University of Alaska, Anchorage

2533 Providence Drive


Status: Public Building on a University Campus - Only Open for Specific Events


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This auditorium on the University Of Alaska (Anchorage) was named after the late jazz musician and UAA professor John Wendell “Wendy” Williamson. It is the largest auditorium in the entire State and has hosted everything from concerts to plays to the Miss Alaska pageant.

Construction was begun in 1973 but halted due to financial issues. It was later finished in 1976 but in a diminished state hence the elevator shaft with no elevator, doors that go nowhere and an unfinished catwalk. The building has been described as creepy and is said to have an unusual energy around it.

Paranormal Activity

Six ghosts have been identified at this location.

The haunted activity started immediately; as soon as people began using the theatre. There are no reported deaths in the theatre or on the grounds it occupies. This location is an anomaly. The most common reason given for the level of paranormal activity is that they are attracted to the emotional energy present here.

The most common is the “woman in white” who has been seen throughout the theatre. She is most famous for floating in the back ground at a play. When the actors were asked how they got the girl in the back to float they were confused. There was no girl floating like that in the play – yet she was witnessed by the entire audience.

Another ghost is thought to be a male musician – possibly Wendy Williamson himself – that does not like the portrait of Williamson in the lobby. When it’s hung it’s removed during the night and set on the floor without any damage being caused. There were multiple attempts to rehang it until one night the metal wire on the back was snapped in half – the theater gave up after that.

Testimonial By Sharlin

I have a picture of the woman in white!