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Status: Decommissioned Des Moines Class Heavy Cruiser

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By Unknown author - U.S. Navy photo <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="">80-G-K-11921</a>, Public Domain, Link


The USS Salem was the last US all gun heavy cruiser to be built. Her keel was first laid on July 4, 1945 and she began her shakedown cruise on March 25, 1947. and was commissioned on May 14, 1949. She is a Des Moines Class Heavy Cruiser.

There were only 3 Des Moines Heavy Cruisers constructed: USS DEs Moines, USS Salem and USS Newport News. Only the Newport News fired her guns in anger - Vietnam - and the Salem is the only surviving Heavy Cruiser today.

During her career she performed as the flagships of both the 6th and 2nd Fleets and sailed the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. She has never fired her guns in anger but did have her share of death when she functioned as a hospital ship during the relief mission following the 1963 Ionian earthquake where she was the first US ship on the scene.

She has performed many exercises with the British, Greek, Italian and French Navies while performing her duties. She was also part of a US show of Naval power during many crises in the Middle East which kept open conflicts from breaking out.

In 1959 she was decommissioned but held in reserve at the Philadelphia Shipyards for a war with the Soviet Union that never came. In October of 1994 she sailed to her final harbor at Quincy, MA.

She now functions as a museum ship and paranormal investigations are available on selected Friday nights to be booked – see the website link above.


Paranormal Activity

A shadow figure has been seen walking in the corridors near the anchor room. Apparitions are most commonly seen in the ward room (shadow figures are also seen crossing this room), dentist’s office, infirmary and lower ops. Apparitions have also been seen near the starboard hatches in the forward wardroom.

Throughout the ship phantom noises are heard of the former crew still doing their duties from when the ship was functional and battle ready. Phantom footsteps and disembodied voices are heard. The sounds of men running across the upper decks by witnesses below are reported when the ship is otherwise empty.

Due to safety concerns the room that was used as a morgue for earthquake victims is off limits to investigations.