48-5561A Waipio Valley Road, honokaa, hi

Status: Natural Wonder; Historical Location


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Waipi’o means curved water in the Hawaiian language.

This valley is on the big island of Hawaii and was the capital and seat of the early Hawaiian Kings. The road down into the valley is the steepest road in the United States; only 4-wheel drive vehicles are allowed to use it.

The shoreline is black sand and many waterfalls pour over the edge into the valley with the biggest one of the back end of the valley.


Paranormal Activity

This valley is haunted by the Hukai’po – The Night Marchers.

Although there have been a few reports of them marching in the day they are most commonly seen at night. The Night Marchers appear to be ancient warriors either marching to or from a battle. They are holding ancient weapons and are dressed in decorated helmets and cloaks. They march to the sound of a beating drum.

They are said to march above of the ground but there have been reports of them leaving footprints behind. They carry torches and are often heard chanting.

Legend says watching the Night Marchers or otherwise attracting their attention is very back luck. Anyone witnessing this paranormal activity is urged to lie on the ground and wait for them to pass. They will not deviate from their path toward living humans.

Many people believe they are forever marching toward an entrance to the next world that they can never find.

Although this valley is the most common place the Night Marchers are found they also can be found other places on the islands.


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