Satin Dolls

(Night Moves)

4348 West State Street, Boise, ID

(208) 343-1036

Status: Former Warehouse; Strip Club



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A former warehouse converted into a gentleman’s club. It was originally known as Night Moves.

It is unknown why this building is paranormally active; perhaps due to the land it sits on.

There are no recorded acts of violence or deaths at this location.


Paranormal Activity

Although, the well known ghost of this location is a little girl. it is rumored to have multiple spirits on site.

Encounters with the paranormal have been reported by both staff and patrons.

The apparition of the little girl – who, obviously, stands out immediately in the surroundings – have been seen quite frequently both in the public areas and backstage. She also appears in many forms – misty apparitions, mists, orbs and other light anomalies – in photos taken on site.

The little girl is often heard talking and/or laughing. She likes to switch lights off and has been reported as throwing objects.

Sudden cold spots are also reported here.

Chandeliers have been seen moving on their own with no other air movement.

Other reported activity: shadow figures; unexplained breezes; disembodied voices and feelings of not being alone and being watched.