(St Joseph’s Health Centre)(St Joseph's Hospital)

Bell Park Road, Sudbury, ON

Status: Former Hospital; Abandoned


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In 1944 the Sisters of St Joseph in Sault Ste Marie came to Sudbury when a group of doctors reached to them for help in building a hospital in the city.

The Sisters bought 7 acres of land on Paris Street to build the hospital.

The Sisters financed the hospital – the government gave not a penny toward it’s construction – by mortgaging their homes. When it was completed and opened in 1950 the full cost was $3.1 million (just over $39 million in 2023 dollars). It had 200 beds upon opening.

And that was building it as cheaply as they could.

It was the first English speaking hospital in the area.

Additions were made to the hospital in the 1950’s through 80’s – mostly by corporate donations – including more wings, ICU, pediatric care, nuclear medicine, a helicopter pad and poison control.

In 1980 the hospital acquired its first CAT Scanner and could hold up to 375 patients.

In 1973 several patients died in the new A Wing due to the oxygen and nitrous oxide pipes being mixed up.

In 1989 a fire in a storage room contributed to major smoke damage in the building.

In 1997 all 3 hospitals in the city were amalgamated into Hôpital Régional de Sudbury Regional Hospital (HRSRH).

1998 construction began on the new Sudbury Regional Hospital to replace the 3 separate hospitals.

In 2010 the Sudbury General Hospital closed it’s doors forever.

Still the owners of the building, the Sisters paid to have a study done to see if the building could be converted into a long term care facility but the costs proved too prohibitive.

After turning down several offers to demolish the building the Sisters sold it to a development company who were planning to convert the building into apartments. Very little work has been done for the conversion and in 2017 the company halted construction saying they needed to regroup before continuing.

In 2019 Muralist RISK was commissioned to paint a huge mural on the side of the building for the Up Here Festival. On August 29, 2019 the mural was completed and is the largest mural in all of Canada.

Everything has been stripped out of the building as of now.


Paranormal Activity

There is a ghost of a little girl in the basement who is reported to giggle if someone comes down to see her. The phantom sound of marbles dropping is also reported in the basement.

Previous to the closure security guards reported doors would unlock themselves.

The apparitions of nurses and former patients have been seen in the empty halls and rooms.

Spectral faces have been seen looking out of the windows of the abandoned building.

Other reported activity: disembodied voices; light anomalies; electrical disturbances; unexplained noises including loud bangs; doors opening and closing on their own; unexplained mists and feelings of being watched.