; Cholera Mass Grave Site; Public High School



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This school was opened in 1997 when the County High School was split into 2 schools; East Jessamine and West Jessamine. West Jessamine got to use the original team name, Colts.

It is widely accepted that three “witches” were executed and buried on what is now part of the school grounds. There is some historical evidence of this event making it not so easily dismissed as an urban legend.

In 1849 a cholera pandemic spread through parts of the United States including this part of Kentucky. Due to the numbers of deaths mass graves were used. The old football field – used for practices by the football team now – was built over top of one of these mass graves.


Paranormal Activity

This location is a prime example of paranormal activity purely related to the history of the land and unrelated to the current structure. Generally, the answer to the question: How can my brand new house (school) be haunted?

Unsurprisingly, the three witches are the most famous ghosts.

Per a Facebook user who went to school here these are the instructions for finding the witches’ gravesite.

“Go to the back of the new football field and to the left you will find an old stone fence, follow it down until you come to a circle and in that circle, you will find 3 head stones.”

Now that being said no one – including the user posting this – has ever found the gravesite either following these instructions or not.

The apparitions of the three witches have been seen in the school as three figures dressed in red robes wandering the halls. They are generally seen by staff and custodial staff after classes are finished and often accompanied by the phantom smell of roses.

The witches are also credited with the overwhelming reports of poltergeist activity reported by students and staff including: electrical disturbances; toilets flushing including one right after another in the girl’s washroom; doors – both lockers and classroom – opening and closing on their own; touches by unseen entities; cold spots and chilly breezes; objects moving their own and feelings of being watched and not being alone.

There are also reports by the custodial staff of having garbage cans thrown at them.

There are also reports of vehicles starting on the own in the school’s parking lots.

A dark robed figure identified as male has also seen in the empty halls and is often accompanied by the phantom sound of humming.

The lights of the main football field are reported as turning on and off on their own in the middle of the night.

In the area of the old football field – where the mass grave site is – shadow figures have been seen after dark and there is one report of a chain link gate being padlocked on it’s own.

On the level of an urban legend, it is said if you park your car in the lot where the 2 football fields meet at midnight facing the front lot with your doors locked and keys on the roof your headlights will turn on and off on their own.