2201 East Road to Six Flags Street, Arlington, TX

(817) 640-8900

Status: Amusement Park



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This location is the original and first Six Flags Park. It opened on August 5, 1961 after only 1 year of construction and a $10 million initial investment.

Currently, the park is managed by Six Flags Entertainment who own a 53.1% interest in the partnership who own the park. The park has 9 themed areas and numerous rides and attractions. It is one of the most famous amusement parks worldwide.


Paranormal Activity

As with every other major amusement/theme park there have been a few fatalities; despite numerous safety precautions. They have resulted in a few reports of paranormal activity – uneasy feelings, feelings of being watched and poltergeist activity – in the area of their deaths.

1968 – John Nelson, a ride attendant, lost his balance and fell while loading the El Sombrero.

1999 – 29-year-old woman died on river rafting ride when the raft deflated and machinery underneath flipped it.

2011 – 64-year-old woman found unresponsive in the Lazy River in the Hurricane Harbor expansion – declared deceased at the hospital.

2013 – 52-year-old woman fell from the New Texas Giant Roller Coaster due to a restraint malfunction.

The most famous – and active – ghost in the park is “Annie”. Annie is said to be a young girl. She apparently passed away in the early 20th century – one story says she drowned in a creek on site in the 1920’s – and generally haunts a yellow house near the Giant Texas Roller Coaster in the Texas section of the park.

A teddy bear has been seen to move on its own in Annie’s room. A voice has been heard in her room saying, “let me play with your hair”.

Her most common activity is flickering the lights on and off in her house. Although she rarely interacts directly with park guests, she has been seen in the darkness of the Mine Train. Those that have been lucky enough to interact with Annie describe her as friendly but a bit mischievous.