Toronto Power Generating Station

7230 Niagara River Parkway, Niagara Falls, ON

Status: Former Hydro Electrical Generating Station; Heritage Building


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Completed and opened in 1906 by the Electrical Development Company of Ontario. Unsurprisingly this station was created to bring more power to the rapidly growing city of Toronto.

The plant was built on top of a deep pit with turbines at the bottom of the pit. The water ran down vertical pipes driving the turbines before coming out again at the bottom of Niagara Falls. At it’s prime it was generating 137,500 horsepower.

The plant was closed on February 15, 1974 when it was replaced by the Adam Beck Station downriver in Queenston.

In 2007 ownership of the site was passed to the Niagara Parks Commission. They are now in the process of


Paranormal Activity

Since it’s closure urban explorers have explored the property – which is trespassing – and when they returned with ghost stories paranormal investigators followed suit.

A strange energy wraps itself around this building after the sun sets – an energy our Founder Craig and Co Founder Elizabeth have experienced multiple times – an energy generally associated with buildings that are haunted.

Phantom sounds of the frozen and abandoned turbines – which haven’t moved in over 50 years – suddenly turning on are frequently heard. For that matter there is no power wired in the building at all; hasn’t been for decades.

People need the former offices in the building have reported hearing sounds as if desks and being moved and scraped along the floor. When they enter the offices there is no one present.

Disembodied voices are often heard coming from unoccupied rooms. One urban explorer was so sure there was someone else in the building talking he went looking for them. The room the voices had come from was completely empty; the voices stopped the moment he entered the room.