945 Shawnee Road, Kansas City, KS

Status: Heritage Property; Private Residence; Urban Legend; For Sale

No Public Access


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This house was built between 1871 and 1873 in the Italian Classical style by Anton Sauer for his family. He moved to Kansas City from Austria after his first wife passed away looking for a drier environment due to his worsening tuberculosis.

Once in America he married a widow, Mary, with 2 children – he had 5 himself – and they had 5 more together before his death in 1879. Mary stayed in the mansion with the children until her own death in 1919.

Five generations of the Sauer family lived in the house until 1955 when it was bought by Paul Berry. He lived there until his death in 1986 although he dealt with constant problems with trespassers due to the stories of the house being haunted.

In 1987 the house was bought with plans of turning it into a bed & breakfast but it didn’t pan out. In 1988 Carl Lopp – a relative of the Saur family – bought the house with intentions of fixing it up. Lopp’s caretaker was charged with a felony theft after stealing a number of items from the house.

In January of 2022 the house was put up for sale again; with a reported price tag of $10 million.

The house is surrounded by a 8 foot fence; trespassing is illegal.

Paranormal Activity

One story about this haunting is pure urban legend. No woman killed herself at the end of Civil War thinking her husband was lost in the war. Nor was this suicide followed by her husband’s suicide when he found her. Construction on the house was not even begun until 6 years after the war ended and the vacant lot was owned by an Aboriginal man at the time.

There is only one verified suicide in the house and it was a 73-year-old man who shot himself due to his failing health.

There were no murders, only the one suicide, no unmarked graves and no hidden tunnel – the mansion is built on solid rock.

A number of people have died in the mansion – most of natural causes – including one infant, a child drowning in the swimming pool and one Sauer who burned to death in a train accident; he was not on the property of course.

The apparition of a young boy has been seen throughout the mansion. The apparitions of a man – thought to be John Perkins (the man who shot himself) - and a woman – thought to be Eve Sauer (the last Sauer to live in the mansion) – are also seen in the mansion; although the part of them only appearing on Halloween is probably an Urban Legend.

The apparition of a woman is also seen in the look out tower or walking the widow’s walk.

Light anomalies are often seen floating around the look out tower and throughout the property.

A myriad of unexplained noises have been heard coming from the house when no one was living there including: voices, screams, laughter, crying and shouting.

Other Activity: phantom footsteps; doors opening and closing on their own; shadow figures and feelings of being something watching you from inside the house.