Routes 59 and CT-136, Easton, CT

(203) 375-4932

Status: Historical Haunted Cemetery; Closed After Dark


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For over 400 years the area has been used as a cemetery.

It is considered to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in all of North America.


Paranormal Activity

The White Lady

There are many stories as to the origins of the white lady: a woman who died in childbirth, a woman who murdered her husband or perhaps a murder victim herself.

Either way she has been appearing along the cemetery’s border with Route 59 for decades. She is described as wearing a white night gown with her face concealed in a white bonnet.

She likes to jump out in front of vehicles driving by the cemetery and – on at least one occasion – has left a dent in the car that hit her. Her ghost was no where to be seen but the damage suggested at least some of her is solid.

Red Eyes

Red Eyes is often seen watching people in the cemetery from the surrounding bushes.

Other have reported hot breath on the back of their necks only to turn around and see those Red Eyes right behind them.

The Red Eyes have even chased people out of the cemetery.

Red Eyes is thought to be the ghost of Earle Kellog who was set on fire and burned to death across the street from the cemetery.