Bonmar Boulevard, Nashville, TN

Status: Former Maximum/Medium Security State Prison, Abandoned

No Public Access


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The original State Penitentiary on Church Street was opened in 1831. This prison housed female prisoners with the male prisoners and ran a strict policy of convict labor. Prisoners were expected to work up to 16 hours for terrible rations and slept in unventilated and unheated cells.

In the Civil War Union forces took over the prison to jail Confederate sympathizers. They somehow made it possible for conditions to worsen.

In 1898 a new penitentiary was built with the many of the out buildings being constructed with material from the original prison. In this, they brought over the energy of the pain and misery in that prison into the new prison which would create its own Hell.

In 1902 inmates blew a hole in the prison killing one inmate and allowing two others to escape – they were never recaptured. In 1907 stole a switch engine and used it to smash through the prison gates. In 1938 the prisoners staged a massive escape.

There were many fires, two riots and an uncountable number of inmates killed.

In 1989 the State opened a new prison; Riverbend Maximum Security Penitentiary out by the airport.

In 1992 this institution on Bonmar was closed permanently as part of a Class Action Suit that got a court injunction stopping any prisoner from being housed in this prison ever again.

Massive overcrowding and inhumane treatment were the highlights as to why the prison was forced closed.

During the March 2-3, 2020 tornado outbreak an EF3 tornado did significant damage to the abandoned facility.

Anyone entering the prison is subject to criminal trespassing charges; which is guarded by the owners meaning the Department of Corrections. Public safety is sited as the reason as the facility is now is such bad shape entrance to the property could result in severe injury or death.

The site is also full of asbestos.


Paranormal Activity

 Apparitions of former inmates including those executed in the Electric Chair are seen on site. Not surprisingly, considering the evil that once housed here, the apparitions have acted aggressively toward the living. In fact, most people who have been on this site describe a pervading sense of energy seeking to do them harm.

The ghostly sound of someone banging on the cell bars that echoes throughout the empty prison.

Disembodied wrenching screams. Some of these have been so loud and convincing that people thought someone else was on the property playing games.

Phantom footsteps – sometimes suddenly right behind you – but no one is there. It is without a doubt that you are being stalked by unseen presences if you enter this site.

Other Activity: shadow figures; time and dimensional slips; electrical disturbances; feelings of not being alone, not being wanted, being stalked and hunted; empathic feelings of hatred, sadness and a pervading sense of pure evil; light anomalies; cold spots.