Old SSA Convent

(Old St Scholastica Academy Priory)


Queen of Peace Parkway, Covington, LA

Status: Former Abbey; Abandoned; Urban Legend


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There are numerous addresses given for this location so we have provided the co-ordinates.

Originally founded in 1902 or 1903 by Mother Mary Benedicta for an order of St Benedictine.

For many years it was the center of Catholic life in Covington.

Until the 1960s the building continued to grow adding new wings to house new sisters.

1990s many of the nuns had either passed away or become elderly and the decision was made to close the convent.

Since it’s abandonment the building and grounds have slowly deteriorated and returned to nature.

There is a cemetery behind the convent containing the remains of many of the sisters who passed away.


Paranormal Activity

The Urban Legend factor at this site is the “Doorway To Hell” a doorway where it is said if you walk through you disappear and never return. Based on reports on the internet this is just a doorway someone has spray painted Doorway To Hell over top of; if you walk through it you enter another room, nothing more and nothing less.

Apparitions of nuns have been seen both in the building and on the grounds. Witnesses say they seem to float just above the ground and will disappear if approached by the living.

Uncomfortable energy is reported in certain parts of the building.

There are reports of lights turning off and on by themselves; which is very strange given that there is no power in the building. Doors and windows will also open close on their own.

Disembodied voices and EVPs have been heard and captured throughout this building.

Unexplained misty forms are seen moving in the building where there is no air movement. One investigator had one pass through them resulting in an extreme temperature fall.

People have heard blood curling screams rip through the building with no explanation. Many explorers have cited this as enough to send them fleeing into the surrounding woods. Many other unexplained sounds have been heard from whispers to laughter and crying to loud bangs.