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Originally named the USS Kearsarge this Essex Class aircraft carrier was renamed the USS Hornet when the 7th ship named Hornet was lost in action in October, 1942.

She was launched on August 30, 1943 and after a year of sea trials she joined the US Forces in the Pacific against the forces of Imperial Japan. She participated in every major US Naval action in 1944.

In World War II she played large parts in the invasions of New Guinea, Caroline Islands and the Mariana Islands. She also took part in the Battle of The Philippine Sea, first launching aircraft to decimate Japanese land aircraft and then in the so-called Mariana's Turkey Shoot which effectively ended Japanese Naval Air ability in the war; 395 of the 430 Japanese naval aircraft were shot down.

The Hornet was also part of the aerial assaults on Indo-China and the Japanese home islands as well as supporting the invasion of Iwo Jima and Okinawa where her planes helped sink the mighty battleship Yamato.

Despite being in service for 16 continuous months and being subjected to 59 air attacks during the war the Hornet was not hit once. She earned 9 Battle Stars for her service in the war. After being overhauled in San Francisco her final mission in the war was Operation Magic Carpet which brought home the troops after the Japanese surrender.

In the Cold War she served with distinction in the Vietnam War and other conflicts and tensions in Indo-China. She also picked up the Apollo 11 capsule after the first mission to the Moon.

This historical ship was decommissioned on June 26, 1970 and removed from the Naval Vessel Register on July 25, 1989. In 1998 she was sailed from Puget Sound to her current berth in Alameda and opened as a public museum.


Paranormal Activity

This aircraft carrier is considered the most haunted ship that served in the US Navy. Although she was never hit in battle, she and her flight crew participated in the deaths of countless thousands.

Apparitions of sailors and aviators have been seen all over the ship. Phantom World War II era planes have been seen taking off and landing on her deck. Objects move on their own and disappear only to reappear at the later time in a completely different place.

Doors open and close on their own and people have been shoved, pulled and tugged by invisible presences. Feelings of sadness, being watched, not being alone, fear and unease have been reported.

Shadow figures still walk her halls and her rooms and decks. Toilets have flushed on their own. Disembodied voices, screams, shouts, cries and other unexplained noises are heard on an almost constant basis.

Light anomalies and unexplained mists have been seen and photographed.

She has been described as having a very eerie feeling overall.