425 Basin Street, New Orleans, LA

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Status: Historical Famous Haunted Cemetery



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In New Orleans the ground water table is too high to intern people in the ground so the creative solution was found to intern people above ground. In doing so the city of New Orleans has come up with some of the most magnificent and creative mausoleums in the world.

The oldest of these cemeteries is St Louis Cemetery Number One, it is also considered the most haunted cemetery in the world.

The cemetery will soon be closed – or may be already – to anyone without family here. This is due to large amount of vandalism.


Paranormal Activity

People have heard crying and moaning coming from inside the tombs, mysterious mists, light anomalies, apparitions, disembodied voices and faces from throughout out the cemetery

However, there is one very famous ghost at this location – the voodoo queen, Marie Laveau. Although her life is steeped in rumor and folklore, there really was a Marie Laveau and she really is buried in this cemetery in a tomb containing her name and title, Voodoo Priestess.

It is also accepted as truth that she did live over 100 years while keeping the body of a sensuous and beautiful young woman. From the time of her death in 1881 her apparition has been seen in the cemetery; in fact, the frequency of sightings has not decreased even in modern times.

People still make the pilgrimage to her tomb to seek advice, help and to leave offerings. She is seen walking between the other tombs in her red and white turban with seven knots still speaking her curse upon any trespassers in the cemetery.

People used to scribe x’s on her tomb in hopes that she would grant their wishes. She has a new tomb now and anyone defacing it will get a large fine.

Another famous ghost of the cemetery is “Henry”. He bought a tomb in the cemetery but it was sold while he was at sea and when he died, he was buried in a potter’s field. He is known for walking up to people in the cemetery and asking if they know where his tomb is. He is usually seen in ragged clothes.

Also in this location is Alfonso who will come up to people as a lonely young man and take their hand asking them if they could take him home. He has also been seen carrying flowers and walking amid the tombs and he is the most common ghost to show up in photos.

Many ghosts of cats and dogs are seen on the grounds as well. They are thought to be the pets of previous cemetery keepers still looking for care and attention from their former owners.