County Road L, Nebraska City, NE

Status: Country Road, Urban Legend


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Legend has it that early in the 20th century a man – sometimes the Father; sometimes the Brother – who farmed in the area with his family committed a horrific crime.

His family included 7 young ladies and one night he became very angry with his family.

If there’s any truth to this legend the man, obviously, had extremely serious mental health issues.

So, he talks his sisters (daughters) one by one to come out of the house and leads them into the countryside. He then hangs them from trees on the top of each of the 7 hills along this road.

There are only 4 hills that have survived to modern day and the trees have long since been cut down. There is no historical record of this event ever happening.

Feels like just another Urban Legend, right? All Urban Legends have grains of truth in them and experiences along this stretch of road beg the question – what really happened on Seven Sisters Road?


Paranormal Activity

Many of these reports come from seasoned paranormal investigators; not just teenagers looking to scare their girlfriends.

The most common reports of strange activity are electrical disturbances. Car headlights will dim on the road only to become bright again once the road is left. It is not wise to shut your car off on this road – it may not start so easily when you want to leave. Of course, your car could just stall leaving the point rather mute. Even experienced paranormal investigators have had batteries in equipment drain in seconds or minutes on this road.

Speedometers have frozen and car windows have rolled up and down on their own on the road.

Shadow figures have been seen on the road. Wispy apparitions – much like streams of fog – have crossed the road in front of cars. Screams of young woman have been heard echoing in the surrounding area.

Red eyes have suddenly appeared in the darkness that seem to watch witnesses. Disembodied voices and whispers are reported. Sudden winds creep up the switch directions suddenly and without warning.

Many people report the feeling of being sure they are not alone on this road.