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It is thought that the Portuguese Explorer, Joao Alvares Fungunde, first explored this island in the early 16th Century. At the end of the same century the French attempted the colonization of the island with convicts; this attempt would ultimately fail.

In 1801 the province of Nova Scotia established the first permanent population on the island with the establishment of a life saving station. In 1872 two lighthouses were built on the island that provided safe passage until the advent of modern navigation.

One of the first Marconi stations was built on the island in the 20th Century; since then the Canadian government has built a weather station here. This island is so desolate and removed from mainland Canada that only 2 people can claim the honour of being born here.

It is, however, part of the regional muncipality of Halifax. Hence being on this page rather than the on the main Nova Scotia page.

The same cannot be said for those who have died both on the island and in the seas surrounding it. Before the lighthouses were constructed there were countless shipwrecks near the island; there are many who claim that the wrecks number in the thousands.

It is sure thing that hundreds of bodies have washed up on the island’s shores and that many survivors tried to eek out a living deserted on the island until their deaths. The island’s population of feral horses is thought to have come from a Spanish Galleon that sunk near the island while shipping horses to the New World.

As mentioned Sable Island is, strangely, part of the City of Halifax despite being 290 kms (180 miles) from the city.

Sable Island is protected under the Canada Shipping Act and permission must be granted by the Canadian Coast Guard before any attempt is made to land on its shores. The island only has 5 permanent residents now (all of whom work for the Canadian Government) but its populations swells in the summer with researchers.


Paranormal Activity

It said that a woman’s corpse once washed up on the beach and that a treasure hunter came upon her. Her body was bloated and obviously a victim of drowning off the coast so the hunter thought nothing of relieving her of her wedding band.

Unable to tug it off he took out a knife and cut off her finger to get the ring. Once her finger was cut off she began to scream and the hunter slashed her throat. The blood split from her is said to give the sands of the island their rusty red colouring. The woman’s apparition is still seen on the island and still holds up her bloody hand screaming for justice. She has also left phantom footprints on the beach.

The apparition of a man rowing a boat is witnessed off the coast of the island; legend says he is still trying to complete a mission of great importance.

The apparitions of countless sailors are seen all over the island, some still guarding treasure that they buried centuries ago.

Disembodied voices, screams and moans are heard both on the island and in the surrounding waters especially when the fog rolls in.