102 W Mimosa Drive, Jonesboro, GA

(678) 685-1821

Status: Former Residence, Former Hospital, Heritage Property, Historic Battlefield, Event Center


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This home was built by Guy L Warren an agent of the Macon Western Railroad who was one of the town's first commissioners in 1840. The Civil War broke out soon after and the Confederate Forces soon seized the house as a field hospital.

On September 2, 1864 the area fell to the Union Forces and the 52nd Illinois Infantry took over the house and used it as their field hospital. The Battle of Jonesboro took place on the front lawn of this house. The battle was lost by the Confederates and soon Atlanta was taken - a huge step toward the end of the war.

In 1936 the new owner of the house (a relative of the one of the original Confederate defenders of Jonesboro) began a restoration of the building. When he removed the wallpaper, he discovered the names of the Union soldiers that had been confined to the hospital carved into the walls.

One of the visitors to the home in 1936-37 was Margaret Mitchell doing research for what would become one of the greatest novels in American history - Gone with The Wind.

The home is now the oldest structure in Jonesboro and can be booked for weddings, meetings etc.


Paranormal Activity

Given its history there is, remarkably, very little paranormal activity here.

Quite often the apparition of a Confederate soldier is seen holding a candle looking out of a window.

There are also reports of feelings of unease and of being watched.