County Road 50, Bennett

Status: Massacre Site; Car Accident Site; Urban Legend


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This is not the first bridge to exist here. This concrete bridge was built in the 1970’s replacing the original wooden one.

The wooden foundations of the old bridge are still visible a few yards away from the modern bridge.

The Urban Legend about this bridge tells that it is haunted by the ghosts of the Sand Creek Massacre where Colonel John Chivington and his Colorado soldiers slaughtered an entire encampment of Arapaho and Cheyenne aboriginals including all the women and children.

While Sand Creek was definitely a hideous massacre, it took place about 130 miles from the bridge site and it is highly unlikely to be responsible for any of the paranormal activity at this site.

The event that proceeded Sand Creek, however, took place only 30 miles away and may be the source of some of the paranormal activity here. This was the slaughter of the family of Nathan Hungate which was blamed on the aboriginals which provided Chivington all the reason reason he needed for the slaughter at Sand Creek.

There have also been a number of car accidents on or near the bridge, including a particularly horrid one in 1997.

Two cars full of teenagers headed out to the haunted bridge but the lead vehicle lost control on the hill before the bridge and slammed into the guardrail. The driver was ejected resulting her becoming paralyzed, two other kids – aged 12 and 14 – were killed and 5 others were seriously injured. The second car flew off the road attempting to avoid the first resulting in injuries to the occupants but no fatalities.

In 2016 there was another car accident resulting in the deaths of 5 teenagers.


Paranormal Activity

The apparitions of aboriginals are reported here although they may be tulpas created by decades of people believing in the Sand Hill Massacre legend.

The phantom sound of Aboriginal drums is the most commonly reported paranormal activity at this site

The phantom sounds of a horse galloping and disembodied voices are heard throughout the area.

People often report seeing unexplained flashes of lights at the bridge as well.

In the last decade new activity has been reported including: the phantom sobs of a teenage girl crying and wrecked cars being seen in the dry gully below or the surrounding trees that will disappear if approached.

Some have seen the car accidents replay themselves on the road complete with screams and grisly details.