36°24'49.1"N 104°59'53.0"W

Philmont Scout Ranch, colfax county, nm

Status: Geographical Site; Sacred Site; Rural Legend


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By Kbh3rd - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5730733 


Supernatural and spiritual stories and legends in this area date to prehistory. Many believe it to contains a gateway to the underworld.

Which has been twisted to mean a Gateway to Hell in modern times.

The flat mesa does contain large amounts of lodestone – highly magnetic - which will play havoc with everyone’s compass who comes too close making it very easy to get disorientated and lost.

There is also the shape of a skull – which is even visible on topographical maps – at it’s topmost area making it somewhat unnerving at the very least.

Its also the point most hit by lightning in the entire State making it dangerous, if not downright lethal, during a storm.

The people who repeatedly camp in the area and the staff of the camp will tell you the ghost stories and legends are nothing more than tall tales at best. Easily dismissed until you realize that there is no camping on the mesa – except under extreme circumstances – and no one ever wanders it after dark.


Paranormal Activity

Urraca means magpie in Spanish. Magpies are members of the crow family and known for being extremely tricky and mischievous as well as – like many members of the crow family – able to ferry the dead both to and from the underworld.

And according to Irish legend one magpie means "sorrow".

Legend says there was a great battle on mesa between good and evil. While good won they only sealed the evil behind a portal in the western eye of skull shape located at the topmost point of the mesa. Cat totems can be found in the area protecting the portal; totems said to have been left by the shaman who sealed the portal.

Cats vs magpies has a certain sense of logic to it.

Legend says should all the cat totems be removed or destroyed the gateway will rip open and the evil behind it will escape. Of the original 6 totems only 2 remain.

It is believed that the entire tribe took place in the battle and those few who survived left the area forever. It is historically true that the Pueblo peoples lived here for a millennium and then suddenly disappeared almost over night.

Sensitive individuals, dating back to the aboriginal populations who lived here long before the Spanish, British or American colonizers, claim to feel the presence of dark entities and other evil spirits here but cannot say exactly where they are.

This area was also used as a rest stop for cowboys moving herds of cattle. There are numerous stories of the apparitions of cowboys in the area. They neither interact with nor approach the living but usually stand at a distance seemingly observing.

Many people say wild animals will approach and follow humans for far longer and far more intensely than would be normal.

The apparition of a ghostly boy scout is seen and thought to be a scout who went missing in the area. His body has never been found.

Other Reported Activity: apparitions and shadow figures; unexplained breezes moving against the wind; disembodied whispers; light anomalies including flashing lights and feelings of being watched, followed and stalked.