(Weston State Hospital)

50 south river avenue, Weston, WV

(304) 269-5070

Status: Former Asylum; Tourist Attraction


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Yet another hospital built on Kirkbride design (see Danvers State Hospital) this structure was built between 1858 – 1881 and opened its doors to patients in 1864.

Construction was halted by the outbreak of the Civil War when the money put aside for the construction was stolen when it was demanded by the State of Virginia after the West Virginia succession and an attempt was made to use it to finance a pro-Northern States government in Virginia. The money was eventually recovered and construction began again after West Virginia was officially recognized as a US State.

The name of the hospital was changed to Weston State Hospital in 1913.

As with many of its contemporaries this hospital quickly became dangerously overcrowded. The original design had been for 250 patients but by 1880 it held over 700 patients, then 1,600 in 1938 and 1,800 in 1949.

The population was made up mostly of epileptics, drug addicts and the mentally handicapped. Some parts of the hospital had limited lighting, heating and furniture while others (such a re-built wing after a patient set a fire) were almost luxurious.

Charles Manson was even a patient here for a short stay.

Again; like many of its contemporaries; when the 1980′s began to roll around and attitudes toward the mentally ill changed, the population began to decline. Eventually, it was decided to turn the hospital into a state prison and build a new hospital.

The new hospital was built in Weston and the old facility was closed. The doors were shut in May 1994.

Since its closure there have been many plans for the old hospital including turning it into a golf course. Two museums were built inside the main building but both were closed down due to fire code violations.

In 2007 the building was bought by an asbestos contractor for almost 2 million dollars and the grounds are now used for events such as county fairs. Tours are also offered of the facility both in the daytime and nighttime. As well overnight stays can be booked for Saturday nights.

Paranormal Activity

A lot of places advertise themselves as the most haunted place in the USA or North America. This is the one location that doesn’t need to advertise apparently. This is the only location where we have found reports by actual investigators that make this claim.

Reported activity – shadow figures, partial and full body apparitions (many partially inside of walls) of both patients and staff, disembodied voices, screams, laughter, crying, calls for help, mysterious mists, light anomalies, phantom footsteps, feeling of being watched and not wanted, EVP warning people to go home or leave, response to knocks, response to Spirit Boxes, windows and doors opening and closing on their own, touches and pushes, sound of breathing, objects disappearing and moving on their own and so on and so on.

If you want to experience the paranormal personally this location should be high on your list.