2001 Garden Boulevard, Lima, OH

Status: Former Tuberculosis Sanatorium; Abandonedt


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In 1911 at the height of the so-called “White Plague” when tuberculosis was the leading cause in the United States this facility was opened with 24 beds.

In 1927 an addition and remodel allowed the capacity to increase to 158 beds.

In 1960 the name of the facility was changed to the Ottawa Valley Tuberculosis Hospital and the patient population was beginning to decline.

In 1972 the second floor was closed and and by 1973 the entire facility was empty and locked up.

Ownership was passed to Allen County who never prioritized demolishing the building due to it’s distance from the population and the cost of remediating the asbestos filled 1911 building.

Like so many other abandoned structures it became a haven for both urban explorers and investigators of the paranormal.

Due to numerous trespassing issues, there has been a heightened police presence at this site especially in the Halloween season.


Paranormal Activity

At least one of the stories of paranormal activity has proven to be something much more mundane. The rhythmically steady pounding on the third floor comes from the nearby Lima Oil Refinery not the ghosts.

The former hospital is said to be haunted by the numerous patients who died from the high fatality disease.

The most commonly reported activity is the feeling of being not only watched but actually followed by unseen presences.

There are also reports of people seeing fast moving shapes out of the corner of their eye moving between the rooms.

Other reported activity: time slips; unexplained mists that have been seen moving against the wind; apparitions of former patients walking the grounds; light anomalies; cold spots; phantom footsteps; disembodied voices and whispers and suddenly finding it hard to breathe.