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Status: Former Steamboat; Museum Ship



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This steamboat was built in 1897 for the purpose of shipping both people and cargo on the Lake of the Woods in Ontario.

In this position she served all the isolated communities all the lake with no other access to rest of the world. When the Ontario and Rainy River Railway was opened in 1901 the need for shipments and passengers being moved by water began to slowly decline.

In 1915 when the Canadian Northern Railway took over ownership of the railroad the Keenora was sold to a consortium of lawyers from Winnipeg. In 1917 they had the boat dismantled and moved to Winnipeg – ironically via train – to be reassembled.

While being reassembled 30 feet (9.1 metres) was added to her hull making her new length 158 feet (48 metres). At first, she was used as a dance hall floating on the Red River in downtown Winnipeg.

In 1923 the Keenora was once again brought into service; this time her route was up the Red River to the north end of Lake Winnipeg. She continued on this route until 1966 when the ship was retired.

Slated to be scrapped the Keenora was saved when the Marine Museum of Manitoba saved it by adding it to their collection.


Paranormal Activity

The only way to access the ship after dark is during their annual Halloween Haunt event which was back on in 2022 after a hiatus due to Covid.

The parlour area – which was used as the dance hall between 1919 and 1923 – is famous for it’s phantom piano music. There hasn’t been a piano on board for decades.

People have also reported unexplained temperature changes and cold spots as well as the feeling that someone is just around every corner even when people know they are alone on the boat.

Other Reported Activity: disembodied whispers and the feelings of unease; being watched and not being alone.