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This ship was the lead ship of the North Carolina Class of fast battleships built by the US Navy. There was only one other North Carolina Class ship;w the USS Washington. Fast battleships emphasised speed without much compromise on armor and armaments.

The ship was built in the New York US Naval Shipyard. She was laid down in 1937 and completed in April of 1941 previous to Pearl Harbor and US involvement in World War II.

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor the North Carolina was initially sent into the Atlantic to counter a possible sortie by the Nazi battleship Tripitz – sister ship to the Bismark – but the Tripitz never came out to fight.

She was then transferred to the Pacific Fleet in the war against Japan. The North Carolina joined the battle and invasion of Guadalcanal running screen for the aircraft carriers and shooting down multiple Japanese aircraft.

In September of 1942 she was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine resulting in the deaths of 5 sailors but not significantly damaging the ship. She put in for repairs but joined the US fleet to take part in the Marshall and Mariana Islands campaigns.

The North Carolina was present during the latter part of the Philippines campaign as well as the battles for both Iwo Jima and Okinawa. She was also involved in many attacks on Japan.

When Japan surrendered the North Carolina brought US servicemen back to the States. She then patrolled the Atlantic coast before being decommissioned in 1947.

In 1960 she was removed from the Naval Vessel Register and only avoided the scrap yard by a campaign in her namesake State. In 1962 she was anchored in Wilmington and became a ship museum.


Paranormal Activity

Apparitions of former sailors have been seen on the ship including one in a bathroom and a blonde-haired young man seen wandering the corridors. Apparitions and shadow figures are seen looking out of portholes and around corners in the ship.

Objects have moved on their own and been thrown at people, doors and hatches open and close on their own, phantom footsteps, disembodied voices and touches by unseen presences.

Lights flickering and turning on and off on their own as well as other electrical disturbances, feelings of being watched, not being alone and being followed, light anomalies, cold spots and unexplained mists.