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Status: USN Pennsylvania Class Super Dreadnought Battleship; Submerged in Pearl Harbor; Memorial



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The Arizona was commissioned in 1914 to honor the state of Arizona’s admission into the Union. Her keel was laid in the Brooklyn Naval Yards and she was the second and last of the “Pennsylvania” class super dreadnought battleships.

She remained in the States for World War I but was part of the fleet that took President Wilson to the Paris Peace Conference.

In 1919 the Arizona was sent to the Mediterranean to represent American interests in the Grecco-Turkish War. Upon returning to the States, she was transferred to the Pacific Fleet in San Diego.

In the 1920’s and 30’s the Arizona participated in Fleet training exercises. In 1940 the ship – with the rest of the Pacific Fleet – transferred to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii to counter aggression by Imperial Japan.

She is the most famous ship sunk in the Pearl Harbor attack at a loss of 1,177 lives. Most of ships sunk in the surprise Japanese attack were refloated. The Arizona could not be as a bomb penetrated her magazine causing a massive explosion and damaging the ship beyond repair.

The Arizona Memorial was dedicated on May 30, 1962 to everyone who died in the attack June 7, 1941.

The memorial was built over the mostly submerged wreck of the ship. It does not touch the wreck at any point.


Paranormal Activity

It is said that one high ranking officer was not at his station during the attack as he had to attend to a personal matter. As with most of the crew of the ship he was killed in the attack. His apparition now wanders the decks of the ship at low tide still trying to make up for neglecting his duty at the worst possible time.

Feelings of intense and over whelming and sudden sadness are also reported. As well the intense terror the sailors must have felt during the attack is felt by some.