1430 Avenue M S, saskatoon, sk

1350 Avenue K South

Status: Former Tuberculosis Sanatorium; Demolished; Public Park


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The Saskatoon Sanatorium was established in 1925 by the Saskatchewan Anti-Tuberculosis Society. It was the second tuberculosis sanatorium built in the Province.

In 1929 Saskatchewan became the first place to offer free diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis attracting thousands of those inflicted with the disease.

With the discovery of antibiotics in the 1940’s and 50’s a treatment for tuberculosis was discovered and the need for the sanatoriums began to dwindle; as did the patient populations.

In the late 1970’s the sanatorium was closed but it had aged and deteriorated so much it was no longer usable as a medical building. Although the Province did open discussions with the public to find another use for the building in the end it was demolished in August of 1989.

Now Bowerman House – the former sanatorium’s superintendent’s residence – is the only building still standing. The open bowl that once led to the main entrance can be found in the park and people have reported derelict concrete, which is said to have once formed parts of the foundation.


Paranormal Activity

A few apparitions have been seen on the property including a large framed man with long dark hair who will stand on the edge of the forest and has been nicknamed “man who fades into the trees”. Any apparitions are thought to be former patients who passed away in the sanatorium.

There are reports of disembodied voices including hearing your name; unexplained mists; cold spots; light anomalies; the huge sanatorium itself suddenly appearing out of swirling mists before faded back into the ether; electrical disturbances; a feeling of uneasiness and anxiety that is said to be  common throughout this entire neighbourhood and feelings of being watched.