Windy Bay Lane, West Bay Lake

Status: Former Residence; Formerly Abandoned; Completely Demolished


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This structure was originally built early in the 20th Century to be used as a fishing lodge. In 1916 it was purchased by Robert Lamont and extensively remodeled to become the family home. It is said that the maids told Mr Lamont that the house was haunted but he never believed them until he and his wife were confronted by an apparition in the kitchen one morning while eating breakfast. Mr Lamont took out his pistol and fired at the ghost – the bullets, of course, passed right through the apparition - and went through the basement door. Legend says that these bullet holes could be seen until someone stole the door from the ruins of the house. Whether the legend is true or not the Lamont family abandoned the house in the 1930′s.

From the 1940′s to the 1960′s the house remained largely vacant although it was owned by the Keefer family. During this time the only reports of paranormal activity was an intense feeling of unease and not being wanted.

In the 1970′s the mansion became the home of Arnold and Ginger Hinshaw who had either 4 or 6 children. The family attempted to remodel the house once again but had issues keeping workmen working on the house due to ongoing paranormal activity. During this time Mr Hinshaw claims to have found a human skull with wisps of long dark hair in a hidden recess but these bones were later found to have disappeared. 6 months after moving into the house Mr Hinshaw suffered a mental breakdown and Mrs Hinshaw attempted suicide. The family claimed multiple accounts of paranormal activity while they resided in the house.

The house was then taken over by Ginger Hinshaw’s Father, Raymond Bober, who had plans to turn the home into a restaurant. Again, the remodeling began and again there were problems keeping a staff of workers. There are claims of objects going missing and rooms changing dimensions sometimes in photos taken only seconds apart or furniture showing up in photos that had long since been removed. By 1979 Mr Bober had abandoned his plans of remodeling the house.

Mr Bober published his experiences in a book under the name Wolfgang Von Bober and an episode of “A Haunting” on the Discovery Channel was filmed based on the Hinshaw’s experiences. In June of 1988 the house was struck by lightning and caught fire leaving only the foundation and chimney intact in modern times. It was also known as a hangout for local teens who may have left a fire burning.

The property is now owned by family in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada who have also reported continued paranormal activity.

This property is privately owned and closed to the public. You will need permission to enter the grounds.


Paranormal Activity

The apparition of a man, as well as of a woman, in what was formerly the dining room. Shadow figures sliding along the ground and walls of the foundation. Disembodied whispers, electrical disturbances, phantom footsteps, mysterious mists and light anomalies.

Objects disappear and/or move on their own. Intense feelings of general unease, not being wanted and of being watched are also reported. Time slips are commonly reported with people seeing either the entire mansion or certain rooms in their former glory of the early 20th century.