Trivette Clinic

thank you to mariah poole for suggesting this location

290 Eagle Mills Road, Hamptonville, NC

(704) 539-4709

Status: Former Hospital; Former Nursing Home; Former Addiction Clinic; Former Supper Club; Heritage Property

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Built in 1932 by Dr William Amos Trivette this building was originally a full-service hospital.

The hospital operated until 1939. Dr Trivette passed away in 1938 from pneumonia and his wife decided it was best to close the clinic.

The new owners created the rather strange combination a supper club and a detox/rehabilitation clinic in the building.

In 1945 it was converted into a nursing home then a private residence in the early 1960s inhabited by the Campbell who would build greenhouses and run a nursery business.

In 1980 the family sold the building. An attempt to continue the nursery was attempted but ultimately failed. The property was left to deteriorate.

In 2010 the current owners bought the property and began a restoration of it.

In 2011 the owners began to allow paranormal investigations on the site.


Paranormal Activity

Many people believe this location is home to 70+ ghosts. Investigations can be booked through the phone number above. Third parties also book community investigations through their respective websites.

The most well known ghost is that of William Trivette himself.

There are also 2 little girls haunting the building. One named Majesty who stays in the basement and likes to play with a ball. Another named Nancy that stays on the upper floor and is known for opening and closing a wardrobe’s doors.

Another child, a boy named Jimmy, is also reported as haunting the building.

Jimmy may be the ghost of a 4 year old boy who was burned to death by falling into a boiling liquid. His disembodied laughter has been reported and his fast phantom footsteps have been heard in the building. He also likes to pull on investigator’s clothes and roll things along the floor.

There are also the ghosts of 2 nurses that have been named Helen and Polly.

A male ghost named Phillip haunts the former operating room. Phillip has been confirmed as a former nursing house employee by another employee. Phillip is also seen looking out of the former operating room’s windows.

The apparitions of former patients are also seen in the building. As well ghostly faces are reported looking out of the windows even when the building is empty.

Other reported activity: shadow figures; objects moving on their own; electric disturbances; light anomalies and feelings of not being alone and being watched.