1516 Fairfield Road, Victoria, BC

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Status: Historical Cemetery


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By <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="">Brandon Godfrey</a> from Victoria B.C, Canada - <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="">Ross Bay Cemetery: Fall colors</a> Uploaded by <a href="//" class="mw-redirect" title="User:PDTillman">PDTillman</a>, CC BY-SA 2.0Link


This cemetery was opened in 1872 with its first interment being Mary Pearse; the wife of Benjamin Pearse who was one of the first public servants when BC first joined the Dominion of Canada.

It was named after the owner of the land – Isabella Mainville Ross – the first registered female landowner in the Province. She and her son are both buried in the cemetery.

In 1911 the sea wall was built to stop the ocean erosion from destroying the cemetery.

The cemetery was designed to be a Victorian garden and park as well as a burial yard.

There are over 27,000 people buried here including some very famous figures from the Province’s earliest days.


Paranormal Activity

The apparition of Isabella Ross herself is seen looking over the ocean from the cemetery grounds.

The ghost of David Fee who was murdered outside of St Andrews Cathedral on Christmas Eve, 1890.

The apparition of an obviously agitated woman who runs around looking at the gravestones. It is thought she is looking for the burial spot of her child.

A ‘woman in white’ who walks the pathways of the grounds.

A couple dressed in Victorian clothing also wander the grounds.

Other Activity: disembodied voices, laughter and crying; unexplained mists; poltergeist activity; possession; shadow figures; misty white figures have been seen dancing among the tombstones; feelings of being watched and not being alone; light anomalies and touches by unseen presences.

There is also urban legends including the statue of a nun who if kissed at a certain time will kiss you back and a weeping statue of an angel.

I have experienced the sudden unexplained mists that will form as well as see through white figures dancing the mist; one even came close enough to physically bump the car I was in. I also had a friend become possessed in this cemetery.

And yes, I've kissed the nun at midnight; and yes, she kissed me back.