By Kelly Taylor

199 Mount View Road, Whitefield, NH

Status: Former Hotel; Private Accommodation; Reported as Closed


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The property is no longer owned by the Ghost Hunters. It is the property of the Weathervane Theatre to provide accommodations their playhouse players.

When it comes to the hauntings at the inn, everyone who has had an experience or a direct encounter agree that the spiritual side is displayed mainly in the light of the moon – at night.

One of the most haunted areas when it comes to this particular structure is referred to as the “Carriage House”. This particular structure is considered the original and it still remains standing and is in full operation to this day. When it comes to supernatural experiences, it is said that this particular area of the inn is the one that has heightened activity.

Based on paranormal investigations it has been made known that the upper level floor of the Carriage House seems to have more activity than the first floor. This activity seems to be reflected in rooms 15, 16, and 17. A large number of apparitions have been witnessed and various shadows have been seen lurking among the area of the windows from those outside the structure during the day.

• In the kitchen area, which is quite expansive, there are whispers of someone talking, movement in the back area of the kitchen, and shadows – none of these findings could be debunked – despite tremendous efforts.

• In the basement area, the investigators documented what they believe several hauntings. The camera that the investigator named “Angela” was using literally turned off – which is often a sign of a spirit attempting to manifest itself. When checking the battery unit, it was found to have a full charge. Warm and cool breezes on the face were experienced by a couple of investigators; however, there did not seem to be any area that could explain why these breezes occurred. Various noises were also identified for which no source could be explained.

• Room number 38 was one that was investigated quite thoroughly in the Spalding Inn by the International Ghost Hunters. A camera which had at least 200 minutes of recording time immediately reduced to less than 30 minutes in a matter of seconds with no logical explanation. At one point, a vibrating sensation was felt while a ghost hunter sat on the bed. In addition to this, whispers were heard during the investigation.

• The Carriage House revealed some interesting findings. Door knobs can be heard moving when no one was near them. The paranormal team inspected the knobs and found them to be in good working order. There was an EVP recording in which a man’s voice can be heard saying, what the team believes to be “Hey”. Furthermore, a noise that reflected “rustling” was observed.