Southern Grace Distilleries

(Mt Pleasant Prison)

130 Dutch Road, Mt Pleasant, NC

(704) 622-6413

Status: Former State Prison; Whiskey Distillery



Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Tours can be Booked


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The Cabarrus State Correctional Center (Mt Pleasant Prison) opened in 1929.

Fittingly enough, considering it’s present use, many of the inmates were moonshine runners.

It remained open until 2011 after nearly a century of imprisoning North Carolina’s criminals. It’s history is generally called dark and brutal at best.

The site was then used for weapons training ground for the soldiers at Fort Bragg.

Southern Grace Distilleries – which was established in 2014 – leased 4.5 acres (1.82 hectares) of the original 22 acres (8.9 hectares) as well as the remaining 14 buildings in 2016.

They distill their 130 proof clear whiskey here – which has won numerous awards, give historical/tasting tours and give ghost tours in the haunted prison buildings.


Paranormal Activity

Apparitions of both former staff and inmates have been reported.

In solitary confinement people report feeling the presence of something unseen but clearly felt.

There have been physical attacks upon the living by unseen entity.

There are large amounts of negative energy on site that has become overwhelming to some sensitives.

One of the dorm washrooms has caused anxiety in sensitives.

Objects have been reported as moving on their own as well just disappearing never to be seen again; although some will show up later at another location on site.

Disembodied voices – including full conservations – have been heard and recorded. Other unexplained sounds from whispers to loud bangs are reported.

Phantom footsteps and loud thumps are often heard at night.