old Torrance State Hospital

121 Longview Drive, Torrance, PA

(724) 459-8000

Status: Former Insane Asylum; Forensic Psychiatric Hospital; Private Property: No Public Access



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Opened on November 25, 1919 as the Western State Hospital for the Insane. The first patients were transferred from Danville Hospital.

This was one of the first asylums built in the United States that broke away from the Kirkbride Plan and used the Cottage Plan instead. Numerous small buildings connected by an underground tunnel system rather than one huge building with wings out from the central administration center.

Patients were permitted to walk the grounds as nature was seen as a therapy.

The facility became full self-sufficient with even it’s own farm and livestock.

During the 1950s and 60s the population was at it’s highest averaging at about 3,300.

Part of the campus is still active, and the hospital now focuses on patients found not guilty due to insanity for men who have committed violent sex crimes. There is also a clinic on site focusing on adolescent boys unable to separate sexual fantasies from violence.

There are also a number of patients housed here who were transferred from community mental health clinics.

This facility focuses on treatment on individuals whose mental illnesses are considered long term or incurable.


Paranormal Activity

OPW does not condone trespassing, however, these reports of paranormal activity do stem from explorers who braved a criminal trespassing charge and entered the grounds.

There are at least 4 abandoned buildings on the campus all of which have reported activity. The grounds are also reported as being extremely haunted and active.

The haunting here is said to be very intelligent and will interact with the living. Although be warned, the restless spirits often do not have your best interests at heart, rather the opposite.

The ghost of a little girl is the most reported encounter here. Most often only her phantom ghostly laughter is heard on the grounds. Those that have more personal encounters with this entity have truly chilling tales to tell.

She will often appear in the broken glass filled windows of the Renner Building; if you don’t sense or see her, she will often tap on the glass to get your attention as you’re passing the building. She is usually wearing a nasty leer that does not fit on the face of the child.

She will then motion for you to come inside and join her. Should you follow here she will attempt to lead anyone to a place in the dark building where the floor has collapsed seemingly in hopes someone will fall through resulting in injuries or death.

Should you ignore her beckoning she will smile – an expression laced with malice – and fade away to nothingness. Some reports say the girl stuck her tongue out at them as she disappeared.

As most readers have deduced it is highly doubtful this is the ghost is a little girl but rather a dark or demonic entity.

Cars are known for suddenly stalling when approaching the grounds.

Those who have entered the grounds by car in the rain report their windshield wipers were stop and then begin to go backwards.

In the Diefert Building that seems to have housed the geriatric patients the ghost of an elderly lady still roams the halls and occupies her former room. Reports date back to when the building was still part of the hospital with nurses reporting a transparent apparition of a lady they recognized.

The lady’s room is said to be located at the end of a long hall and the phantom sounds of her still rocking in the chair she loved in life are often heard.

In the former main administration building disembodied voices are frequently reported including entire conversations in the ether. Time slips have also been witnessed where the environment will suddenly change into a busy and very active hospital and administration center.

Also, in the administration building doors will open and close on their own; usually slamming. There are even reports of all the doors slamming down a hallway reaching the end and slamming on the opposite side back toward to the witnesses.

The elevators are said to operate on their own here.

Massive amounts of etheric and kinetic energy are felt throughout the site but are strongest in administration building.

In the old Boiler Building that once heated the entire campus silver colored shadows often move quickly over the walls and floor. The phantom sounds of metal pounding on concrete is reported often here as well.

Those that have discovered the old tunnel system tell stories of apparitions; shadow figures; disembodied voices, screams and laughter as well being grabbed by unseen entities. People also report being grabbed by the ankles and then suddenly feeling weak in the legs and unable to walk.

Other reported activity: apparitions of former patients and staff; shadow figures; touches, pokes and pulls by unseen entities; objects moving on their own including old gurneys and wheel chairs being shoved at witnesses; light anomalies; electrical disturbances; phantom footsteps; unexplained mists including ones moving against the wind; cold and hot spots; unexplained noises from whispers to loud bangs; time and dimensional slips; empathic feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness and hopelessness; physical sensations including nausea, migraines and unexplained sudden pains; feelings of not being wanted, being actively hated, not being alone and being followed.

Once again, the activity here is said to be a very intelligent haunting that is very aware of the living and there are multiple accounts of the entities seeking to bring harm to the living.