3201 Clay Street, Vicksburg, MS

(601) 636-0583

Status: Historic Battlefield; Military Park



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During the Civil War Vicksburg was an important Confederate stronghold. High cliffs formed the banks for the Mississippi River allowing the Confederates to easily mount guns and completely cut the river and access to the Gulf of Mexico from the Union troops. President Abraham Lincoln himself stated that Vicksburg was the key to a Union victory. The taking of the town would split the Confederacy in half and open an important trade route for the Union.

Multiple attempts were made by the Union forces to take Vicksburg; but all failed.

In the fall of 1862 General Ulysses Grant was ordered to the take the town and open the river up for trade. By mid-May of 1863 Grant had forced the Confederate forces into many small battles by luring them away from the town; these battles would result in Union victories and the town being surrounded. Thinking the Confederates would be demoralized Grant attacked the town but was unable to take it and the battle resulted in 30,000 Union casualties; the attack became a siege.

The Confederates held despite massive holes in their defenses and awaited help that was never to come. General Robert E Lee decided to push north into Union territory rather than turn south to help Vicksburg.

his decision would result in his first defeat at Gettysburg, PA.

On July 4, 1863 Vicksburg surrendered after being under constant bombardment by both the river and surrounding lands and with most of the Confederate soldiers either starving or deathly ill.

The Confederate defeats at Gettysburg and Vicksburg were thought to be the turning point of the Civil War and make a Union victory inevitable. The Confederacy would not fall so easily; it took two more years of intense fighting before the war would end.

This battlefield is now a Military Park managed by the National Park Service and is open to the public during the day.


Paranormal Activity

Inside the park there is a monument to the Pennsylvanian forces called the Five Faces because of 5 bronze medallions with the faces of the Pennsylvanian Commanders. It is said that on rainy days these faces cry drops of blood.

Smoke has been seen coming out of the cannon at the Texas monument.

Apparitions of soldiers are seen still walking the open fields and the forests.

Phantom sounds of battle are often heard including cannon and gun fire, screams and shouted orders. Light anomalies and unexplained mists (including ones that form on sunny days seemingly out of now where) are often reported. The phantom smells of gunpowder and smoke is often reported.